Zero Waste Wednesday – simply weighing in

Every week I weigh my trash that’s headed to landfill.  One day I hope to be ‘zero waste’ even for just a week. This week is not that week.  But reporting in helps me look at strategies to reduce my landfill.  Suggestions are always welcomed!

Weighing in at 744g.  Very heavy for me! Two bags of noodles headed south, and I couldn’t be bothered liberating them, and then just disposing of the plastic.  So that’s why it’s so heavy.

Weighty day :(
Weighty day 🙁

What’s inside?

  • many meat trays: I getting more resistance at the deli counters at Coles.  And I’ve lost some wherewithal since the holiday
  • earring sheet: made of plastic to hold a pair of earrings
  • 2 packets of noodles (and the noodles)
  • sponges: two normal ones (well one normal one I cut into two), and one that attaches to a handle
  • tea bag: dried, to save some weight!  Thanks BF!
  • tablet blister pack: yeah
What's inside - countless meat trays, two packets of noodles... etc
What’s inside – countless meat trays, two packets of noodles… etce

Otherwise, the days have passed too quickly, and all of a sudden my two year fixed term mortgage is up, and I want to refinance with another bank. So I’m rushing all my paperwork, so I seamless transition from my 2 year fixed rate, to a new part fixed/part variable interest rate with a new bank (but a bank I have a relationship with already). I’m organised, but my oh my there’s a lot of paperwork. I just trust it’s for their and our protection to avoid offering loans ot people who can’t pay. So I will persevere!

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  1. Oh, the pain of bank paperwork! It takes a lot of time during the set-up weeks. It through me right of our kilter when we did our SMSF recently.

    I'm sure you know about this already (but I didn't, so I'm excited!):

    You can recycle those platic wraps from biscuits, rice (noodles?) etc. through Redcycle. We have a bin in our local supermarket, so I've started collecting batches to drop off.

    I've loat momentum on the meat, too. The boss at our butcher is great, but the various staff are a bit iffy.

    1. OH it's been over and done with in a day thanks to so much been stored on Drive (formerly google docs) and then having it mostly filed at home – though I do need a system for the BF's papers and 'our' papers for the rental place etc.

      Oh RedCycle – I use them through Coles – I actually dropped my stash up there this afternoon. I'm not sure which are accepted and which aren't, so I just give what I think they take!?

      I don't use the butcher anymore, the local one is a big one, and it's in the busy shopping centre (and it's easy to see it's more pricey than Coles). But with resistance at Coles and Harris Farm, I might need to go back to my old neighbourhood's butcher if I want to be zero waste. And can I be bothered?

  2. A thought: could you get a small worm farm (available at Bunnings) to keep on the balcony? The worms would love tea-bags and probably tissues, too. I really want a worm farm but I know my track record…they have to be kept damp or they die.

    1. I have a bokashi bin, which is a form of compost – and I think it might handle tea bags and lint and tissues. But I'm not sure – and I don't want to fill them up any faster. They get super heavy (and strong smelling) and I have to get them to mum and dad's and get them emptied. I sound like a whiney so and so, but I'm not looking forward to it, as I need to do one soon :s

      Perhaps a worm farm would be simpler? And damp – must water than lemon plant!

      1. From what I've heard, worms really chew through things fast – faster than the Bokashi bin. I've wanted to get a worm farm for years…maybe I will try it out then let you know. At least we can "let them go" in the garden if it seems too much hassle!

        1. Good point, it could make things break down sooner (I tell you what, that Bokashi in the car all day, in the sun – wowa, which an 'earthy' smell!) I should research worm farms a little more.

    1. It is an on going 'fight' – or sometimes just an uphill push.

      I got a 4.99% per annum rate – but I can't recall whether that's for the fixed part (which'll be 80%) and the variable part is similar. It's not the best in the market, but the best was stuffing me around and it was a matter of 0.1 or 0.01% points in each rate, so I gave up :p

  3. I'd love to hear more about your mortgage . . I've never heard of anything with a 2 year term or a fixed/variable rate?!

    Were your sponges natural? We compost ours when they're spent.

    1. Sorry, the mortgage is still a 25 or 30 year term, but for 2 years you can fix the interest rate (so when the central banks change the cash rate, and in turn the variable interest rates on home loans change, you're not affected, at least in those 2 years). You can fix for up to five years at a time. Going into my 'new' mortgage, I will have 80% of the mortgage 'fixed' at the rate of 4.99% and the other 20% at the variable rate which today is 4.68% but is likely to move up soon.

      I don't have natural sponges, made of plastic 🙁 I do like the look of those pop up cellulose ones I see in the US, but the shipping (even in the US) is insane for what they are. I should look into cotton washers, but I worry they'll get manky smelling too fast (and I don't wash as often as some households). Definitely something I could improve on though.

  4. You'll be happy to have the re-mortgaging done! Don't laugh, but does your workplace or any local businesses collect organic waste? My workplace has compost bins for lunchroom scraps, and the grocery store nearest our house also separates organic waste in the trash bins near the entry doors. I am sure they wouldn't mind a couple packs of noodles!

    1. Hmm I think someone has started a worm farm at work, but I don't think any grocery stores done. They are in the bin in the waste stream now, but it's something to think about, for sure!

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