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My future garden

I’ve been completing longer walks to different areas in the past few months, and I’ve been very actively compiling a list of plants and trees I’d like in my future home.  Seems my green thumb from the herb garden is expanding (rapidly!).  Oh and an update on said herb garden – something’s demolished the mint, …
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My minimum standards around the house

I’ll admit, this list is a little more than minimal standards, but they are the things that are often left to languish, rather than being done, even though most are quick and easy. Pulling up the bed: I just need a flat clear space, I don’t need it neatly tucked in, just tidy Washing up …
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House tour – living, dining, kitchen & balcony

Right before heading to Vietnam, I cleaned the house from top to toe.  And then I felt ready to photograph it for everyone.  I do clean it other times, like for our housewarming, but I forgot to get photos!  All the photos were taken on my phone, so the quality isn’t ideal, but that’s life …
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House tour – master bedroom

Here’s a photo rich post I’ve been meaning to share since we moved in!  Welcome to our master bedroom: Just wait til I share the photos of the master suites we’re staying in! We’ll be back Monday afternoon, and I’ll read all your comments then.

Book storage

After reading about how Extra Organised stores her books, I thought I’d take a chance to review my books and where they are stored around our new house.  (By the way readers, help me remember to use OUR not MY… I need to share, and using sharing pronouns! I have to get out of the bad …
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Entryway reveal

Well, I’ve finally got my stuff together, and I’m ready to show off a full snippet of my new place (code name Cohab’ Central). Here we go! So there begins the tour of the new house.  To compare it to my last place? There you have it!

House Inventory

Inspired again, by An Exacting Life, I decided I should do a house inventory.  Over a few months, I’ve share a number of posts, and this is the post that links them all together in one place. What also prompted me to do this fiddly task was the fact that  when my contents insurance came …
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How well do dishwasher tablets work?

So, I’m not sure if I mentioned that I wasn’t really a dishwasher user when I lived alone.  With only 6 bowls etc, I’d never have enough dirty at once to run it.  I was always running out of  utensils and crockery before it the dishwasher was full and deserved being run.  And I always …
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Free furniture & appliances

I know that not everyone earns the same amount as me.  And I’m sure some of my money decisions (like $300 shoes and business class airfares (once)) shock people.  But then I can be frugal and cheap like the rest of them.  Here’s what I have in my house that was free. That’s not even …
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Packed and then the empty loft

I took some photos as a ‘memories’ of the packing and moving process. This is probably the last I’ll share of the old house (at least the last of photos you’ve never seen before).  I’ll also review my ‘tips‘ (they’ll be the dot points scattered throughout) Boxes stacked in piles, ready to be rolled out. …
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