Holiday! Vietnam activities

The BF and I are going overseas! We’re going for just over a week from Friday night 25th October to Monday 4th November.  I’ve tried to queue up some posts, but I can’t imagine I’ll reply to all comments as promptly as usual.  And I might not be commenting and reading all your posts either.  What are holidays for, but a little digital sabbatical?  We’ll see – I might not be able to resist the lure!

If I'm not replying to your comment, here's why! source:
If I’m not replying to your comment, here’s why!

We’re spending two nights in Ho Chi Minh, and then some nights in Nha Trang and then back to HCM city.  Whilst I’ve been a blogger, I’ve not been overseas, but I love travel.  On average, I make one BIG international trip a year, usually for a few weeks, to either Europe or the US.  I like to go back to old faithfuls, but it’s just as important to me to see new cities and countries.  I’ve never been to Vietnam.  I did do a project in primary school about it though!

I’m not a huge tour girl, which is sort of in line with my no guide book motto from Honeymoon with my brother, which I mentioned in my all time favourite books post.  That’s not to say I don’t think about and research what I’d like to do on my holiday.

I’ve done a fair share of my travelling with my family.  They’ve structured most of it the same way.  It goes a little something like this:

I can already hear the theme tune! source:
I can already hear the theme tune!
  • wake up (and read/watch BBC world/CCN <- it’s not a holiday if I don’t see one of these news channels!)
  • eat breakfast
  • wander/shop/sight see
  • eat lunch
  • nap/read/watch trashy movies
  • cocktail/happy hour in the hotel room, sometimes with board games (scrabble is a favourite)
  • eat dinner
  • sleep
  • repeat

So much better than the usual eat, sleep, (rave), repeat.  (Sorry, it’s a song lyric of a song I can’t stand, and whilst I don’t rave (though I do Neon Run), but the song is so pervasive!) I really mean eat, sleep, work, repeat.

Cu chi tunnels source:
Cu chi tunnels

Here’s what I’m considering as activities whilst we’re there:

  • visit flower farms
  • visit silk worm farms
  • zip lining (though there’s been some deaths, so maybe not!)
  • cu chi tunnels from the war in HCMC
  • sampling endless Vietnamese coffee, and pastries (seeing they were once a French colony)
  • visit Hoi An
  • mud baths and hot springs
  • get cheap manicure and pedicure for…
  • get sandals made!! in Hoi An (I love some leather sandals that are dying, from Greece)

What would your must see/do/buy be in Vietnam?  Have you been?  What would lure you to visit?

Things I achieved in 2012

*Published in 2019, but back dated to be ‘year end’ summary*

In line with the 2013 summary I published, I thought I’d take the time to review each year since I was at school, as a record of my life.  Things get hazy as time goes on, and it’s not going to get any better as I age!  So here we go!

In 2012

  • My parents live in Toulon, France from Sept 2012 to Jan 2013
  • I visited my parents in Toulon, but we met in Marrakesh and visited Casablanca too, in Oct/Nov 2012
  • Visited Duabi alone, shopping up a storm and going hot air ballooning over the desert
  • I flew business class on Emirate from Paris to Dubai to Sydney at my cost on an A380 and a 777
  • I started dating “The BF” at the start of October 2012
  • Prior to “the BF”, this was my year of dating!  A good friend spent a lot of time awkwardly setting me up!
  • Memories of brunches with Mr DIY and his GF
  • My first year living the apartment I bought (the loft), having settled on 22 Dec 2011
  • I equipped a whole home with living furniture – sofas, kitchen stuff etc
  • Hosted a Thai birthday banquet for myself at the new house
  • Recarpeted the upstairs in the early days, meaning I lived in my living room when I moved in!
  • Had the loft painted (un)professionally
  • Updated the tapware (thanks Aldi!)
Toulon harbour
Toulon harbour


Selfie from a hot air balloon in United Arab Emirates
Selfie from a hot air balloon in United Arab Emirates


Dubai location shot
Dubai location shot


The view from my Paris hostel
The view from my Paris hostel


Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Maroc

Things I achieved in 2011

*Published in 2019, but back dated to be ‘year end’ summary*

Wow, only two or so years ago at time of writing, and I’m already thinking ‘what did I do that year?’

  • I went to the US, with a side trip to Israel
  • I met close friends from Sydney in NYC for a night or two
  • I saw Cirque de Soliel in Radio City Hall
  • I did a huge road trip all over Israel with a fantastic friend I met in Paris in 2010
  • I suffered major plane delays with Delta back to the US, so moved to El Al
  • Successfully met my NYC to Chicago connection to meet a friend from studying in France in 2006
  • Shopped my heart out in Chicago (hello Banana Republic and Victoria’s Secret)
  • Met my family in NYC, having all flew into the US at different dates/times (Mum: conference in Colarado, Brothers a few days before Dad)
  • Visiting the ‘YMCA’ in Harlem where my brothers were staying!
  • Freaking out about dogs after staying with a family in Connecticut I met on the plane from NYC to LAX in 2008
  • Visited Washington DC alone, meeting up with a friend form Paris in 2010, somehow, without a mobile phone!?
  • Continued to save my pennies for a house deposit
  • Had an offer accepted on a loft opposite Mr DIY’s rental terrace, for the building society to reject my application based on the property valuation 🙁
  • Visited endless open houses!
  • Successfully bought the loft pre auction, that settled on 22/12/2011
  • Lived at home until the day my property settled
  • Pre bought furniture, such as second hand dining chairs, the tenant’s kitchen table and buffet, and crockery
  • Tried a homeopath/natropath for psorasis

Things I achieved in 2010

*Published in 2019, but back dated to be ‘year end’ summary*

I’m not sure if it’s just me – but I TOTALLY forget what happened in what year.  So I created some posts about the recent olden days, to remind myself!  Thought it might spark a conversation.

  • Travelled to  France & Greece
  • Travelled around Greece with a friend from a conference in Paris in 2008

Greek island cruise boat and crew/cruisers
Greek island cruise boat and crew/cruisers

  • Spent a week on a yacht in the Greek Isles

Fancy university accomodation
Fancy university accomodation

  • Spent 3 week in Paris of a women in engineering conference (my second time attending)
  • Skipped the above conference for a few days to spend time near Mont St Michel with French family friends from 2006
  • Stayed in the Hilton Abu Dhabi on my layover back to Sydney
  • Graduate rotation in the Project Services section, doing countless overtime and overnight shifts
  • House sat over summer at family Friend’s home in Berowra
  • Spent most of the year recovering from a holiday romance
  • Graduate rotation at Zone Development
  • Walked to work more often than not at the above position
  • Continued with my floristry certificates through a Saturday course

Wedding bouquet Cake topper

  • Played paintball with Project Services colleagues (a Christmas gift from our boss)
  • Started acupuncture in Bondi Junction for my psorasis
  • Damaged my wrists through work and spent many hours in physio
  • Did flowers for Mum’s colleague’s daughter’s wedding
  • Visited Ayres Rock, Alice Spring and Perth in Sept/Oct

Rivers of water on the rock
Rivers of water on the rock

  • Started working at florist
  • Graduate rotation at Street Lighting & Live Line Policy and Development
  • Last minute, bought tickets to Germany for a white Christmas

Collecting decorations (it's wattle under my wing)
Collecting decorations (it’s wattle under my wing)

  • Had flights to Frankfurt redirected to Munich :s

That's a Christmas morning!
That’s a Christmas morning!

  • Visited Amsterdam over the Christmas/NY break

The postcard photo
The postcard photo

The elephant like machine was de-icing the plane. Something I'd NEVER seen.
The elephant like machine was de-icing the plane. Something I’d NEVER seen.

What a year, huh?