Waste Wednesday & Vietnam

With 10 days away in Vietnam, I have a hybrid waste weigh in post. I weighed the trash before I left Friday week ago, and let my house sitting brother free for all with a new liner. I came home to all empty bins, and started the count again from Monday. Only I’d be sad that the bathroom and bedroom bins were emptied without weighing them, wouldn’t I? Silly I know.

Friday’s weigh in was 161g.  Then today I weighed in at a hefty 347g which included 3 months worth of dryer lint and vacuum fluff that’s been hanging out in the laundry.  Total: 508g

Before flying out Friday night (a week ago)
Before flying out Friday night (a week ago)
After our return - including 3 months worth of dryer fluff and vacuum bag fluff
After our return – including 3 months worth of dryer fluff and vacuum bag fluff

Oh my, travelling is far from a zero waste endeavor! I took the stainless steel water bottle I have, but it was useless. It’s hard to get filtered water, so you end up being given water (usually 300ml, which is half a ‘normal’ bottle in Australia) or buying it. And with planes, there’s constant surrendering of filled bottled. I hated all the plastic bottles, and all their plastic shrink wrapped necks, but at the same time, I couldn’t risk my health.

Thankfully, most people seemed ok when I said ‘no plastic bag’ when buying at the supermarket or in the markets.  Thankfully a friend (and reader) gave me a collapsible bag made of parachute material – incredibly light and strong, and it worked a treat.  When in my handbag, I don’t notice it, but is so much better than another single use bag!  The BF was also pretty good at also asking for no bag (he was mighty proud of that), but a few did slip in, which is as to be expected.  Oh, and the super markets have bulk rice! Seriously, just scoop it up from a big bin!

Thankfully, a low cost carrier meant no added freebies, so I did without plastic wrapped eye masks or blankets.  Sure they exist, but most people opted out of the ‘pay to use’ items.

We did have a lot of Starbucks (shame on us, I know, but they are air conditioned and have great toilets and free wifi), so we used a lot single use cups, with straws.  So many straws on our trip, for boys and for girls!  Can anyone see how addicted I am to pineapple based drinks?  (There were many mojitos, just no photos of them it would seem!)

Fancy cocktails, with straws a plenty!
Fancy cocktails, with straws a plenty!

So there you have it, a weighty weigh in for what was a shortened week over a fortnight (anyone confused yet?).  So tell me readers, what’s your favourite cocktails or mixed drink?

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  1. I think you did well considering the lint has been building up for a while. I enjoy mojitos too, or vodka with cranberry juice, or daiquiris (either strawberry or mango). Mmm!

    1. Oh yes, I don' t mind me a daiquiri either – though I steered clear of strawberry there, as I didn't see any selling fresh. Of course, on my last day, I saw a huge bag be delivered to the cafe, but still, mango was a better bet for the season.

  2. One of the things that annoyed me when I was in Thailand was that you get a plastic bag when buying an ice cream at 7/11. And you have to be fast to refuse it!

    I was actually really surprised by how many places I stayed in had water coolers you could refill your own bottles from. I wasn't expecting it, but was very happy. It must be the hippy places I was staying in!

    1. Wow, a plastic bag for an ice cream! Insane!

      I did see water coolers being delivered, but I never really saw any that seemed to indicate we could use them. Next time I'll look harder!

  3. I always look at those "disposable" ear-phones on planes with a bit of horror. It just seems such a waste to use them once only (well…on the short-haul flights anyway. Long-haul anything goes!)

    You did well to avoid all those added bits and bobs…something I'll have to think about for our trip!

    1. I always wonder if they disinfect them and reuse them, or whether they just toss them! I do pack my own earphones, with a 1 to 2 pin adaptor I picked up on one flight, so when an airlines charges, I have everything I need! Sneaky sneaky.

  4. I'm another one who loves mango daiquiris. But at home in summer I make my own cocktail of cranberry juice, really good vodka, peach schnapps and lime juice. So yummy and refreshing. And helps you cope with the Sydney heat.

    1. Wow nice combo! What counts as 'really good' vodka? I never know when I look at all the options in Dan Murphy's, which one I should get! I went to Sky last time cause of the blue bottle – naturally.

    1. I couldn't help but buy us meals for the 8 hours flight. Outside food was forbidden, but it's also something to 'look forward to' on a long haul flight – and in the end they were pretty good too.

  5. I'm not much of a drinker, but those drinks look so good, reminds me of summer which I am already missing. ;-(

    I would be disappointed as well if I were weighing my trash to find it emptied when I came home.

    1. I knew my readers would empathise with my rubbish being put out for me 😀 Some of the pictured drinks were actually just juices, the Vietnamese don't seem super into alcohol actually.

  6. Sounds like you did pretty darn well!
    You were so aware everywhere you went , love that!
    The compost will take the dryer lint and the vacuum fluff! I always throw mine in and it disappears! 🙂

    1. I have previously put the 'fluff' in the compost, but I worry that I vacuum non organic waste. Sort of nit picking right?

      I can't help that it's still on my mind no matter where I am!

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