Zero Waste & ice cream

I love fro-yo, ice cream, gelato, you name it!  Admittedly, I do try to keep a lid on my consumption, but it’s the way to the BF’s heart, so I’m not too strict on myself.

Recently, a friend came to stay from Melbourne.  In additional to a lovely linen tea towel, she picked up some gelato on the way home.  It was delicious, but it came in a styrofoam insulated tub.   Even though there’s a 6 in the chasing arrow symbol, it doesn’t mean it is recyclable.  It just tells you what it is.  So look what I did:

Nice enough right?
Nice enough right?

I just popped it on the counter when I walked past.  He’d just opened and was out the back, so he didn’t see me and I didn’t have to have an awkward conversation.  I love heading to this particular gelto store on date nights for a cone of lavendar.  Or cinnamon doughnut.  There’s something about non-conventional flavours I just love!

On the same errand mission on foot, I dropped off a week or two’s plastics in the bin at the grocery store, Coles, which they make into outdoor kids furniture.  I weighed it too, just cause.

Coles thankfully takes these back and recycles them into play furniture
Coles thankfully takes these back and recycles them into play furniture

So are you a cone or a cup person? When I met Liz from Economies of Kale, we grabbed some ice cream (or was it gelato), and I got a cone, with just a paper wrapper.

Holidays must already be on my mind! I forgot my weekly trash weigh in, so I’ll come back at update this in about 10 hours when I’m home next!  I know it’s going to be a good week though!

Waste Wednesday is 97g (3.4oz)
Waste Wednesday is 97g (3.4oz)

Better than last week by 11g, I have a weigh in of 97g, last week was 108g. I aim for 67g, my personal best! I’ll weigh again on Friday night as we head to the airport, and toss it out. Then my brother has free reign of my ‘weirdness’ til we return on Monday afternoon, and I’ll start a short week of waste. And after the holidays I’ll update my Zero Waste page graphs for y’all.

17 Replies to “Zero Waste & ice cream”

  1. As you know, I'm a cup person because of the gluten 🙁 I remember when I was a kid you could buy chips in an edible rice paper cup at the zoo, I wonder if something similar would work for ice cream or whether it would just go soggy.

  2. I love your handwriting. I love how you made the extra effort to "recycle" the container! I am definitely a cup person – cones get so messy. I sometimes take a while to eat ice cream as my teeth are on the sensitive side.

    1. That's horrible, sensitive teeth! I have only ever had it for a short time, but it was nasty!

      I figure it can't hurt to take it back, and even if he trashes it, I'm 'sending a message' of sorts!

  3. Love your commando recycling!

    And I am a cup person. The cone ruins the flavour and is the last taste you have. I want ice cream, not wafer biscuit when I buy an ice cream.

    1. OH another flavour adverturer! I loved to try (just a small amount) of olive oil and something else – maybe basil? I think the guy is Greek at that store, he also had one flavoured after a honeyed pastry treat too! I can't imagine buying cones for home, unless I had kids, and maybe then, only for a special occasion!

  4. No flavour adventurer here. I always get a double with passion fruit and mango gelato. Sometimes chocolate. Boring but as it is a rare treat for me, I want it to be something I love.

  5. Cinnamon doughnut flavour! It sounds so appealing…now I am going to asking for it all over Melbourne. Another amazing week on the waste front. I’m intrigued now to see if the gelati shop might reconsider their cups after having one returned! You’ll have to do an update if there’s any change in packaging!

    1. I think you'll only find that flavour somewhere that someone makes their own flavours!

      I'll definitely let you know if I notice any changes at the gelato shop, but I'm not holding my breath!

      PS I can't get your comments to be auto-approved, so whilst I'm away, yours might not show up. Sorry in advance!

  6. Uh the ice cream shop near me now puts there cones in a plastic dome. So it won't drip on your hands or something? I was livid when I ordered a cone and in was sheathed in a plastic sleave, like a cone condom or something.
    Now I try to take a jar to the local shop with measurements on it (like a canning jar) and just have them fill it. The local places will do that.

    1. Wow, that seems so strange – how hard is it to eat an ice cream? I'm yet to try my own container for icecream, mainly cause I try not to overindulge, and having it at home would make me do that!

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