Waste Wednesday update

For anyone new here, I like to weigh my waste every week.  My aim is to one day be zero waste.  I only way landfill waste,  recycling and composting (i use a Bokashi bucket) are not weighed. Monday and Tuesday this week, I moved house – so there’s a lot more than usual in this week’s weigh in!  Let me start with some photos:

slim your bin zero waste
Bag 1 coming in at 562g

This was the weekly waste leading up to the move, so meat trays and similar items.

slim your bin zero waste
276g for the second bag

The overflow of day to day trash (with some McDonald’s food soiled carboard that STANK!)

slim your bin zero waste
987g from bag #3

Things are getting heavy! This was mainly packing tape, with a pair of the BF’s old shoes that the leather had started dying a painful death

Zero waste slim your bin
Leaving the heaviest to last at 1277g

And the final collection of ‘stuff’ at the old house – there’s a plant in there, and a homemade mozzie trap made form a plastic soft drink bottle, sugar syrup and yeast… what a sticky mess!

So, the grand total is 562 + 276 + 987 + 1277 = 3102g = 3.1KG!

Wowzers! To think I was down to single digits recently… Such is life.  There’s no ‘everyday’ waste from the new house (such as food, as Bokashi’s on a holiday to my parents to get buried and returned empty).

More on the new house and new lists tomorrow…  And the drama of Sunday and a hospital visit.  Oh yes, I like to keep it interesting!

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    1. Thank EK – at some (tired and cranky) stage yesterday I did say to myself 'no one really cares but you, how much trash you have. It's admirable to try and minimise it, but Bea and Zero Waste Home haven't moved recently, and I bet they can't avoid plastic tape'. To be honest, it could have so much worse, there was so little 'dumped' – unlike what I usually see in our bin room after a move!

    1. Other than exhaustion, we're good… more on the hospitalization when I get some tests done in a fortnight. My list of foods not to eat could be rapidly increasing!

    1. I'll wait to find out what really went wrong, but I'll let you know the symptoms tomorrow (oh.. I'm getting good at this 'wait and see' game with my readers :p). Thanks for the support, it was a great weight, though I'm sure some slipped through my watchful gaze!

    1. Thanks Laura – I had a post to think about *blushes*! I did miss two mattress covers (thin flimsy plastic) but I did reuse sofa covers from delivery again for the move, and have them for 'next time' (which I'm hoping is NEVER!

  1. Honestly, I think you did fantastic for a move. Last time we moved, we threw out several big trash bags of stuff, not including the stuff we took to goodwill (donate) and recycling.

    Moving is always a time to really think about do you really need to move this….I know it is for me.

    Glad you both are ok but I'm anxious to hear what happened.

    1. Tomorrow I'll do an update on my health… so not long now!

      I did have some recycling, but I don't weigh that. And I'm sure some things were missed, but it wouldn't be more than another kilo I don't think. No one seemed to fight me when I said that I, and only I, would take out garbage – what have I got myself signed up for!!

      1. LOL! What did you sign yourself up for….

        I have a bin of bottles ready to go to recycling. Tim was going to try to take it to work and save the trip to the dump….but he realized there's beer bottles in there. Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.

        Tim does the trash taking out here. We have a trash room in our building and I hate going down there. If you push on the door just right, there's no need for a key and a chuckle with one of my neighbors who will walk her trash in front of the building to the door closer to the trash room door. I always comment that I see your walking your trash today…she laughs.

        1. The beer bottles distracted him? Or are they glass and the others plastic?

          I took the recycling out this morning, and they separate paper from glass from plastic – and the lids were all rainy and wet – ewww… But I sorted and got them ready for pick up later today. I love your little neighbourly exchange…

  2. Those shoes really threw off the figures…it's almost not fair. They're a tricky item because you can't really give away or sell shoes in rough shape, so the trash is kind of their inevitable resting place.

    I'm still really impressed! Way to go.

    1. Thanks – so true, those shoes, and a little bit of food in one of the other bags, really tipped things! Even pulling apart shoes into it's constituent parts would be too much effort for even a die hard like me!

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