Cosmetic, toliteries and places I could declutter more

Some may recall a time when I was a prolific blogger.  A single-don.  I blogged about what was in my bathroom drawers.  Naturally, it was a titillating post that took the internet by storm.  A few years later. In my local readership of blogs, being An Exacting Life and Declutterer.  So you know, worldwide sensation.

I have returned to share with the shared (but mainly my stuff) contents of the bathroom cupboards, drawers and surrounds.

Bath surrounds

Daily use
Daily use


SO we have
– 2 shampoo bottles (BF not good as ‘using the last of’ apple shampoo)
– 2 solid shampoo bars
– 1 conditioner
– 2 face washes (Cetaphil) – one inverted so it’s almost dead
– 1 make up remover
– 2 body washes (L’Occitane Rose and Body Shop Camomile)
– 2 razors

Pretty much the sum of my frustration – so many ‘two of’ items.  The two shampoo bars?  I thought the red one was aggravating my psorasis, plus it smelt like ‘burnt trees’ to the BF (tar based).  So both are used interchangabley, though the preferred one is a little too damp atm and therefore more ‘soupy’ than bar.  And I’m using ‘the last little bit’ of the bottle shampoo that the BF  John West rejects (…makes John West the best, and Sarah frustrated!!)

2 face washes – it’s the Mary Poppins of face washes I tell way. The make up remover is circa 2007 or 2008 and a few pumps from retirement.  Given I use it once a fortnight or less, you can see it’s life is long.

Body wash – once it was a gift from a non-bath having friend (alas, I use it as a body wash).  We loved the regifted bottle, I’ve bought it since DESPITE the Rose body wash living strong – it’s on it’s last legs and needs water to dilute the thick sludge due to evaporation.  It is effective for countering water polo smell though!

Two razors – BOTH blunt.  The man handled one has more blades, and I’m opting that way, pink tax and all.  But I don’t want to trash the other handle either, so there it’s stayed.

Well that’s a post in itself.  Now for all the storage!

Most used items
Most used items

Left to right

Hair box containing errant make up, cotton bud box (to refill canister), spray wash off bronzer

Hair dryer, head band, errant pendant and ring, chunky gold necklace, errant blush

Empty ‘extra razor’  tray, open coconut oil (better at eye make up removal), mug with eye liners and mascaras and a whiteboard marker for marking weigh in weights on the mirror

Ice cube tray of earrings (including some without a pair), foot balm at the front, and a ‘keyboard cleaning brush’ stashed in the bathroom for vent cleaning

Seldom used items
Seldom used items

This is the lesser used drawer generally though the bottom right hand side gets worked out as our medicine cupboard.

Across the top (back) of the drawer there is

– zip lock bag with two sunscreens and Moov natural insect repellent for tropical/summery holidays
– strapping tape
– loo roll in ‘easy to reach’ location
– Old El Paso jar with solid deodorant circa… 2009? maybe earlier?
– hand wash refill (inverted)
– band aids
– leave in conditioner
– make up palette circa teenage years from Grandma?

The make up palette hides more! The less often touched items:

the lesser touched
the lesser touched

Inside the travel stuff box we have

Grab and go
Grab and go

Designed to ‘grab and go’
– ballet case: mini shampoo, mini conditioner, mini face wash, mini spray (eww) deo, toothbrush, toothpaste… etc?
– back left: travel slippers (great on planes!)
– back right: travel pillow with ear mask and ear plugs
Also in the box is a Brisbane travel card, a map of Paris metro and a watch I wear on long haul flights only.

And lastly, the two mirrored cabinets:

Bigger shared cupboard
Bigger shared cupboard

Top shelf = boy stuff
Middle shelf:
– 2 perfumes
– 2 foundations
– 1 deodorant
– cotton buds
– face moisturiser
– tooth floss picks (for the BF


Bottom shelf:
– 2 toothpastes (one is sensodyne)
– plate for teeth grinding
– floss
– my vitamins


Skinny seldom used cupboard
Skinny seldom used cupboard

Girls stuff and a yoghurt container of nail polisher remover etc.

Mainly, I’m overwhelmed.  There’s just too much, but I don’t want to throws things out.  Using it up seems to take milleniums!  So many ‘two of’.  I can count on the same fingers I seldom paint, how many times I’ve painted my nails… It’s almost MORE important to have remover to me, than to have the polish!  And the ‘girl products’ – I’ve gone green there, and this is no place for ‘just in case’ (a handbag or work would be!)

Le sigh – suggestions given a shelter or work aren’t viable (I can’t find a shelter and man based workplace)?

16 Replies to “Cosmetic, toliteries and places I could declutter more”

  1. Most of all I am charmed by the fact that you have a Paris Metro Map next to your 'Grab and Go' cosmetics case 😀

    I am feeling like a bit of an (accidental) cheat now, because I didn't show the shower shelf where we have our bottes of shampoo/conditioner. And we have a built-in wall cup for toothbrushes and toothpaste. Also all my travel stuff is stored in suitcases.

    I have bad skin reactions to so many cosmetics and fragranced products, so I'm really lucky that I have a twin sister who often takes products off my hands – opened or not. I'm not sure I have any other ideas though of what to do with the 'girl products'. I do know many Asylum Seeker places desperately need toiletries donations, but I'm pretty sure unopened boxes is the only option (even though everything is still double-packaged in plastic!)

    1. Waste not want not (re:map) cause I KNOW I'll be back.

      I just wish I had the wear-with-all to use up things and finally farewell them. Perhaps a daily session where I check in with y'all – moisturizer, make up, remove etc.

  2. * and another 'exclusion' in my bathroom: almost all our medicines are in a 4 litre ice-cream container in the pantry (more out of reach of kids than our bathroom cabinet.)

  3. Throw out the things you don't use. Old makeup, earrings without a pair, razor without blades, shampoo bars you/BF dislike. Expired stuff. See how you'll feel better.
    The feminine products you could throw out or leave at work for when people forget theirs? Shelters don't usually take unopened stuff.
    De-cluttering is cleansing for the soul. If you feel bad throwing things out, do it anyway, just make a pact NOT to bring anything new that you might end up regretting into the bath cabinet.
    I am in the process of the same de-clutter. Who knew I had so many one of pairs of earrings? Good luck.

  4. First of all, Body Shop does camomile? I haven't seen that! One thing that strikes me is that some of your product sizes are really big, like the Cetaphil. I would be tempted to buy smaller sizes even if they cost more, so they would be sure to be used up. But I don't have any further suggestions about how to use things up. If I hate a product enough, and no one will take it, I reluctantly throw it out. Then at least the container gets recycled. I figure whether the product is used on me or not doesn't make a lot of difference to the environment? And also makes me redouble my efforts to make a better choice next time.

  5. I feel better having seen your stuff. Fiona's cabinet was so spare, even allowing for her comments here about things she's left out.

    I like how you're all frugal in turning the containers upside down (and repurposing a sour cream container to do so) to uee up every last bit. I do the same. Currently have s repurposed honey tub to use up my face cleanser.

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