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I had an overnight trip away this past weekend, and spent most of Monday window shopping whilst the bf worked.  Oh my, days off are nice.   I didn’t buy anything.  I thought it was because I was ‘too picky’ (you might agree by the end of this post!) so I thought I’d look into what I like/don’t like and how I make a decision on buying clothes.  You can see how much I already have in my wardrobe here in my clothing inventory post.  If you like a good sticky beak, come back every day next week to look inside my other cupboards and drawers.  That’s right, five days of checking out what stuff I have and what it looks like – I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!

Firstly, I don’t specifically budget for clothes.  Usually, I budget for holidays, and part and parcel with that is a large amount of clothing purchases.  Otherwise, there’s incidental clothing purchased, but it’s pretty irregular.  Sometimes I’ll be in need of something to replace something that’s worn out, or seems to be missing from my wardrobe.  Very rarely, I’ll impulse buy something, but it’ll almost always fit to my ‘rules’ meaning I’ll most likely wear it, like it, and it’ll fit in with other things I own.

Right, here we go!

Colour likes

  • Navy
  • Teal
  • Blues
  • Black and whites
  • Cerise/pink-y red
  • Metallics
  • Grey (thanks for reminding me EofK)

Style likes

  • Boat neck
Beautiful boat neck dress
  • V neck dresses
  • Straight top on singlets
Perfect singlet!
  • Tunic dresses
  • Bootleg/straight leg pants
  • Bow detailing or ribbon detailing
  • Gauzy detailing/pattern in with a flat colour fabric (see the bad photo below!)
Esprit top with gauze details at the shoulder and at the bottom hem
Esprit top with gauze details at the shoulder and at the bottom hem
  • Blazers
  • Coats
  • Scarves
  • Military themed styles (just not in khaki/greeny colours!)
  • Muted point on shoes
  • Wide heels (so much more comfortable and easy to walk in)
  • Mary Jane style
  • Ballet flats

Colours I dislike

  • orange
  • yellow
  • red
  • brown
  • military greens
  • cream (cause it’s too hard to match)
  • most prints, like
    • animal prints,
    • small florals etc

Styles I dislike

  • Raglan sleeves
Raglan sleeve
Raglan sleeve
  • Short and 3/4 sleeves in wool knit tops (hot fabric + shorter sleeve just doesn’t make sense to me!)
  • Pants with pleats
  • Skinny legs (esp with zips) – though I might be coming around on this one!
  • Cargo pants
  • Peaky tops of singlets
This is the 'peaks' I don't like source:
This is the ‘peaks’ I don’t like
  • Boxy/shapeless tops
  • Cropped tops (alas I have one item like this, but I have a matching singlet, so they go together well)
  • Wedge heels
Peep toes and wedge heels
  • Peep toes (then I have to paint my toes)
  • Visible stitching on shoes
  • Bags with too many pockets/visible stitching/details
Visible sticking, and just too much going on!


I didn’t mention in my list, but I do have a consideration into the fabric types.  For jumpers and other winter wear, I look for warm, natural fabrics like wool and cashmere.  I don’t like ‘fabrics made from plastic bags’ – ie synthetics, especially in summery clothes as I know I’ll swelter.  That’s not to say I refuse to wear synthetics, but I’ll often reject something knowing it’ll be too hot to wear in summer and style inappropriate for winter.  Although, one thing I love synthetics for is work out gear, keeps you cool and dry!

How about you, how do you select the clothes you do buy and what makes you reject other items?

12 Replies to “My clothing preferences list”

  1. Great list. I wish I'd realised what I liked in singlets too before I bought one recently. It had a lovely lacey neckline but alas this means it peeks out of nearly everything I wear it with!

    I laughed when I read about your holiday budget including clothes, quite a clever idea 🙂

    Looking forward to next week's lists and photos.

    1. Thanks Kim. I don't think "i need $x for clothes", but it just happens that I over cater on holiday budgets and it's lucky, cause I spend up big on clothing!

      Shame about your singlet – hate it when something just doesn't work as hoped!

  2. I'm with you on the blues and blacks, and when I was cataloging my clothes for a future blog post I realised I have quite a bit of grey. Do you like greys?

    I don't really budget for clothes either, and I've become a lot more picky when it comes to op shopping lately as well. Although, since I'm tall I will buy any tops I find that are long.

    1. Oh I must have overlooked writing grey – but it's another fave! I look forward to your post too! Oh short tops are so frustrating and recently the fashion too

  3. Short tops are a pet peeve of mine, and even worse, short blazers! I also have a "thing" about open toed sandals and shoes – some of my employees wear flip-flops to work, and although we don't have a dress code, I think it's an invitation to get injured on the job! (end of rant) It sounds like your colour ranges would always mix and match. Do you have an opinion on purple?

  4. I love how you have identified a difference between flat top singlets and peaky singlets!

    I agree with you on wedges. They are so ugly. I have never seen an attractive pair. I think they make people look like they have hooves for feet. I also hate the current fashion for extra high heels. Young girls/woman tottering about awkwardly is not attractive.

  5. I also can't abide raglan sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, peep toe shoes and synthetics! Now I'm back in Melbourne I'm perplexed again about how everyone here wears so much black. Very diiferent to colourful Sydney!

  6. I used to have a purple top that I loved to death. But I don't gravitate to it. I don't mind if it's on the bluers side, rather than the red side.

    Oh rant appreciated – thongs or flip flops are so dangerous in so many situations. I can't believe workers here change into them to 'walk' in (from station to work etc). Seems so uncomfortable!

  7. OH yes, platform shoes – just weird. You feel so unbalanced in them (when I try them on, I don't own any!). Oh there's a lot to make a perfect singlet and it took me a while to work out why some weren't getting worn!

  8. Oh Black – the bane of colder climates! When I was in Europe as a child (spoilt child that is), I said to my mother 'I would want a bright pink coat'. I'm actually ok with 3/4 sleeves if it's the single layer I'm wearing, otherwise, I'm not on board at all! Glad to see some of my 'quirks' (dislikes) are appreciated by others

  9. I am half half on your list. I like deep saturated jewel tones, and I avoid things like boatnecks (I have wide shoulders in proportion to my body).

    Synthetics are also of my list as well but I do like 3/ sleeves… they make my shoulders look shorter.

    My peeves: (I'll do a post!)
    – Potted feet (platforms)
    – Candy colours on grown women with glitter (you aren't 5!)
    – Dirty feet – I don't wear nailpolish but my feet are clean.

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