Spending report

This is my first time posting my spending, despite me reading others regularly.  I wasn’t used to how to do this, so everything I remembered and spent is on there!

01/01/2014 ? Groceries
5 Coffee
4.95 Juice
25 Airport taxi
02/01/2014 5.13 Froyo
3.8 Train
03/01/2014 No Spend Day FRI
04/01/2014 8.6 Bread
7.98 Groceries team card
20.35 Meat team card
2 Parking
05/01/2014 24.55 Coop
06/01/2014 NO spend day MON
07/01/2014 NO spend day TUE
08/01/2014 35 Phone
09/01/2014 4 Mocha
10/01/2014 9 Lunch FRI
283.48 Elect bill  team card
11/01/2014 6.8 Coffees for 2  team money
18.5 Sports socks Sat
18 Rich socks
20.95 Candle
9.55 Coop
12/01/2014 102.05 Coles Sunday – team card
3.85 Harris Farm
5 Church giving
4.8 ???
101.4 Parking Fine
13/01/2014 1.6 Flour – woolworths Monday
100 Waterpolo card entry
14/01/2014 13.95 shampoo lush Tuesday
15/01/2014    No Spend Day Wednesday
16/01/2014 4 Mocha Thursday
17/01/2014 42.9 Scripts Friday
5 Blueberries
18/01/2014 4 Coffees Saturday
143.42 Bunning -garden
80 Dinner – Newport
19/01/2014 5 Church Sunday
0.5 Coffee at Church
6.8 Swimming
200 12WBT
20/01/2014    NO Spend day Monday

Groceries are paid for from the shared account, so they are in a different ‘pool’ of money.  I’ve also counted the 8th January as a no spend day as it was my phone bill, which is a regular monthly bill, and I don’t otherwise include all my Wednesday transfers for bills, savings and charitable giving.

The feared orange envelope source: www.mq.edu.au
The feared orange envelope
source: www.mq.edu.au

To be honest, I feel like I’m missing things.  In some ways, I’m surprised that I haven’t spent more.  There’s two big line items – a parking fine and 12WBT.  The parking fine was due to an unexpected sick day, and I left my work car in a 1hr spot.  🙁  The 12WBT is part of my health and fitness plan – from Feb, I’ll be following a 12 week program to get in shape and lose weight.

Overall, I’m surprised to have 6 no spend days!  I’m not sure it helped me spend less, and there are a few days I could have gone without coffee (or the dash to the shops for plain flour), but I’m not too worried.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. Sarah, as your first month doing a spending report I'd say you did very well. Most people find the first month is where they notice a lot of their money going out on things they wish they hadn't spent on. You don't seem to have anything that is so frivolous you regret it.

    1. I totally see that coffees out are a little sink hole of money, but I already knew that! And I limit myself to one per weekday, and then weekends are maybe one per day for me, though the BF will have more.

      It's funny, there's so many articles that say 'you won't know where your money is going if you don't track it' – which is true, but I certainly didn't have any surprises!

      1. If you weren't surprised by your spending such as the amount you spend on coffee then you have a real good handle on your spending and should give yourself a pat on the back. 🙂

    1. Tell me about it! I was tempted to fit it – but given I didn't get a doctors note, it wouldn't have stood up too well.

      Coles is our grocery store. It's one of the two in the duopoly. I used to shop at IGA at my old place, but it's not as convenient (or as large) now.

  2. You really do have good spending habits, Sarah! I would expect that without regular tracking there could be all kinds of 'miscellaneous' expenses popping up. Just curious but what was Bunnings? (you don't have to answer – I'm just imagining some gorgeous water feature or display pot or something!)

    1. Thanks – I mean I didn't think I did anything weird, and it sort of seems true. All the purchases were planned – the socks, the Bunnings run (a herb garden, I'll post photos soon!)

    1. I'm not sure – maybe til the end of the month. I've always thought I know where my money goes, so I'm not too worried with tracking it that much, but thought I'd give it a whirl

  3. I like how you kept track of every day. I just throw my overall monthly spending together; I used to track it day by day when I paid cash for everything. Maybe I should break it down like this. I'm always an advocate for knowing where your money is going though. Traffic violations and such are a pain. I was so annoyed when I was "caught" by a red light camera.

    1. EM, I do a lot of spending from cash – I take out between $100-$150 per week as eating out/walking around money, so it covered a lot of the list (I italicised things I paid for on credit card or debit card, but it didn't come across with the copy paste into the blog).

      Traffic tickets are a real nuisance, but I shouldn't complain, I was clearly in the wrong 🙁

  4. Looks like you're doing well! I'm excited to hear about the herb garden 🙂

    I'd like to try the lush shampoo bar – is that what you bought? What do you think of it?

    1. Thanks Amanda! I have used Lush shampoo bars for a while now – I usually buy the blue one, but just changed to a Clove scented one, just because! The blue one is called Seanik solid shampoo bar, and the one I've changed too is the New Solid Shampoo Bar. I also bought the tin they stock, so buying from them is now 100% waste free 🙂 (PS if you do start using a shampoo bar, use an old stocking to hold it as it gets smaller/starts breaking into smaller bits)

      1. Wonderful 🙂 A shop just opened nearby and I'd like to switch to a waste-free shampoo (my current one is a concentrate, but still involves 2 plastic bottles). And thanks for the tip about the stocking!

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