If I was to relocate overseas…

I drafted this post a long time ago, maybe 2015 or 2016, but it was even more interesting to re-read given my flatmate moved internationally to live back in Australia.  And his boxes have arrived! So I can report on his decisions below in italics in 2017!

So, work’s restructuring.  I feel confident.  I have to feel confident, I have to lead 60 people through it.  But I legitimately free OK.

The BF’s work (see how old this is?)is making HUGE changes, which could see opportunities internationally.  We could possibly move internationally.

Even if the above is only a dream… people do move house!

If we move far, we would not pack
– almost anything electrical (TV, VCR/DVD, fridge, washing machine, desktop computer, blender, iron, toaster, kettle, food processer) flatmate seems to have sent a computer screen, cables and cords, a modem (how he thought he could wait months for that!)
– second hand/Ikea furniture (dining chairs and table, occasional chairs, IKEA bed frames, buffet, kitchen trolley, coffee table, outdoor chairs and table) yep, he brought no furniture
– linens (towels, sheets, donna covers, cushions) again, all supplied by me in the initial months
– cheaper ‘art’: second hand canvas photo prints (3)! again, none.
– decorator items like birdcages, Astroturf rabbit, ornamental Easter eggs well… no, but.. there has been about 30 tchokees arrive and be put out on a common area.  They are travel souvenirs..

We would take with us
– clothing of all seasons, location dependent flatmate seemed to have sent many clothing items on the slow boat!
– personal electronics like laptops, tablets and phones; toothbrush and hair dryer obviously!

We would store!?
– sentimental items like photo albums and journals and art
– the couches – I love them. They were bought new. They will not sell well. It took me a long time to find the ‘right’ sofa. My parents stored theirs for three years and only just replaced them (stored from 1995-1998)
– cushion covers if I love them – this one totally surprises me!  What WAS I thinking?
– books – I don’t have many, what I do have, is because I WANT to keep them, but with a clear limit (ie one tea chest sized box)

Things I have NO idea about
– cutlery and crockery – they’d last time, but they are heavy so there’d be little point in taking them he’s not shipped either, but… done well to break some glasses and crockery – special skills, cause I can’t recall the last time I smashed something!
– kitchen gadgetry from pots to pans to utensils – which is similar to the above so, the flatmate has bought some things of his preference (cast iron pans) as little things like silicone rings for eggs and oversized ice cube trays.  His choices usually puzzle me!  He’d packed to ship items like a knife sharpener, and got impatient and re-bought one.
– lamps – I LOVE some of them. But again, HEAVY! And electrical, life can be unkind to them when they are out of use Flatmate loves that we have lamps (well… uses them) but thinks one is a little too bright…  Didn’t see the rush to buy a dimmer globe when it blew, so I’m ignoring his feedback :p

What this made me realise? Buying cheaper furniture that I like, whether Ikea or second hand, makes me less invested in keeping it if life changes. That being said, I’m happy with it. I don’t want to upgrade it.

What I’d declutter, but it’s not mine

This is a light hearted post.

There’s a number of items in our home that I think are RIPE for selling or ‘sending to heaven’ (our household code for decluttering and often to whichever avenue I deem best).  That being said, they are not mine to decide upon.  So I let them continue to gather dust.

Here’s the photo essay:

I think this is a graphics card... or possibly a dust collector?
I think this is a graphics card… or possibly a dust collector?

Samsung tablet with keyboard, gather dust quite literally!  Since a iPad mini was won, this has been retired.
Samsung tablet with keyboard, gather dust quite literally! Since a iPad mini was won, this has been retired.

Not only is the printer int the cupboard, it has no driver to work on our computers.  Oh and it's actually the BF's old flatmates!?
Not only is the printer int the cupboard, it has no driver to work on our computers. Oh and it’s actually the BF’s old flatmates!?

The BF's recently retired iPhone.  Due to it's smashed screen, I wasn't keen to inherit it (like his iPhone 4 which finally met it death after 5 years!)
The BF’s recently retired iPhone. Due to it’s smashed screen, I wasn’t keen to inherit it (like his iPhone 4 which finally met it death after 5 years!)

Every house needs two vacuums right?  The Dyson is my choice, but the cleaner did say that neither are currently working the best due to blocked filters, so she must have tried this one too!
Every house needs two vacuums right? The Dyson is my choice, but the cleaner did say that neither are currently working the best due to blocked filters, so she must have tried this one too!

Simply - two mops.  Oh but why?
Simply – two mops. Oh but why?

These shoes are *cough* not my favourite, so the BF stopped wearing them.  But they lurk... They have no suitable replacement either
These shoes are *cough* not my favourite, so the BF stopped wearing them. But they lurk… They have no suitable replacement either

The BF has cool blue and lime runners, but these are kept 'Just In Case'
The BF has cool blue and lime runners, but these are kept ‘Just In Case’

It’s really not that many things, but I keep my hand off! Actually, I did ask about all the electronic things last weekend when the council did it’s biannual ‘E-waste’ day. All I ended up taking was obsolete cables, those approved for disposal 😉

Is there something you’d like to declutter from your home, but it’s not yours to decide?

Lessening the hoard of boxes

Lucinda recently set herself all sorts of rules to thin out her growing box collection. Taking her sterling lead, I decided I’d do the same:

The cupboard before
The cupboard before

I then went and got rid of anything too small I couldn’t see myself reusing it, or useless show box lids (their bottom halves being in use already), and wine boxes.  There are plenty more where the wine is, should i need them.  This is what I parted with:

To the recycling bin
To the recycling bin

And this is how I left the cupboard, just a little more organised:

After the cull
After the cull

Cosmetic, toliteries and places I could declutter more

Some may recall a time when I was a prolific blogger.  A single-don.  I blogged about what was in my bathroom drawers.  Naturally, it was a titillating post that took the internet by storm.  A few years later. In my local readership of blogs, being An Exacting Life and Declutterer.  So you know, worldwide sensation.

I have returned to share with the shared (but mainly my stuff) contents of the bathroom cupboards, drawers and surrounds.

Bath surrounds

Daily use
Daily use


SO we have
– 2 shampoo bottles (BF not good as ‘using the last of’ apple shampoo)
– 2 solid shampoo bars
– 1 conditioner
– 2 face washes (Cetaphil) – one inverted so it’s almost dead
– 1 make up remover
– 2 body washes (L’Occitane Rose and Body Shop Camomile)
– 2 razors

Pretty much the sum of my frustration – so many ‘two of’ items.  The two shampoo bars?  I thought the red one was aggravating my psorasis, plus it smelt like ‘burnt trees’ to the BF (tar based).  So both are used interchangabley, though the preferred one is a little too damp atm and therefore more ‘soupy’ than bar.  And I’m using ‘the last little bit’ of the bottle shampoo that the BF  John West rejects (…makes John West the best, and Sarah frustrated!!)

2 face washes – it’s the Mary Poppins of face washes I tell way. The make up remover is circa 2007 or 2008 and a few pumps from retirement.  Given I use it once a fortnight or less, you can see it’s life is long.

Body wash – once it was a gift from a non-bath having friend (alas, I use it as a body wash).  We loved the regifted bottle, I’ve bought it since DESPITE the Rose body wash living strong – it’s on it’s last legs and needs water to dilute the thick sludge due to evaporation.  It is effective for countering water polo smell though!

Two razors – BOTH blunt.  The man handled one has more blades, and I’m opting that way, pink tax and all.  But I don’t want to trash the other handle either, so there it’s stayed.

Well that’s a post in itself.  Now for all the storage!

Most used items
Most used items

Left to right

Hair box containing errant make up, cotton bud box (to refill canister), spray wash off bronzer

Hair dryer, head band, errant pendant and ring, chunky gold necklace, errant blush

Empty ‘extra razor’  tray, open coconut oil (better at eye make up removal), mug with eye liners and mascaras and a whiteboard marker for marking weigh in weights on the mirror

Ice cube tray of earrings (including some without a pair), foot balm at the front, and a ‘keyboard cleaning brush’ stashed in the bathroom for vent cleaning

Seldom used items
Seldom used items

This is the lesser used drawer generally though the bottom right hand side gets worked out as our medicine cupboard.

Across the top (back) of the drawer there is

– zip lock bag with two sunscreens and Moov natural insect repellent for tropical/summery holidays
– strapping tape
– loo roll in ‘easy to reach’ location
– Old El Paso jar with solid deodorant circa… 2009? maybe earlier?
– hand wash refill (inverted)
– band aids
– leave in conditioner
– make up palette circa teenage years from Grandma?

The make up palette hides more! The less often touched items:

the lesser touched
the lesser touched

Inside the travel stuff box we have

Grab and go
Grab and go

Designed to ‘grab and go’
– ballet case: mini shampoo, mini conditioner, mini face wash, mini spray (eww) deo, toothbrush, toothpaste… etc?
– back left: travel slippers (great on planes!)
– back right: travel pillow with ear mask and ear plugs
Also in the box is a Brisbane travel card, a map of Paris metro and a watch I wear on long haul flights only.

And lastly, the two mirrored cabinets:

Bigger shared cupboard
Bigger shared cupboard

Top shelf = boy stuff
Middle shelf:
– 2 perfumes
– 2 foundations
– 1 deodorant
– cotton buds
– face moisturiser
– tooth floss picks (for the BF


Bottom shelf:
– 2 toothpastes (one is sensodyne)
– plate for teeth grinding
– floss
– my vitamins


Skinny seldom used cupboard
Skinny seldom used cupboard

Girls stuff and a yoghurt container of nail polisher remover etc.

Mainly, I’m overwhelmed.  There’s just too much, but I don’t want to throws things out.  Using it up seems to take milleniums!  So many ‘two of’.  I can count on the same fingers I seldom paint, how many times I’ve painted my nails… It’s almost MORE important to have remover to me, than to have the polish!  And the ‘girl products’ – I’ve gone green there, and this is no place for ‘just in case’ (a handbag or work would be!)

Le sigh – suggestions given a shelter or work aren’t viable (I can’t find a shelter and man based workplace)?

And more decluttering

Hot on the heels of the big bag of clothes decluttered, and aware I was a few items shy on my in/out count on clothing, I tossed out

  • striped leggings I bought cause they looked cool on someone else in the gym class.  I didn’t try them on in store, and they were itchy as all get out, so much so, I turned them inside out once I got to the gym the one time I wore them.  Best let them stay ‘new’ and let someone else love them!
  • a pencil skirt.  I have more than a gal needs (when said gal wears pants 95% of her days).  This one zipped up, and the waist band was cut the wrong way, so it was always tight around the waist, rather than stretchy. And it was a little shorter, and therefore a touch less decent. It was always the one I passed over.
  • blue t shirt.  I liked the brand (Country Road) and the natural materials it was made out of.  But size S is not S for Sarah! It just wasn’t comfy cause it was too small.  Thankfully I bought it second hand, so I feel less waste-y at least on money!
  • 2.5 puzzles.  Well two puzzles were substantial (500 and 750 pieces), but the second was postcard size…
  • pack of playing cards – oh what a con! When we were in New Caledonia, we needed sunscreen but there was a minimum for paying card.  I tried to reason to pay the amount up to the minimum, but as a good salesperson, she insisted on finding something.  The cards were cheap, and pretty, and the BF suggested I gift them to someone.  Little too late now!
  • lamp – bought for $5 at a thrift store, and it was plasticy and from IKEA.  It was a good stop gap til a lovely brother bought me a glass and metal IKEA lamp that I loved
  • earrings and a necklace – the ones I always passed over for something else.  The earrings clanged, and are big and dangly, which BF doesn’t like.  I like dangly, but these were the weakest link in the collection.  The necklace just didn’t ever scream ‘wear me’ – perhaps it will to someone else?

What’s left?  Well

  • I have some fitbit accessories to offload since I lost the fitbit in the surf on the weekend.  Someone wants them on freecycle, but I may have missed them whilst I was at Ash Wednesday, and the facebook contact I had wouldn’t work?!
  • I have some map books/UBDs that someone on Freecycle were asking for
  • baby powder – we have two, make that THREE bottles!?  I’m not sure who or how to off load this.  One lives in the bathroom cupboard for the boy, the other in my waterpolo bag for swimming caps (which, no, I never use even now it’s better situated to the one use I have for it).
  • someone ‘wanted’ pillow stuffing on freecycle, and I have lumpy pillows after washing them.  Hopefully they’re keen and will come and pick up!

I really am feeling the rush of getting rid of stuff, I hope I can find more stuff to GO!

Suggestions on baby powder offloading?  How has your decluttering been going?

Clothes shopping 2013

In the same vein as EcoCatLady, AnExactingLife and Minhus, I thought I would round up my clothes shopping for the year. I keep all my receipts (I think, I hope).  And I have posted some of the recent purchases in October here and here, for those who like pretty photos.  Here’s what I bought:

Seven (!) pairs of knickers from Target – $56

Two Target bras (beige & white) – $8
Woven skinny black belt – $12 (already died :()
Lace front cream Jeanswest top – $30
Very short Dotti navy dress – great for dates – $60
Church dress, all my favourite colours (Paul Dane) – $50

Paul Dane dress
Paul Dane dress

Camper Sinousa shoes (posted about it here) – $310 (to think I found their outlet in Nov!)

Running top in pale blue fro Lorna Jane – $76
Nude Target pantyhose x 2 – $20

Two tops from Temt $12

First pair of Jeanswest skinny jeans, dark wash – $90
Boohoo Sexy dress for date nights – $40

Asics running shoes – $160 (yay for the outlet! This is cheap for Australia)

Gold pave earrings – $8

Sexy lace teal bra – $20
Pale pink bra – $30
Cream & white Sportcraft cotton knit top – $60
White short sleeved Sportscraft button up top – $108
Blue 3/4 sleeved Sportscraft button up top – $117
These five items in this post

Banana Republic stuff – dress, and four tops – $308.50

Random other purchases, mainly second hand, that I didn’t keep good records of

Mavi skinny low rise jeans
Mavi skinny low rise jeans

Red Cross op shop blue skinny jeans – $25
Black handbag from op shop – $15?
Brown woven handbag from op shop – $10?

Weirdly, I feel like, except for October, I didn’t really do much/any clothes shopping. But clearly, I spent $1,625 on 36 items, which segments like this:

  • 4 accessories (2 bags, 1 pair of earring & a belt),
  • 13 underwear items (7 knickers, 4 bras & 2 pairs of stockings)
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 4 dresses
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 10 tops

I’m on par with what Dar at An Exacting Life spent.  I spend a little more than the ‘average’ American, but end up with far less items 68 items that Elizabeth Cline sites in her book Overdressed.

This is better than other years, I have stats from 2009 & 2010.  I spent $2560 in 2010  (44 items) and $1660 in 2009 (guesstimate 32 items).  But last year I spent $1100 mainly in Dubai and France on 29 items.  I’m not sure what happened to records of 2011!?

Overall, I’m up a net 9 items, largely in the ‘tops’ department, as I didn’t get rid of many.

Decluttering – using it up, giving it away and selling

When I started this blog, it was after more than a year of reading www.365lessthings.com daily.  This lovely Australian blogger, Colleen writes up to six times a week to inspire people to live with less, and follow her on her journey of decluttering one thing a day.  I’m not even sure how I found her site, but I enjoy the community feel.  I was sure that my blog would have a stack of decluttering posts, but it seems I did a lot of the leg work before moving into the loft, and I have been in the ‘maintenance’ phase ever since.

Every now and then, maybe once a month on average, I like to list items on freecycle, and move them out the door.  I thought I’d share some of my lists I have for decluttering

Use it up

Some things aren’t really give away worthy.  You’ll see what I mean:

Three too many (ok, two really…) And why does the Macleans one taste like bubblegum when it *says* mildmint?

  • 3 tubes of toothpaste in progress
  • mini hotel shampoos
  • cotton buds with plastic tubes
  • moisturiser – 3+ are too many
  • satay sauce in a jar – I prefer to make my own, and it’ll spoil soon enough
  • pesto in a jar – I might ask the BF to handle this, I really don’t like pesto
  • frozen spinach – from the Bf’s to the loft to cohab central, that’s silly!

Sauces to go

Give Away

  • Ikea chair cover – I bought one to see if it’d fit my non Ikea chairs
  • two hats – from my bald preparation days.  I need as many as I expected when I shaved my head
  • old stained smelly pillor – hopefully for an animal shelter?


  • microwave from the loft
  • Caring for Cut Flowers – a beautiful reference from my floristry course, but not in use now

Not my domain

  • extra vacuum – I want to keep my Dyson and move the BF’s on.  He disagrees.  I vacuum
  • extra washing machine – mine fit in the space, his has been faulty.  Hardly far to sell to someone, but no use in the garage!
  • extra hand beater – we only bought the BF one so he could have cheesecakes made for him at his house!  I do actually prefer his though, it allows either beater in either hole, way easier!

The hardest thing to ‘declutter’ are things that are unloved, but not really likely to be wanted by anyone else.  Like the pillows – that’s clutching at straws.  Or socks that have lost their elasticity.  I must look into textile recycling in Australia!

Oh, Sunday is my first run in a competition! I’m running the Bridge in a 9km race (my brother is showing me up and doing the half marathon).  I’ll report back how it goes – the last run was two weeks ago at 6kms and since then I’ve been sick, so it could get interesting!


  1. Date night tonight – we’re going out for dinner, which I just LOVE (for those who don’t know :p)
  2. Got my head around a complex work job – it’s hard to find the right time to switch off power with residence, bakery, resturants, doctors etc, but I’ve resolved it (Sunday afternoon)
  3. Lunch out with a colleague saving me from my ‘scratch’ lunch
  4. Cakes at work (to farewell the cake lover who goes on 4 weeks holiday)
  5. Budget *just* balanced between all my rego/service bills on the scooter (which never sold) and the usual
  6. I’ve completed and sent all 16 x 500+ word career episode reports to my external mentor, and checked in with my in house verifier!  I will be a certified engineer once I submit, verify and get assessed
  7. My brother saved me a trip to pick up my running bib etc, and collected mine with his!

Australian readers, do you know where I can do textile recycling?  What items are lingering in your home that need to move on?  What are you trying to ‘use up’?

Book inventory

I love blogging! I drafted this post, and then I thought, ‘it’s a little disjointed’, ‘why this book isn’t with that book?’.  So after completely reorganising my books, hopefully now they are stored in a way that makes sense to you – it certainly makes more sense to me!  Oh and I decluttered two books that I wasn’t entirely proud to have listed :p

Firstly, books are largely hidden in my home, after spending a time in a room with a wall lined in books. I just find the visual too cluttery. So here’s what’s on show in my home:

Beside the radio

Radio - with CD players and a retro tape deck!
Radio – with CD players and a retro tape deck!

In the same shelves, above the radio

Ring binders
All my paper filing is in these two binders

And on the bed ledge

These are the ‘plan to read’ books.

These books have been there for at least 1 year.  Maybe they'll never get read?
These books have been there for at least 1 year. Maybe they’ll never get read?

  1. Israel is Real, Rich Cohen
  2. Each peach pear plum
  3. An intelligent life
  4. Holocaust sites of Europe

And here’s what’s hidden behind closed doors


Some French novels, and some texts.  Even a 'how to get a job in 12 steps'
Some French novels, and some texts. Even a ‘how to get a job in 12 steps’

French Books (in French or about France)

  1. 12 steps to find a job
  2. The game master (Le maitre du jeu)
  3. Objectif Paris
  4. If it is a man (Si C’est un homme)
  5. Bonjour Tristess
  6. Bonjour tristesse
  7. Improve your French

Books that don't fit the other categories!
Books that don’t fit the other categories!


  1. Poland <- a gift from a Polish friend when I studied in France
  2. The Bronze Horseman <- from an Aussie friend who visited Russia.  I read Paulina Simons ‘The Bronze Horseman’ and so I asked for the original poetry.  But I can’t read cryllic!

Other books

  1. Honeymoon with my brother – Franz Wiesner
  2. The Christmas Mystery – Jostein Garder
  3. Plan B – L.R. Brown <- all about alternative ways in life.  Like no flush toliets, and Chinese meat consumption and global warming

The Back Row

To the left, there's mainly holocaust books, to the right there's spirituality/mental health
To the left, there’s mainly holocaust books, to the right there’s spirituality/mental health

The book end to the back row - all holocaust themed
The book end to the back row – all holocaust themed

Holocaust Books

  1. The holocaust odyssey of Daniel Bennahmias, Sonderkommando
  2. Night, E. Wiesel
  3. Eyewitness Aushwitz, F. Muller
  4. Among the righteous, R. Satloff
  5. Ester and Ruzya – Masha Gessen, Masha Gessen
  6. The Seamstress – a memoir of survival, S. T. Bernstein, L.L. Thornton & M. Berstein Samuels

To the left, there's mainly holocaust books, to the right there's spirituality/mental health
To the left, there’s mainly holocaust books, to the right there’s spirituality/mental health

Holocaust Books

  1. Parrallel Lines
  2. Hiding Edith
  3. Mosaic
  4. The Messanger
  5. Auschwitz, Auschwitz, How can I forget you
  6. Human Smoke
  7. Safe Passage – Ida Cook
  8. American Heroine in the French Resistance

Spirituality/Mental health

  1. Mister God, this is Anna
  2. Affluenza
  3. Growing to Maturity
  4. Finding happiness
  5. The mindful way through depression
  6. The invitation

Linen/pantry closet

The top left hand shelf on my pantry/linen closet hybrid holds all these binders and books.  There's 3 travel journals, two stamp collecting binders and all sorts of university and floristry course notes
The top left hand shelf on my pantry/linen closet hybrid holds all these binders and books. There’s 3 travel journals, two stamp collecting binders and all sorts of university and floristry course notes

  1. Striped book – Inspirations book from 2006
  2. Spiral bound black book – more inspirations
  3. Photo album from high school
  4. Blue display book (empty)
  5. First travel journal from 2006
  6. Second travel journal from 2006
  7. Third travel journal from 2007 onwards
  8. Plastic case of brochures for future employers etc
  9. Binder of bank statements from France – 2006 onwards
  10. Empty binder
  11. Stamp collection (Australian)
  12. Stamp collection (foreign)
  13. Binder of floristry assignments and remaining notes

These are the more readily used books, living in the linen closet too
These are the more readily used books, living in the linen closet too

  1. Tax envelope for this year’s receipts
  2. Receipts of clothing spending, electrical items, scooter related costs
  3. Writing paper and envelopes
  4. Lists book
  5. Atlas
  6. The Sweet Poison Quit plan
  7. Humourous check list
  8. Journal from 2011-12 (with lists to move house etc)
  9. Emergency

There you go, I think that’s about all of the permanent resident books in my house. There’s a constant cycle of library books, of course.  I pretty much won’t buy a published book now days – between the library, my mother’s house (which feels like a library) and my uncle owning a book store, I have an endless source, it would seem!  I will only buy 2nd hand books when I am heading overseas, and leave them there.  How do you think I did?  Minimal?

What’s in your (bathroom) drawers?

Do people have the British sense of humour in my title.  Oh well, if not, I’ll just amuse myself with my dad jokes at the ripe age of 28 (and being a female!)

Here’s another look into what I have.  I’m not sure why I am so fixated on tracking and documenting everything, but I just can’t help myself – I hope you enjoy the sticky beak as much as I love preparing these posts, and then having them all there, on display!

In my bathroom, I have that lovely cabinet you’ve seen before, when I re-papered the back of it.

Over sink bathroom cabinet
Over sink bathroom cabinet

Well, in addition to that, I have a four shelf and four drawer skinny little cabinet (which came from Howard’s Storage if you’re an Aussie and you’re wondering).  I think it was a kind partial gift from a friend one year – meaning it cost me half as much!

The shelves of my bathroom storage - mainly for jewellery!
The shelves of my bathroom storage – mainly for jewellery!

Shall we dive in and see what I have where?

Top drawer

This is the drawer for hair accessories.  Back in the day, I had long hair that I always wore up.  Needless to say, since I shaved it, this drawer sees very little action.  But that’s ok, the hair is growing and one day Rapunzel will be jealous!

Before: Top Drawer
Before: Top Drawer

Second drawer

Not every day do I need ‘one night only’ fake tan.  Or the palette of eye shadows etc that Grandma gave me (I’m not sure I’d ever have bought a palette, but it sure is useful every once in a while!).  There’s even a stray nail polish in there – the others live in the sewing box near the sofa – which is where I’m most likely to paint my nails.  Which is… well close to never prior to the bf!

Lesser used make up
Lesser used make up

Third Drawer

If you’re ill, this is where you should start (if you don’t find it in my handbag!).  I regularly check this drawer and dispose of anything out of date.

The drug stash
The drug stash

Fourth Drawer

I like to keep mini bottles here, as well as a packing list (which is a pre-printed pad.  A little bit of an impulse buy but a helpful reminder).  The wrist watch hangs here too, as I only ever use it on long haul flights when my phone should be off.  Extra eye masks used to live here, til I freecycled the surplus.  I am hardly going to need 5 or 6, now am I?

Travel stuff: little bags and bottles and my wrist watch (seeing I only use it travelling)
Travel stuff: little bags and bottles and my wrist watch (seeing I only use it travelling)

What do you think?  Room to thin out my supplies more?  A few sneaky plastics in there, which you all know I’m not the biggest fan of in my quest for zero waste!

One buffet, so many uses!

At the front door, I have a buffet with three drawers, and a cupboard with two shelves on either side.  It is the key to organisation in my house!  Shall we have a look what’s inside?

Top drawer

This drawer holds: church collection envelopes, my name tag, a small folding fan.  In winter it also holds gloves and delicate scarves.  It holds my ‘keep cup‘ (best business model ever – I don’t know anyone who works for a big company who hasn’t been ‘gifted’ one!).  A few pens.  My journal/notebook, some little post it notes.  I stash out of circulation keys too (like work car keys on weekends, or my shared car’s keys when it’s at it’s other home).

Before: Top Drawer
Before: Top Drawer

Top Drawer After
After: Top Drawer

Middle drawer
This is where I keep all my socks and hosiery – right opposite the shoes. It just seemed sensible and I haven’t yet thought of a reason why I wouldn’t want my socks here!

After: Middle drawer
After: Middle drawer

Bottom drawer

In an apartment, sometimes there is no ‘back shed’ or ‘basement’.  And I like to have things on hand for a quick fix etc.  So I store close to all my hardware needs in this one drawer.  Only some grouting and caulking tools live in my car space tool box.

Before: Bottom drawer
Before: Bottom drawer

After: Bottom Drawer (the Toblerone is 'hiding' (from me) during Lent
After: Bottom Drawer (the Toblerone is ‘hiding’ (from me) during Lent