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  1. Well, I have never experienced a 40 degree day; I think my hottest was 37 in Washington DC! I can really relate to #s 9 and 10 (travelling hours and hours across the country), "world tours" not coming to Canada, and videos not available in my region! Unfair about the Hobbit movie though, which I just saw today πŸ™‚

    1. My phone says it's 38 C but that's technically 'in the shade' and alas I must depart the shade at times! I knew there was a reason Canadians and Aussies got on so well, we share the same horrible plights!

  2. Another thing to know: we have big bugs. Cockroaches big enough to steal your pizza! Mozzies that carry you away.

    And it's either too cold to go in the pool, or it is too hot to go outside to go in the pool. Maybe that is just me.

    Love how you slipped in that you saw the Hobbit, Dar!

    1. Hahahah we scared some Canadians at a party when we saw a cockroach on the wall – this was after the talk of all the deadly things in Australia. She shrieked and got up whilst all the Aussies sat around non nonchalantly!

      My brother got a paddling pool – just having my feet in it last night cooled me down!

  3. Too funny, especially the home/plane!

    I feel for you with the heat (a little lol as I'm sitting here with a blanket and hot water bottle right now!), but I don't envy the bugs!
    I've experienced 40 C in Malta and can't imagine working in it!

  4. The shipping thing and the Netflix thing annoy me the most! There is a T-shirt I want to buy at the moment that's a fundraiser and costs $20, but the shipping to Australia is $15!

    Every time I go overseas I have people ask me if people in Australia just stay indoors all the time because of the dangerous snakes and spiders!

    1. It's funny, as an Aussie I seldom think about all the things that can kill me (in the animal department). If only we had access to hulu and the like – I mean we need it more than anyone, right?

  5. Oh my goodness this is hilarious.

    We Canadians (believe it or not) face some of the exact same problems. Not all, but SOME.

    1. We do not get all companies shipping to us either, not even from the U.S. can you believe it? NOT EVEN FROM THE U.S. Sometimes when they do ship, it's ridiculous, like $30 when it's just across the border…

    2. We do not get the same release dates for some things in the U.S. which gives us envy as we are only across the border.

    3. We Canadians also use "U". It irks me when people tell me that it bothers them that I spell it as "colour" not "color". "Color" looks weird to me. So does "neighborhood". I NEED A U IN THERE.

    4. "Not shown in your country — As for watching videos that are not in your home country, try Hola Unblocker, or a VPN service like Hide my Ass (This is the one I use and recommend).

    5. Australian slang does trip me up a little… but I know enough of it to get by πŸ™‚

    6. I can't believe people mix up Australia with Austria 😐

    1. It's weird that Canadians suffer the same woes, no wonder Aussies get on with Canadians so well (and a lot of Aussies I know want to move to Canada). The shipping thing is ridiculous for you guys, at least it makes some sense for us.

      I'm right there with you with the U!

      Thanks for the advice re the unblockers, I will have to give them a try.

    1. Oh those are such Aussie things, though milo is in a lot of South East Asia too. Oh Milo, a child's dream – mum thinks (or pretends) it's healthy, and kids manage to see how much milo can dissolve in the smallest amount of milk. It also has the awesome property of sticking to counters like GLUE!

  6. You have your +40, we have our -40, it's all good!

    In all honestly though, those spiders would freak me right out. We have spiders here too, but not nearly like you guys have!

    1. How's about the weather there at the moment – in some places I read skin can freeze in 5 or 15 minutes! Just insane (but still all that snow seems magical to me!)

      I seldom see spiders, or anything deadly – though the BF did warn me about snakes in the sand dunes whilst we were away – ewww~

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