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Thoughts on the US

When I wrote this, it was our second last day in the US, we hired a car to tide us to our 10pm departure tomorrow.  It’s a pretty smart way to handle our luggage as we’ll have ‘checked out’ of our Airbnb.  The travel took us to Sauscilito, then south to Palo Alto and Moutain …
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Last minute US trip

I may have alluded to a secret in my last post.  Not that I *know* my young brother reads this blog (I know R does, but I’m not sure about S), but I was adamant to surprise my brother, S, who moved to LA in Deceber 2015. The BF was offered a work trip in …
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Portland is funny

      I promise, I will FIND time to post all about my FABULOUS birthday dinner on Saturday, and one blogger/reader friend who got in on the biggest secret surprise of all – wow, I was gob smacked.

You can buy this?

Surely these products don’t sell…     What’s the weirdest thing in this post for you, or the weirdest thing you’ve seen sold in a grocery store?

I’ve been hiding in the US

It feels like a long time since I blogged. Mainly cause I’ve been exhausted.  Work takes it out of me.  I don’t like it.  And I even don’t like it when I get back from two weeks of recharging (or should that be refueling) holiday in the US.  I’ve had one day back, and I …
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