Way under on my zero waste weigh in!

Turn away – it’s the rubbish post again!

And it’s a good week at  248g (last week was 1.071kg)

Weighing in at 248g this week! Yay!
Weighing in at 248g this week! Yay!

What’s in there?

  • meat tray – pork mince
  • choc chip packet
  • sticking back and toner strip (?) from Dymo labeller
  • fabric from the sofa’s underside – undoubtedly plastic/synthetic!
  • moisturiser – out of date – I’ve wasted the parts, but the contents didn’t seem to suit the compost/Bokashi
  • sliced cheese packet – may be able to be recycled with the plastic recycling at the grocery store, but seeing I wasn’t sure
  • vacuum dust – when there’s glass etc, I prefer not to compost it
  • scrubby bit from a dish sponge – it came away from the sponge
  • plastic measuring cup handle – it snapped off 🙁
  • foil lined bag – from some ‘kit’ food, can’t recall what exactly
  • baking paper too soiled for reuse
  • plastic bags from Clive Palmers election materials, and other such junk mail

Where I could improve

  • get the meat from the butcher
  • find metal measuring cups at a thrift store
  • burn that baking paper!
  • move away from kit food – I did make my own taco seasoning for Monday!
  • stop breaking light globes, so the vacium lint is all compostable!

I’m pretty happy with this tally.  I didn’t take this trash out – there’s room in that bag for another (good) week.  Progress!

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  1. Sarah, you are getting close to zero waste! I just took a bag out to the dumpster, it was so light I had no trouble tossing it up and in. But this bag was sitting here for 2 months before I carried it out. I took a good look at the trash I had and realized there was nothing wet in there (or dangerous) so I have decided to go without garbage bags from now on. I simply take out the trash any day I have some and toss it in the dumpster. So much better than adding a plastic bag to my trash. I do have a small can that would easily fit under the sink in the cabinet, during the winter I will use that and then dump the can when it needs it.

    I didn't realize you were using bokashi, how do you like it?

    1. I quite like Bokashi, though it can get a bit stinky at times. I now have some sort of microbe spray that should stablise it a bit. Now I have a big balcony, I have it out there, and empty my little benchtop container once a day.

      I use plastic bags that come in from whatever sources – either work uniform shirts or similar. I have weeks in the past where I didn't use a liner, and agreed, with no wet waste (like moisturiser) there's no problem with this. The vacuum dust means the bin needs some wiping out at times, but otherwise, it's all good. So when I'm out of plastic bags, I'll go back to this. But there's a few plasticy bags coming in – like the Australia Post satchels – practically indestructible, I think I photographed one two weeks ago from BooHoo.

      1. I had been considering trying bokashi because I heard it didn't smell and thought I could use it indoors during the winter months. I may not now that you say it smells.

        1. I think if you don't keep on top of putting the sawdust like stuff on top, it can get away from you. One batch was horrendous, but the next wasn't anywhere near as offensive – almost unnoticeable to me. I always had it indoors at the loft with no real ill effects – just seal the lid properly every time! (I'd hate to have discouraged you!)

  2. You must be relieved to be getting back to your normal routine, it's even more impressive now that there are two of you living together.

    I like the idea of a Bokashi, and am thinking of getting one (or a worm farm) when I am more settled. Are they expensive?

  3. That's fantastic for 2 of you! I must admit, I thought low-waste would become seriously difficult when you moved in with the BF. This post has really made me think about our consumption. We've only got 3 in our household and we produce massively more waste than your household of 2.

    Does the Bokashi bin handle things like pot scourings (the last bits of rice or casserole from a cooking dish?)

    1. Yep the Bokashi takes anything 'organic' – meat, bones, eggshells, even paper – but I try not to put that in, cause I feel like it might disturb the balance. And the BF does ask 'where does this go' – either the green recycling bin, the white 'trash' bin or the ice cream container on the bench for Bokashi. He doesn't love the organic stuff, but I empty it daily and it keeps the complaints minimal :p

  4. I think you're doing an amazing job, especially with your recent house move. Like Fiona this post has made me re-think our waste output. With my son being home from uni it's higher than normal, but I've become complacent!

    1. Oh it's so easy to go for the 'easy' food – the prepackaged vegies or salad. Don't worry, I have my weeks where I just let myself go in the waste department. Small changes are the easiest to maintain – things like using a reusable cup for the regular coffee trips (2-4 times a week for me), taking a reusable container to the butcher instead of grabbing the grocery store packaged stuff and just selecting the most recyclable/reusable of items when there's a choice. I'm a long way off the Queen of zero waste, but I'm on my way.

    1. I love the way you use the word 'teamwork'. There's still some habits that haven't come to the new house, so let's see how I go when I get them in place!

  5. Well done! Yea this is a huge problem of mine – I simply throw out too much stuff without really considering the consequences. I guess it's because I'm a minimalist – I hate having too much clutter around me.

    1. I certainly try to be minimalistic, but I'm not really! That being said, it's about finding the right place to 'throw away' to – thrift shops and freecycle are interested in more than I could imagine, and after that, there's recycling and rotting/composting food scraps. The easiest way is taking slow easy steps, and over time they become a new normal!

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