Packing debrief – Euro 2017

What went well

  • charging stone – this is the first year I’ve had one (Thanks Santa/Mum) and on long bus and train rides, I’d have been lost without it…
  • laptop – I was in two minds, but I’ve yet to curse it’s weight, or worry about it’s safety
  • cross body satchel – purchased in Chicago, I haven’t looked back! It’s great for holding a wallet, phone and keys, and at a pinch, my fold up shopping bag, bobby pins etc etc
Old Navy purse
  • backpack – I bought it for $5 in a thrift store, and it worked well.  I didn’t ‘need’ it for the hikes or Iceland stuff as I anticipated, but it was great on travel days (of which there were many!)
  • pop out extra bag – i bought this in Japan, and it’s tiny when it’s folded down, and expands out for my ‘return’ journey.  It’s a pain that it doesn’t stay centred on the suitcase’s extendable handle which means it can swing around, but…. first world problems.  In the driving journey, I put all the ‘Iceland’ clothes in it, and left it in the car boot.
Bright and colourful!
  • all the underwear – I’ll never discourage someone packing all the underwear – it saves being FORCED to wash for tiny items.  And before someone says “hand wash nightly”, I tell you: one night stays are risky they won’t get dry and I do NOT do musty/undry smell.
  • packing a collection of earrings – when you wear the same coat everyday, and in all the photos, it’s nice to add some variety in the smallest of ways.
  • i don’t have a laptop sleeve, so I improvised:
It’s a beanie… containing a laptop!

What could be improved

  • weather was a little warmer than anticipated – a skirt or a pair of shorts would have been worn a few times!
  • the cashmere jumper was never worn.  When I was cold in Europe, I threw on the black puffer jacket, with a hood, it was good for the day it rained in Heidelberg
Second row from right, the grey cashmere… not required
  • packed a hat – never wore it. tsk
  • a dedicated sleeping top – I did think about this.  Instead I made do with other tops, but then felt they were too ‘dirty’ for day wear afterwards
  • failing the above sleeping top, a sleeping dress – I often like a light summery dress, it’s much easier for shared bathrooms (for dress/undress then pants etc), can be slept in and is generally comfortable.
  • my cross body purse (pictured above) is a little squeezey for things that are DL sized (or the length of the short edge of a normal piece of paper), so I would consider that if I ever replace it
  • I packed ‘hotel minis’ I had left over from an interstate trip, as well as my solid shampoo.  I always opted for the little bottles as they were easy to dry and put away, whereas the shampoo bar stays damp and I feared leaking – I did use it the few nights in Heidelberg though


  • my eight year old work boots stopped ‘working’! The soles have started to split, and in Heidelberg, so much so my socks got wet from rain. I decided to ‘let them go’ at Lyon station, rather than traipse them back to Paris or Sydney.  I did however swap into their damaged’ness in Oradour-Sur-Glane after doing the museum in heels and feeling a little sole sore!

  • my heels lost one of the plastic pads that hides the metal and other mechanics the second last day – which makes tiled floors a little more perilous.  I know the word for a ‘reheeler’ but I need to find one who can do it on the spot.  Cause there’s no way I’m wearing flip flops in Paris!

Overall, I’m pretty content with what I packed.  I picked items I love to wear, and didn’t get bored of them in the two weeks.  I did need to do washing, and it can be a little annoying to get dry before moving again.