Gratitude addition to the daily edition

By Donna L Martin source:
By Donna L Martin


Lately, I feel like my posts have been a little less bright.  I certainly haven’t felt like I’m my usual self.  So I’ve thought about it, and think I need to create a habit of gratitude – something that I’ve done before and it works really well. Now, dear readers, at the bottom of every post, or maybe as a side post each day, I’m not sure, I’ll add a short list of things I’m grateful for.  I hope, over time, it’ll help me to continue looking up!

  1. Beautiful sunshine all day – from the moment I was on site at 7am!
  2. Seeing all my immediate family for dinner
  3. Caught up on my back log of unread blog emails (and commenting) from the beginning of the week
  4. A great night’s sleep last night