And more decluttering

Hot on the heels of the big bag of clothes decluttered, and aware I was a few items shy on my in/out count on clothing, I tossed out

  • striped leggings I bought cause they looked cool on someone else in the gym class.  I didn’t try them on in store, and they were itchy as all get out, so much so, I turned them inside out once I got to the gym the one time I wore them.  Best let them stay ‘new’ and let someone else love them!
  • a pencil skirt.  I have more than a gal needs (when said gal wears pants 95% of her days).  This one zipped up, and the waist band was cut the wrong way, so it was always tight around the waist, rather than stretchy. And it was a little shorter, and therefore a touch less decent. It was always the one I passed over.
  • blue t shirt.  I liked the brand (Country Road) and the natural materials it was made out of.  But size S is not S for Sarah! It just wasn’t comfy cause it was too small.  Thankfully I bought it second hand, so I feel less waste-y at least on money!
  • 2.5 puzzles.  Well two puzzles were substantial (500 and 750 pieces), but the second was postcard size…
  • pack of playing cards – oh what a con! When we were in New Caledonia, we needed sunscreen but there was a minimum for paying card.  I tried to reason to pay the amount up to the minimum, but as a good salesperson, she insisted on finding something.  The cards were cheap, and pretty, and the BF suggested I gift them to someone.  Little too late now!
  • lamp – bought for $5 at a thrift store, and it was plasticy and from IKEA.  It was a good stop gap til a lovely brother bought me a glass and metal IKEA lamp that I loved
  • earrings and a necklace – the ones I always passed over for something else.  The earrings clanged, and are big and dangly, which BF doesn’t like.  I like dangly, but these were the weakest link in the collection.  The necklace just didn’t ever scream ‘wear me’ – perhaps it will to someone else?

What’s left?  Well

  • I have some fitbit accessories to offload since I lost the fitbit in the surf on the weekend.  Someone wants them on freecycle, but I may have missed them whilst I was at Ash Wednesday, and the facebook contact I had wouldn’t work?!
  • I have some map books/UBDs that someone on Freecycle were asking for
  • baby powder – we have two, make that THREE bottles!?  I’m not sure who or how to off load this.  One lives in the bathroom cupboard for the boy, the other in my waterpolo bag for swimming caps (which, no, I never use even now it’s better situated to the one use I have for it).
  • someone ‘wanted’ pillow stuffing on freecycle, and I have lumpy pillows after washing them.  Hopefully they’re keen and will come and pick up!

I really am feeling the rush of getting rid of stuff, I hope I can find more stuff to GO!

Suggestions on baby powder offloading?  How has your decluttering been going?

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  1. Ooh, bummer about the Fitbit! You're not replacing it? At the back of my mind I am thinking that an upcoming tax refund would be well spent on one!

    I like your reasoning on the items that are leaving you.

    One possible home for the baby powder would be either women's shelters or family resource centres. Our local ones are always asking for women and baby personal care items. Even the Food Bank will take them. In Halifax there are also some informal Food Banks (basically giveaway boxes) at community centres and churches and they will take opened personal care products in good condition.

    1. Yeah it was a bummer, but hey! I don't intend to replace it – but I did just get the replacement band (for free) and I'm tempted to tell them I lost it cause it took so long to come!!

      Thanks for the suggestion on the baby powder – I'm not sure where one is. Well the one I know about, it's never 'open', which makes some level of sense if it's truly a shelter.

  2. Oh that is a bummer about the Fitbit! We lost ours when we put it on our 10 year old last year at a trampoline centre. It fell off and went right down underneath the foam pit! To the centre's credit, when they did their next clean-out they found it and returned it to us! They are easy to lose, sadly.

    I wonder could you just leave the baby powder at the pool with a note, 'Please Take for Swimcap Use.' Dar's idea is great, too. Our church has a permanent collection point for 'toiletries' and 'self-care' items.

    1. I can't believe they kept their word and FOUND it and let you know!

      I reckon leaving it at the pool *might* work, but if it's tossed, it's not for me trying to get it to a good home 🙂

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