June challenge: track eating out costs

I’ve mentioned more than once (here and here), that I’m sure my eating out costs are higher than my monthly grocery spend.  It’s the only way I can explain how I spend so little on groceries and I haven’t starved 😉  Actually regular readers would know, every month I set a goal to cook at home two nights a week.  I usually meet this (and I don’t count the ‘cooking at the bf’s’ in that either!)

Whilst thinking of a challenge I considered ‘no eating out’ in June.  It was doomed from the start, with a night away at the Gold Coast.  So I decided I would track it first, and then next month, work on a ‘no eating out’ challenge.

Now I want one! I love a great pepperoni pizza! source:kingstonhouseofpizza.com
Now I want one! I love a great pepperoni pizza!

So, to start with, this is normal programming, complete with a mini break in there.  We seem to have one mini break out of town every month at the moment – between weddings, work and ‘why not’s.  Let’s hope this week is an outlier in the month (though if every week truly is like this, imagine how much I’ll have saved at the end of July’s challenge?).

Here’s the ‘rules’

  1. I track the total meal and drinks cost (coffees, cocktails etc).  This includes whomever I eat with, usually the bf
  2. I proportion what amount of that is mine (not exactly, but just a rough 50/50 or 30/70).  This is helpful when I eat in a big group (ie with my family) and whilst I don’t/didn’t pay, work out what it might have cost me in real terms.
  3. The BF is aware of the tracking, but neither of us are changing our behaviour just yet.  Basically, business as usual

Week 1 – hold onto your hat’s frugalistas…

9.3% of my (weekly) take home salary covered my own meals out, so far.  Actually, that’s ignoring my family night out, where dad paid.  If I’d paid my way, I’d have spent 12.7%  And if I paid for everything we eaten out as a couple, it’d have been 13.8%.  Oh and don’t you worry about fairness, there’s been hotel costs & cabs in this same week and I’ve paid nothing for those.

Now, let’s hope for a calmer few weeks, and a nicer end of month check in…

For a random aside, as I can’t contain my jubilation!

My current career inspiration source:http://www.generalhonore.com/index.html
My current career inspiration

Career Goals Update

I’ve now met with my internal mentor (got tongues waging in my office, seeing me meeting one on one with a big cheese!).  He was a dynamo and I’m sure it’s going to be a great match.  As a result of both mentors, I’ve had a flurry of activity, including applying for RedR to be on their disaster register. Lucky I got on this promptly, as applications close tomorrow!  Next step will be a phone interview – so close those fingers everyone!  I also asked my manager to review my skills and help me identify some learning opportunities for me, to make the most of my current role whilst we ride out the storm of no jobs and uncertainty in our company.  And I’ve sent three of my less than ideal career episode reports to my external mentor.  Hopefully our next meeting will bring some insights on how I can strengthen those.  I’m walking with a spring in my step, and radiating sunshine with all these little steps toward the career I want!

Thanks readers, you’re really helping me keep accountable and make sure I achieve my goals.

9 Replies to “June challenge: track eating out costs”

  1. I like your plan for dining-out tracking. I can never quite decide how to track meals out because I pay for some for myself, and some for spouse and self; he does the same, and once in a while I'll have a meal paid for me (parents, work, etc.) I suppose I would have to decide – do I want to cut back on the cost of meals out, or the number of meals out, which are not always related!

    It sounds like your career ramp-up is doing great!

    1. It is tricky but it'll be good to work out even a rough figure I'm saving next month! It's always a bonus when a meal costs you nothing though!

      Looking forward to the next stage of my career – I get excited by change!

  2. That is great about the big cheese mentor and wow – RedR! I dream about doing sonething like that but it can't happen now while we have a young child (do it while you can!!)

    Love the eating out tracking plan…ahem, our eating out cost for the start of June has been less than exemplary!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Kids are a little while off so it is a great time – with enough experience to be useful!

      I'm reassured I'm not the only one with poor eating out habits this month!

  3. No idea what RedR is, will have to go and look that up, but I do love it when you get around to doing something you've been planning/half-thinking about for ages and you finally look into if for no particular reason and manage to get in just before a deadline. Really gives you a feeling of "it was meant to be".

    1. It certainly does feel serendipitous! RedR is disaster recovery corps, so I'd use my career skills to help get places back on their feet

  4. Good luck with tracking your eating out costs – I'm not sure I could go a month without eating out since it would mean giving up social outings (or at least not eating anything).

    The RedR thing sounds great as well. Good luck with it all 🙂

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