Savings target: oh so close!

As my new year resolution (one of many) for 2013, I wanted to save $20k by 22/12/13. I started with $13,487, so I was really looking to save $6,512.45.

When that looked like a sure thing in May, I shared with you that I’d like to save $26k by the same date (Essentially doubling the ‘real’ money I saved to $12,512.45)

Here’s where I am today:

OH so close!

OH so close!

$213.01 remaining! If I have a slow weekend, I can easily hit that on Monday. If not, it is easily possible after interest at the end of the month, oh, and after being paid again!

For those who might be struggling with debts – see that my savings journey wasn’t simple either.  I did well, and then I dipped in.  Moving house certainly took some savings, and time to rebuild.  But overall, I kept my eye on the prize, and strove to beef up my account more and more.

Yes, I will meet my stretch target!

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