The cost of being vain…

I’m not particularly girly… I’m not sure why, but sometimes I think it’s because I’m frugal (with these sorts of costs).  So I thought I’d look into how much it would truly cost to be ‘vain’ (at least in my judgement) for a year here in good old Sydney town.  I’m looking mainly at outsourced services, rather than ‘things’ – though I do put make up in there.

Clothing is a whole other ball game, so I left that out…  But if you want to see how much clothing I have (and you’re not a regular reader!) head to my wardrobe inventory.


Every six weeks at $75 each = $650 

Hair colour

Every six weeks at $140+ = $1,213


Sexy eyes thanks to an eye brow wax? source:
Sexy eyes thanks to an eye brow wax?

Legs every 2 months at $35 x 6 = $210

Private parts every 1.5 months $35 x 8 =$280

I didn’t include eye brows as they are free with the above too.  I could also look into waxing the side of my face, or my arms?


What I could look like, but at what cost? source:
What I could look like, but at what cost?

Weekly, every second week $30 x 26 = $780

(ideally weekly in summer, and for special occasions in winter)

Nail care

Manicures with shellac (year round, fortnightly) $35 x 26 = $910

Pedicures with shellac (six months a year, monthly) $40 x 6 = $240


This is a total stab in the dark, cause I don’t wear make up daily so have no idea of consumption figures, but based on the make up brands and products I buy (Lancome foundation, perfume, mascara, blush), I’d guesstimate



$4,483 or a mere $86.21 per week. (Almost 6% of my take home pay).

Admittedly, all of the above are ‘salon’ prices, and I’m well aware a lot if not all of this can be done at home.  Maybe someone can do a mirror post, and show just how much money could be saved.  Rest assured, I’m not spending anywhere near the above amount at the moment!

What do you think is a reasonable about of money to spend on your appearance?