Lessening the hoard of boxes

Lucinda recently set herself all sorts of rules to thin out her growing box collection. Taking her sterling lead, I decided I’d do the same:

The cupboard before
The cupboard before

I then went and got rid of anything too small I couldn’t see myself reusing it, or useless show box lids (their bottom halves being in use already), and wine boxes. ┬áThere are plenty more where the wine is, should i need them. ┬áThis is what I parted with:

To the recycling bin
To the recycling bin

And this is how I left the cupboard, just a little more organised:

After the cull
After the cull

8 Replies to “Lessening the hoard of boxes”

  1. Very satisfying to see it cleared out like that! I also loved Lucinda's 'Box' Category. I'm surprised how many 'special' boxes I have been hoarding. Did you have any 'special' ones you couldn't part with? (I'm thinking iPhone boxes especially…)

  2. Looking good now! Isn't it funny how we always think, "Eventually I will need that." We must either have a real fear of scarcity, or a fear of spending money on boxes to replace the ones we threw out?

    1. It sure is – this weekend I had two large gifts to wrap, and my 'backup' recycling box was used. Yep, I got two identical cartons so when someone knicked the first one, I wouldn't have to traipse to the supermarket to find another suitable one for under my sink!!

      I doubt I'll need as many thin boxes as I have stored… Maybe it's just we enjoy their form – so symmetrical and unblemished by human trial and error?

  3. Boxes are my nemesis. Not that I have many pretty ones but the boyfriend is an Amazonordering addict so we have a never ending supply of cardboard coming in. And since we don't have curbside pickup, that means a special trip to the recycling center, something in dread. Still, thanks for the motivation to do another clear out!

  4. Clapping loudly. Well done. But I think you can do more.

    Not the apple ones, of course. They have to stay. Might be valuable one day. If he other billion million in the world are recycled.

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