Zero Waste Wednesday & meat off cuts

Let’s look at the landfill waste our household of two created this week:

Before the frozen meat
Before the frozen meat
The frozen meat scraps - waiting for Wednesday
The frozen meat scraps – waiting for Wednesday
Weightier now, with the meat scraps
Weightier now, with the meat scraps

Usually, I put our meat scraps into the Bokashi bin we have on the balcony. At the moment, it’s full, and my second bin is still at my parents house. My suburb offers community compost bins, so I’ve been taking all the fruit and vegie scraps to it periodically, but it won’t accept meat. I decided to freeze the meat offcuts and remove them on ‘rubbish day’ which is, of course, Wednesday!

When I adjust the weight (as I reused last week’s liner, and added to what was in the bin), we generated 519-82 = 437g. To be honest, last week’s low of 82g was in part because meat from that week wasn’t included.  Since Easter 2013 (almost exactly a year ago) my total landfill waste to just shy of 15kg (33lbs).

And my personal weight? Well sad to tell you I only dropped 200 grams. I had some great weeks to start with, and there’s been a few ‘little indulgences’ rather than healthy food.  So I take it on the chin. (I did cheat a weigh in on Friday, and I was down to 72.9kg, but I didn’t take it as ‘truth’ – so now I’m at 73.3kg).  Persevere, work harder, eat healthier, and it should continue to drop.

Did you know that the bokashi bin system could take meat?  Pretty versatile right?  If only I had a dog though – that’s the ultimate ‘meat’ disposal!

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  1. Our municipal compost pickup will take meat too.

    I was doing well with my own weight for the first three weeks of this month, but this week hasn't been good – I think I succumbed to dieter's fatigue because I was too strict with myself earlier in the month!

  2. Still not bad though! The average American produces over 1500 pounds or 680 kg per year if that makes you feel any better. I keep thinking about tracking my waste for a week, but laziness prevents me. 🙂

    1. Wow, when I look at it like that, I feel MUCH better!! Though I don't weigh my recycling, and to be honest, I'm sure some of it still does end up in landfill. And if you trashed a TV or sofa it might totally skew some year's counts.

      Oh laziness feels like it's infected me – noticed the drop off in posting frequency?!

  3. Meat is always the trouble here, too – we have a garden compost bin, but of course can't compost meat. I do try to feed it to Magpies though (doesn't really work well!)

    My weight was going great at the start of the month, too. I don't know what it is now but I've been slack the past week – too many cheese and biscuits at night! Haven't weighed in this week but will get back on the wagon next week.

    1. I feed my meat to the family dog if I'm organised enough – though mainly it's when I miss a use by on a whole lot of meat that she really wins! Offcuts are more likely to be trashed. I'd never thought of offereing them to the birds though?

      Oh yes, weight loss, or weight stagnation. I think our body can get used to whatever we throw at it! Even lots of exercise and healthy food!!

  4. It's great to have three, all close together, in our community. There's a facebook page, but other than that, everything is labelled well, so I just drop stuff off. It does feel a little odd walking up the street with a tupperware of scraps, but I loathe to let it rot in my bin and go to landfill!!

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