Weigh in Wednesday – weight of trash (and me!)

In a twist to my Wednesday weigh ins, it will both be a weigh in of my non recyclable, non compostable trash generated in a week AND…. my weight.  At least this week, as I have good news on both fronts!

(For any first time readers, this is a weird post to start with, I’m sorry! I’m trying to go zero waste at home, and so I measure my land fill trash every week by weighing it.  Everything else is either recycled, donated, landfilled or… reused!  Most weeks, it’s just my kitchen bin, but I also have a bin in the bathroom and both bedrooms too).

First, trash:

Lowest in a long time! 82 grams!
Lowest in a long time! 82 grams!

The best in a LONG time, and under 100grams, which I think I set as my goal last week! The power of stating a goal right? Turn away now if you hate less than perfect photos, but here’s what’s in my bin


you sure you wanna see?


Skewers from kebabs, a zip lock bag, plastic wrap from meat trays, vaccum dust
Skewers from kebabs, a zip lock bag, plastic wrap from meat trays, vaccum dust

Now to weighing me. I do it nude, so there are no photos, not even of the scales. But I could do it. You’ve seen my skills 😉

Today I weighed in at 73.5kg (162lbs or 11.5 stones?!) after my run, which I ran 10.5 minutes continously. YAY on both fronts (hear more about my running and weight loss plans here).

My question to the readers – how long is the longest you’ve stayed at one weight?  Is it now, or some time in the past?

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    1. You can do it! With your tracking ways, you'll know when you steer off course, and know how to right the ship, surely. I think for a good 6-8 (!!) or so years I stuck between 70-72kgs whilst studying at uni…!

  1. Awesome job! Even more awesome with running for ten minutes straight. I can't wait for it to get warmer out so I can get back on track with walking and whatnot. I've mostly stayed the same weight, give or take five pounds, since I stopped growing. I'd like some muscle though!

    1. Nice work on sustaining your weight – it means you mustn't descend too often into the binges of chocolates and cakes and cookies (I must not even imagine these!!) Sadly, if you do get the muscle, it can add to the weight, but so far, in my case, it hasn't!

      1. You would think that but sadly I'm very far from being a healthy eater. Through some research I've been doing it seems as though I'm just not absorbing many nutrients :/. There's so much science behind our digestive systems!

  2. An excellent weigh-in on both fronts! I appreciate you saving me a step by changing kilos into pounds 🙂 I'm not a huge fan of running, so whenever I do – I just run a mile (1.6 km) without stopping – it takes me about 10 minutes, and then I can say I'm done! Kudos to you for trying to stretch the run out! 🙂

    1. Thanks Amanda! It's so easy to offer the other weights in brackets, I'm not sure why I don't do it more.

      I don't love running, but my self image is changing, so I think that I like it, and look good at it!? Something like faking it til I make it or something!!

      I was only wanting to run 7.5 mins, to do one minute more than the week before, but the BF said 'I betcha can't run for 10 minutes straight' (knowing a 'you can't do it' can often spur me on – and it did!)

  3. The weight loss is going great-guns, Sarah! That's a good drop from last week and great "overall" progress – you must be stoked!

    I think the longest I've ever stayed at one weight was during my 20s (pretty much all of my twenties.) It was after I had a child in my early 30s that my weight started fluctuating up and down more (sigh!)

    1. Thanks Fiona – I am pretty chuffed with every little dip, and hope I can continue the good habits and keep it off!

      Ok, no children, and I should be this weight forever 😉 Just joking!

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