Waste Wednesday once again

Hello loyal readers, so kind of you to drop by to see the weekly photograph of my bag of trash, and oh and ah and the weight for yet another week!  Despite the gingerbread house making, the weight is low.  I craftily donated the calories excess lollies from decorating it to my lovely friend Christmas elf, though the bags I did end up with will go to the supermarket packaging recycling efforts.

How’s this week? Like the biggest loser, I got a low weight, then I shifted the bag and got a higher weight, and one more shift and I ended up with the weighty total of 129g.  (To think I could have deceived you with a 89g misweighed bag this week).  That’s the lowest it’s been since October, when I had a partial weigh in due to the holiday (97g).

Final weigh in at 129grams
Final weigh in at 129 grams

I’m pretty pleased with the weight, but here’s what took me to this number

  • foam meat tray – those aren’t recyclable in our area.  Funny, I didn’t know they still existed, the BF did the shopping and got it
  • plastic Christmas card box – alas, I’ve found plastic free normal greeting cards, but not so for the Christmas cards (which are radically cheaper on a cost per card basis than any other cards)
  • ice cream wrappers – it’s been hot hot hot here, and on Sunday we splurged $9 for two magnums from the corner store
  • Mars Bar wrapper – I think the BF’s stopped reading these recently, so I’ll confess to my Monday weakness
  • cupcake wrapper – probably compostable, but I don’t know.  Oh, and that was Monday too.  Tough day, evidently… or the long work earnt me more calories?
  • receipts & movie tickets – I’m not sure if the movie tickets are plastic coated, but to be sure.

I wonder how long until we don’t need actual movie vouchers (and the pretty little folder)?  I mean, you can board a plane, I hear, without any paper documents, just your mobile phone.  Where can one buy Mars Bars in bulk? I did not just think that, promise!  What chocolate bar do you wish was available in unpackaged bulk?

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  1. We actually have a bulk lolly store on campus – very dangerous 🙂 I mostly make my own chocolate using coconut oil, but it isn't transportable because it melts, so do buy some sometimes.

    That's a good point about the movie tickets, it would be easy to use a phone rather than a paper ticket.

    1. OH my gosh – that would be awesome! Actually you can get lollies from bulk bins at my local store, but I'm not sure it's economical. I remember being able to buy them at Westfield Toombul in my past too.

      I bet it won't be long til everything is on the phone for movies…

  2. I've been putting my (cough, cough) Mars Bar wrappers in the the Coles Redbox Recycling bin. I'm pretty sure I read on the side of the Redbox box that lolly wrappers are ok. Congrats on another great week of waste reduction!

    (And pretty chuffed here that we've barely had a bag of rubbish here for the past 3 weeks. Composting food scraps is making a massive difference!)

    1. Oh I feel so much better you have said wrappers! I feel like I'm the biggest fatty of late – with all the cakes, and then buying a mars bar. Thankfully there's not a sent in my wallet, otherwise I'd be at the vending machine as we speak!

      I'll know to keep them for Redbox next time – I'm just so unsure what is and isn't included.

      Nice work on the composting! My Bokashi (which I must dedicate a whole post to let people know about it), saves us total being WAY higher. Will you get as 'weird' as me and weigh you waste?

      1. We're improving, but I think I'd still give everyone a heart-attack if I weighed our waste each week! "Room for further improvement"…!

    1. Welcome DC! I can imagine I'd waiver in front of a pile of Mars Bars too – I'd be just trying to get them all eaten, so the 'bad food' would be out of the house hahaha

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