Tomorrow is new job day!

Things I’m looking forward to

  • meeting new people
  • learning a whole new industry
  • feel my work is emotionally meaningful

What I’m a little apprehensive about

  • wearing a uniform again! Will it look good? Will it suit me?
  • tiredness – being unemployed has allowed me to slow down when I need to. Eight hour of work doesn’t provide as much flexibility
  • thinking I’ll be emotionally resilient – and finding I’m not!

Going into this, I’m trying to consider some strategies. Here’s what I’ve come up with

  • death is a natural part of life – even if it’s too soon or impossible to consider life without someone
  • pain and suffering ends for the person when they die, and transfers to other people. Keeping that the person is at peace is going to be helpful.
  • it’s an event – a big and important event – like a wedding. People have high expectations. And likely a sense of being ‘ripped off’. Keep those competing ideas in mind.

Let’s see how it goes!

4 Replies to “Tomorrow is new job day!”

  1. Oh, that’s fantastic news, Sarah! We went through the unexpected death of my father-in-law in April (and I work with funeral homes regularly to publish obituaries in the newspaper). The staff at our funeral home was so helpful and supportive and just … there aren’t any words to adequately describe how much they helped us. And our events were freaking huge because everyone knew my FIL. You will be providing such a service and such a help to people — I’m sure not everyone will be grateful and there will be some who feel ripped off (get that on my end of things with the obits even), but eh, there are those who NEVER are satisfied no matter what so whatever. And you hit it on the head — the pain ends for the person who has passed and it is ALL on the family now. That person is at peace. Everyone else is trying to get there. And has different coping methods.

    Anyway, good luck, although you won’t need it. I’m excited for updates! You’ll do great!

    1. I’m glad you had a really positive experience with a funeral company. A bad experience can take a long time for a particular company to recover from! I welcome you to propose some questions, and that way I can share about the industry in a way that works for my readers.

  2. Such a succinct and perfect summary. A goid funeral director service is such a godsend at the worst time in people’s lives. And a huge event; one of the few grand and solemn occasions in life. You’ll be such an amazing fit to do great things in that role.

    1. I need to work on being more solemn! My role is more behind the scenes, and managing the men (very traditional company I am with) attend the funerals. The business model separates those who arrange the funerals and meet the families, from those who run the logistics of the day (including drivers etc.

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