The new house to do list

I think I need a catchier name for the ‘new’ and the ‘old’ house.  Let’s call the old house the loft, and the new one… well, I’ll take votes!

I thought I’d share a snapshot of my Day 1 list (the day after move day), when I took the day off to ‘catch up’

Unpacking list
Moving house aftermath – the list from the day after (opps and some random phone message notes… sorry, that won’t make sense!)

Now, for the list going forward. I drafted this post a few days ago, so there’s already some updates:


  • complete the condition report for the agent
  • start taking photos for the blog (and the condition report!)


  • oil hinges (pronto!)  canola spray worked a treat
  • hooks for scarves Ikea seems most promising
  • remove wardrobe shelf to get use of existing rail
  • use large hooks on rail for coats and jackets – so far no luck at our big hardware chain
  • location for big mirror (previously in the bedroom in the loft)

Bed 1

  • buy hardware for bed head ledge Thank you to the bf for taking me to the hardware store on Wed night
  • remake bedhead ledge (and modify as needed)
  • maybe mount mirror here (if not in entryway)
  • get power situation sorted with lamps, phones etc bought stuff on Wed night…
  • plane door so it closes!
  • buy more Ikea hangers so the BF’s things are all hung consistently (one of my ‘things’)

Bed 2

  • rationalise all things stored here (in case we rent it out)
  • get floating shelves fitted
  • new desk?
  • plug in lamp


  • get approval to hang framed scarf
  • reconstruct sofa
  • reconstruct arc lamp
  • place stools once the two above have settled
  • rehouse the cleaning box (rationalise contents too) put it in the laundry cupboard
  • plane floating shelf to fit adjusted location


  • store condiments (maybe rearrange shelves/cupboards to get ideal location) <- I did exactly that, simple!
  • find a storage place for manuals


  • get approval for a vacuum hanging apparatus?
  • move dryer to floor – need extension cord The BF’s task for the weekend!

General stuff to sort out

  • where to hang additional towel?
  • buy (small) outdoor furniture & BBQ?
  • buy new TV (& cabinet) as old TV been recalled

Rationalise/sell etc

  • second washing machine
  • second vacuum
  • second microwave listed on Gumtree, should offer it also through Facebook to friends
  • second mop
  • second hand mixer and on and on…

So it’s nowhere near as comprehensive as when I moved into the loft.  I wanted to paint walls, and replace tap ware and all that sort of ‘big’ stuff.  So it’s definitely more manageable, but I have to resist the internal pull to get it all done ‘NOW!’  And this list says nothing of the ‘quirks’ I haven’t worked out how to maximize – weird walls, and centering stuff etc.  I took a bath for the first time since I was a kid last night, and I’m thinking ‘those hooks above the TV aren’t centered, they look weird, I need to fix that’.  Evidently I need more baths and less thinking about hooks!

This weekend should get a few more things ticked off, combined with a birthday dinner for my mother and a lemon meringue pie.  Yummo!

16 Replies to “The new house to do list”

  1. You know, it really is important to find "homes" for all of your things in the new place. You can always re-house things later if you change your mind! It will feel good when everything belongs somewhere and neither of you has to ask where things are or where to put them away. And of course, matching hangers are de rigeur 🙂

    1. I think it'll take the BF a while to know where things are stored – last night he was asking for sticky tape. Thankfully I have a great memory of where things are – even where in each box! My special skill

  2. There are probably still things I want to move around and we moved in two months ago now. The biggest thing was getting everything sorted away first to get the boxes out of the way. I'm sure you'll have things how you like it within a week or two! Luckily I liked mostly everything about our apartment and we can't exactly do anything major like painting. Can't wait for the pictures!

    1. It is an accomplishment to have the boxes gone isn't it! I got my all ready for the work bins for Wed, which is pretty good for moving on Monday! I'll make some time for photos this weekend 🙂

  3. I also can't wait for pictures 🙂 I'm sure you'll have everything in its place after about a week and it'll start to feel like home. Every time I move (which has been every year lately!) I like to unpack my books and put them in alphabetical order. Once they're in place I feel a lot better about everything else.

    1. Isn't it the smallest (funny) things that settle us? I just like the feeling of empty bags (after a holiday) or boxes after a move. It feels like nothing is 'lurking'. Photos to come, as soon as… well I think this weekend will be the prime time!

  4. I've always avoided hooks with all the permission issues in a rental. I'm impressed you have it all planned out and are asking for the go-ahead. Will make everything so much easier!

    1. There's countless hooks already, but naturally they aren't all 'rated' to the level we might need them. And I'm against having things in storage and not displayed, so I'll try my darnedest to get approvals!

  5. That's a good list you've got going there. I'm looking forward to seeing the results 🙂

    As for the new place, may I suggest the name "cohabitation central"?

  6. Well done you with the move – a whirlwind of productivity after your scary allergic reaction moment on the weekend. And what a master list! I always feel so much safer with a list to work to. Gets the worry out of my head, lets a piece of paper look after it instead. Hope things feeling homey now.

    1. Lists are great for clearing the head – I end up with so many! Slowly settling but I really would like to take a week off work and a proper house honeymoon!

  7. Do you think if he has more hangers he'll hang his things more? haha it didn't work for me, BF built me a HUGE walk in closet and my clothes are still on the floor. Hope you have more success!

    1. Hahaha no! But at least I'll enjoy the visual consistency when they are all hung! He did say yesterday that a cleaning lady doesn't complain but a wife does, basically a backhanded compliment to say I clean without whinging!!

      He's also annoyed when he can't find things – I suggested that if he doesn't leave them for me to put away then that won't happen 😉

  8. I'll be sure to show my progress on the list.

    I like the name suggestion, as a little aliteration is awesome. I just wonder if I'll mistype/spell it – I suppose time will tell

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