What’s in the bag? (Handbag contents inventory)

I usuall carry a pretty large handbag, cause it fits my work files in it nicely. However, in my opinion, there’s not all that much IN the bag otherwise, and I can easily down size most of it for a night out and a smaller handbag. Here’s everything laid out:

Handbag contents
Handbag contents

Let’s look a little closer at ‘the bag of everything’

Plastic holder's contents
Plastic holder’s contents

And it all laid out in the open:

Everything out in the open
Everything out in the open

What I like about this collection is that I feel ‘confident’ I have ‘everything I need’. I can do my face up no matter where I am (cause I don’t wear make up at work, being that I’m in muddy holes and the like). I also keep some loose tissues and a pair of earplugs in a side pocket, should I find myself needing to sleep away from my stash at home. Two phones are sort of a requirement that I like, because smart phones die. Thankfully having the charger in the bag nowdays saves BIG dramas. And where would I be without my moleskin list book? Many a blog post idea (and work to do list) end up in that lovely book of cubed paper. Swoon.

How does your handbag compare?

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23 Replies to “What’s in the bag? (Handbag contents inventory)”

  1. My handbag looks much different. I rarely carry my purse unless I am going to be driving, but it has wallet, checkbook, picket I stick my keys in, I only need my keys when I'll be gone over night as I don't bother to lock the house otherwise, and a small plastic envelope which has my drivers license and debit card. Finally I keep a vitamin E stick for lips I'd dry.

    I don't have as much meds or makeup in my whole house as you have in your pouch

    1. Hahahah well I think I have a lot less make up than many of me friends, that's for sure (and there's more than is in my bag). I also (evidently) are big into over the counter cures for aches/pains etc. You're definitely further down the road on minimalism, and I wonder if it's perhaps partly a life stage thing? Like there's a peak of 'stuff' whilst you have kids, and it builds in your youth, and then drops away as the kids grow up and move on and people realise they can do without so much stuff and then more?

      1. That is true. My biggest bag was when the kids were little and I used one bag for my things and as a diaper bag. I've never been one to use over the counter meds but that was because I spent the first 14 years of my life on almost constant antibiotics. Once I stopped and my immune system learned how to work on its own I didn't want to mess with it.

        1. I'd love to mess less with my body and immune system, but I'm pretty weak when I'm in pain or sick – I just want it to be better instantaneously!

  2. I think deep-down (or not so deep!) I must be a terrible busy-body because I love "look in and list" type posts!

    I have a few extra items: small hairbrush, Kindle, Debden organiser (everything from address lists to receipt records), pocket 500MB drive, stamps.

    1. I'm glad you enjoy the posts (I'm a busy body too, so I know this sort of post would appeal to me if someone else posted it!)

      I have a comb sometimes in the plastic pouch, but sometimes it's in the bathroom. Depends on the 'unruliness' of my hair. No kindle 🙁 Stamps hide in my wallet (which I was going to show and tell, but then I thought of identity theft!) And everything else is in the 'cloud' 😀

  3. I love these kinds of posts 🙂 That being said, your nice, tidy, neatly laid out purse contents are giving me a royal kick in the butt to actually clean mine out. Mine is a haven of crumpled receipts, glitter and loose coins at the moment :s

    1. I love that there's glitter in there – is that from the Hen's night (bachelorette)? Reciepts are a pain, they are often loitering around, but I try to fill/trash regularly (like last night)

      1. Yep! I was at another bachelorette party this past weekend. They combined that party with a lingerie shower, so I brought a couple pairs of panties with me and put them in a sparkly bag. We hung the lingerie all over the room for when the bride arrived (she had to guess who brought what). I stashed the bag back in my purse – glitter EVERYWHERE.

    1. Seems I've become a bit attached to all the bells and whistles being at my beck and call in my bag! I wonder how much of it I wouldn't actually miss!

  4. I don't really own a handbag, but really only tend to take my phone, wallet and keys when I go out. However, I'm never away from home for longer than a work day (plus I live so close to work I can just come home if I need anything), and I'm never away overnight. The bag I take to uni has my laptop, a jumper (my office is freezing) and my lunch.

    1. Sometimes I wish I was liberated of a handbag! Though it is a great size for work files that I cart to and from site. A jumper is something I'm still 'dealing' with. I'm always hot in the arvos so I leave my jumper on my desk. But the next morning, I'm cold at home and my uniform jumper is at work!

  5. How about the bag itself? Mine is a square little handbag made of Guatemalan traditional dresses, so it is very colorful. Almost all your items are black, my wallet is red leather, then I have a black moleskine, a multicolor little pouch to put keys and stuff, and a heart shaped coin pouch made out of a coconut.

    1. HEy Pauline, interestingly, my bags are French! I use Longchamp pliages, and both the blue and teal ones are lined in white (I bought the teal one in Oct, after checking this detail). This means everything is easy to find. I hate it when I use my drak brown satchel with dark lining – impossible! I'd love to see photos of your wonderful colourful bags/purses!

    1. Le pliage are awesome especially the white lined one! I look forward to your handbag contents post. Oh, and I tried coconut oil as a makeup remover – way better than the 'real' stuff! Thanks for the tip

    1. Oh I can't recall your handbag post – I must hunt it down! Sometimes bandaids are in the clear purse, but usually in my wallet, in one of the long slots internally. Can't be without a bandaid, don't you worry! I'll 'inventory' my small hand bag selection soon, since both you and Pauline are curious.

        1. I used to carry a A5 sized notebook, so helpful when I was buying my place & furniture, but with a smart phone now, it's redundant! Yet to be sucked into an ipad variation – I'm resisting pretty strongly too!

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