Waste Wednesday update

I almost forgot this riveting installment… Oh, how you would have missed it! (Seriously, there was a bolt upright moment when I realised, and I scurried back to the kitchen to snap some photos).  For anyone new to this, I like to weigh my non recyclable waste every Wednesday.  One day, I hope to have zero non recyclable waste.  That’s the aim!  I do the kitchen bin weekly, and the bathroom and bedroom bin when they get full.  For more details, see the Zero Waste page.

Waste weigh in for Wed 24 July 2013
Waste weigh in for Wed 24 July 2013

Blurry picture at 6.30am, sorry, but that’s 239g.  Adjusted (as this is two week’s trash) total is 67g.

That is a RECORD! I’ve never had it that low since I started weighing weekly in April.

Inside the bag
Choc chips, last of the bulk bacon (from freezer), mac and cheese packet… 🙁

It’s weird, cause I was sure the yucky bacon packet would take me over.

Oh and for people who remember all my cheese grating efforts (to lessen waste), here’s some photos of what happened when the BF’s fridge was emptied into mine this past weekend:

All the 'inherited' cheese
All the ‘inherited’ cheese
The freezer 'before'
The freezer ‘before’
The freezer AFTER the cheese invasion
The freezer AFTER the cheese invasion

And to think, this was after I consolidated all his half packets into one package, where possible. If there’s one thing I teach the BF, it’ll be to ‘use it up’ when there’s just dregs in the packet… I mean, who couldn’t handle one more sprinkle of cheese to empty the packet?

So, that brings us to… the best week yet, but some bad weeks anticipated in the new future. Any tips on how to keep the BF on board with my waste minimisation targets?

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  1. I'm very happy that we've been able to see such a great figure for your last post pre-BF! Hopefully the BF will be inspired to keep up your good work! (depending of course on how motivated he is with environmental issues etc.)

  2. LOL on all the grated cheese! I suppose one approach to the combined effort might be to make it a two-stage process: step one being "Let me do it and don't interfere" and step 2 being "Get with the system and do it yourself." Worked for me, ha ha!

    1. I love your two step system, and generally I might be skeptical of it working, but… he's taken to using the hankies! He doesn't love them (nor do I), but he knows it's what's on offer… (even though there are two tissue boxes lurking, not quite empty)

      To many happy cheese days!

    1. Thanks… I do like to think of myself as persuasive – if only I could share about my customer yesterday who started by hating me (call the lawyers style) and ended up showing me around her garden and commending me on my looks, smarts etc etc?!? I must know how to turn people around…

  3. Well done on the latest weigh in. You are doing so much better than I am! Your new house looks gorgeous, exciting times, but you must be quite stressed. All the best for the next couple of weeks..

  4. Sarah, I did the same thing with cheese, grating my own to try to stop the waste. But the darn stuff still comes in plastic so I don't feel like I'm winning. Anyway, I look forward to Wednesdays to see how you're doing. It makes me feel like I'm not in the fight alone.
    And I appreciate all the thoughtful comments on my blog. I haven't had a chance to answer them for a while as I've had my hands full of baby, but I will! And I always enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer, like you, I enjoy knowing I'm not alone in the trash battle. You'll see this week won't be as good, not because I have a baby keeping me busy, but the moving is taking a toll on my otherwise mindful grocery purchases 😡

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