Zero waste & band aids?

Here’s the thing, that I touched on in my review of the Zero Waste Home book, zero waste has become a large part of my life, and I almost can’t think of something to share with my readers as an innovation to be zero waste.

And let’s be honest, I’m not zero waste at all – every week I hope it will be the weeks, but there’s always some of that flimsy plastic wrap on something.  One thing I still use is band aids.

IMO, the BEST and longest lasting band aids

Bea, the author of the above book, outlines that adults don’t really use them, and a smoothie helped her children’s boo boos.  I’m yet to find the smoothie help a paper cut in the folds of my knuckle.  Blisters on my heels are also not cured this way.  Band aids offer a barrier protection from further aggravation for rubbing or prodding.  So, readers, what innovative solutions do you think are out there?  I know for smaller cuts and grazes, there’s plastic skin – I wonder whether there’s a ‘hippy’ version one could make of this?  Would it actually work for a blister though?  Putting it out there…

88g weigh in for 11 September
88g weigh in for 11 September

So this week, I weigh in with 88g!  Woozers.  That’s after 171g last week and 158g the week prior.  I’m exceeding my expectations – makes up for the 3kg week after moving.  Any imperial readers, that 88g is 3.1 ounces.  And my ‘best ever’ is 67g in July.  I feel like I should see if I can beat that, set myself the challenge.

For non regular readers – this is my kitchen bin.  I only empty my bathroom and bedroom bin when they are full.  This week those bins have seen me add anti-snore strips and their packaging (ie band aids but different),  empty tablet packet, a toliet paper wrappers… So elsewhere I’m adding to the waste totals.

And what’s in there?

  • band aids and their wrappers
  • mince meat tray (yep, again! but I did win on the salami front, so there’s a positive)
  • random plastic wrappers
  • dumpling bag (not sure it’s the type of plastic Coles takes back)

PS if you want to stop commenting on these weekly posts, I won’t hold it against you. Seriously, I won’t.  I’m trying to keep myself accountable, and I understand it’s not always riveting!

So, my question to you is – what could I use in place of band aids for my paper cuts and blisters?  I do wear socks, but sometimes they don’t suit the shoes…

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  1. I often feel like saying, “This is an accountability post – no need to comment!” but seriously, I’m interested in the Zero Waste. It’s a credit to the BF that he is so on board that you could bring in such a low waste weigh-in this week! Ha – my papercuts are not cured by smoothies either! That’s a great example because that is really the one thing I bother to use bandaids for. I only keep them in the house for visiting kids, really. Mr 9 had some kind of early trauma with a bandaid being ripped off, so he has been bandaid-free most of his life!

    1. Ah yes, maybe we need a little banner to say 'move along, only rubber necking needed' :p I don't think the BF is a huge waste producer, and he just absorbs my 'weird' – you know, putting things in a box rather than using the (legacy) cling wrap – things like that. One week, I won't use a band aid, or buy anything in a plastic bag/wrap and I shall shout from the roof tops and photo graph just a liner and my scales 😀 Oh that is the ultimate!

  2. In the UK (probably other places as well, but I don't know), we can get plasters (as we call them) in long strips. You can cut off how much you want. It still has the backing stuff on the sticky but not an individual wrapper on top of that.

    1. I think what you're talking about is what Economies of Kale mentions. I happen to have some lying around the house, so I'll try it next time (and maybe snip some off to keep in my hand bag)

  3. I stopped using the breath rite strips but was informed by my husband that it was a bad idea…like he's got room to talk. So, I guess that's going to be one of those things I still purchase.

    I don't use many bandaids but I try to use the liquid bandaid on most booboo's but sometimes, you just have to break out the bandaids.

    Great job this week!

    1. Thanks CJB! Hahaha, I find flossing helps with breath, but I think you're also talking about the snoring nose strips. The BF wore one the other night, and I ended up in the other room cause I couldn't sleep with an impending cold. He thought it was a waste to wear them! So I think they will be 'my' expense rather than a joint expense (or his expense). Apparently, my sickness makes me noisier than usual, so I'm getting him back!!

      1. LOL. No, we actually have these things called breath rite strips….aka stop snoring strips.

        So, your finding they work….the stop snoring strips? Ours are plastic….I wish they could be used again but my noise is oily sometimes….eww.

        1. Ours strictly say 'no reuse' but then so do my earplugs, and I reuse them excessively! But I do know what you mean, oil is a little hard to undo – especially on adhesive. They sort of work, there's still the odd snore, but not the cresendo symphony!

    1. That's definitely the 'old school' way – seems sort of strange, but I'm sure I could get used to it. Not sure about blisters on my heel though, might end up being a lot of strapping for a small boo boo!

  4. I have the solution to the Band-Aid problem – you simply are not allowed to hurt yourself in any way. You will have to take heroic measures to keep yourself safe, and completely paper-cut and blister free. LOL!

  5. Bushwalkers use that smooth silver tape (duct tape? insulating tape?) about 2 inches wide around the backs of their heels (under socks, of course) to prevent blisters when their walking boots are a little loose at the heel and likely to produce blisters. No use once the blister have formed though.

  6. Impressive! You are doing really well at this challenge.

    To avoid blisters, you could make sure you buy shoes that fit well. Or, depending on what shoes you wear, wear those little shoe-sized stocking.

    1. If only finding shoes that fit well, and look nice was easy! I haven't worn those little sockets for ages, come to think of it. I should perhaps try them again, and it might solve some of my dramas!

  7. Man, that is crazy good. 3.1 oz? I am humbled.

    Keep using the bandaids though. If you get an infection and have to go to the hospital, you can bet there'll be a lot bigger impact on the environment than a bandaid wrapper would have.

    1. That's definitely another way to look at it – hospitals churn through all that single use stuff! Don't worry, I won't go without when there's a need. I'm partly too used to band aids, but partly cause they work! Though strapping tape might have the same advantages as band aids with a touch less waste?

  8. Of course you could always do what people did in the past… they used spider webs to cover a cut. It really does work, and it stays put. I know because I made the mistake of telling the grandchildren and my granddaughter decided to make me a band-aid one day when I tore some skin weeding.Let's just say you don't need adhesive to hold it in place. 🙂 Of course it was removed as soon as she left.

    1. I had NO idea, that is amazing… Now I need a regular spider than I can thieve from – not easy in the city! But when I'm out and about for work, I walk into the a bit! I must give it a try some time.

      1. My comment was more tongue-n-cheek than a serious suggestion, but yes, in my grandparent's youth band-aids weren't available and they used spider webs. I have plenty around my home if you want to come and get them. 🙂

        1. I think I sometimes forget you have a wicked little humour there, so when in doubt, I take things as serious!! But I would like to try it once, at least. And I might just visit!

  9. Hi there,

    I have come across the best zero waste solution to bandaids and that’s patch strips ( . The strips are made from 100% bamboo fibre and natural glue (which means they’re compostable) and the packaging is made with recyclable materials! They are such a great natural, plastic-free solution.

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