Zero Waste and loose fresh produce

Buying fruit and vegies would be zero waste – if it wasn’t for single items being more than a handful.  In my grocery store, they kindly provide plastic bags.  However, they seem wasteful to me, so I bought some Flip and Tumble bags.  There are surely alternative brands, and I could have made them myself.  And I’m sure they are ‘plastic’ – but the key to me is that they are reusable and offer a level of visibility.

Flip and Tumbled branded bags source:
Flip and Tumbled branded bags

My only feedback is that it’s hard to keep them sealed!  I wish there was a push toogle or similar.  Knotting the drawstring isn’t really working for me.

Now for the weekly weigh in (feel free to see my progress since April on my Zero Waste Page)

This week I weighed in at 171g.  Last week was 158g, so it’s only a modest increase.  Nicely done team!

Weighing in at 171g this week (and a cute toliet paper roll bag for your enjoyment!)
Weighing in at 171g this week (and a cute toliet paper roll bag for your enjoyment!)


Weigh in includes:

  • Latina ravioli package (though I did make my gnocchi),
  • a meat tray (ekk!),
  • trays from croquettes for Recipe to Riches currently on Channel Ten,
  • a corn chips packet, and
  • lots of random plastic film/wrap for items I no longer recall.

What do you use when buying loose vegetables and fruit?

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  1. I usually just put the loose fruit and veggies into trolley without a bag, but there's some things you can't do that for (like spinach or other salad greens). I really like the look of those bags for things that need to be in bags.

    How were the croquettes? I watched the show but wasn't curious enough to buy them 🙂

    1. They were tasty but took longer to heat than I was told (both times, and I have an oven that tells me when it's heated… so I was to the letter of the law). And they fell apart a bit. But they were a great pre dinner snack!!

      I do the loose thing too – but it can slow you down at the check out and get you flustered.

  2. And I love how when I post a comment on your new site it starts out yellow and then the yellow slowly fades from bottom to top. Very groovy. (Just like sequins.)

    1. Glad you like it – it's still giving me a little grief – I can never get Jo's 'auto' approved for some reason, and I'd love to make it 'trust' her but I can't work it out!!!

  3. I mostly buy things loose, too – but I save and re-use plastic bags for months for the things that are cumbersome to buy loose. Another good week’s weigh in!

  4. I usually put things right in my cart, then take them out to be weighed when I reach the counter, and then they go in one of my regular cloth shopping bags. My market has paperboard containers you can fill with strawberries, Brussels sprouts, etc. for a set price, and then you can reuse it or turn in the container on your next trip there. I do like the bag idea, though and I might look in to making one for grapes. They always seem to get lost among the other things in the bag!

    1. Oh grapes are the worst!! The bags would definitely solve that! I love that your market has paperboard containers (is that like cardboard?) I wish we had strawberries and those sorts of things in something other than plastic…

  5. When buying loose vegetables I generally just put them all in the cloth bag after paying for them, but certain foods at the farmer's market like raspberries are a bit trickier. I've used brown paper bags offered by the vendors, but that doesn't sit right.. So now I have found a sheer curtain (from Ikea) that I haven't been using and am going to sew up some produce bags. I think I will put a draw string on them or sew in a string to each side that I can tie shut and untie easily. As soon as I have a few minutes to work on them I will share them on the blog and you can let me know what you think of them and if I should have done something differently since you have more experience than I do with reusable bags.

    1. I look forward to seeing what you concoct – I had sheer ikea curatins, and the off cuts made rags – in hindsight, I could have made more bags. Interestingly I seldom use more than one or two of the five at a time. Variety and bulk buying isn't (evidently) my thing. I'll happily see what you devise – I do like the idea ties that tie closed over my current drawstring situation.

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