Joy in the little things

Today, my training course meant I got home earlier than usual.

Lucky – the BF needed a shirt for a fancy work dinner (he’d worn a T shirt to work, like all cutting edge tech workers). After a little bit of a internal debate between walking, busing, driving or scooter-ing, I went for scootering.

I packed up library books to return, and three button down shirt options and off I went.

Scooting is great – with good skills, you can watch the traffic and change lanes as taxis inevitably stop every 50m! You can see a truck reversing into a driveway 100m ahead and change lanes to skip past the line of traffic and get back into the lane past him. You can SMELL life, the city, stores even! Someone was making a mean BBQ. You can see people.

I easily got to the BF’s office, and nabbed a park and nipped in. Then I jumped back on to get closer to my two errands: buying another iPhone charging cable and a pair of leggings from Lululemon. Getting another legal park took a few laps, with one way streets and lots of clearways (for vans, station wagons and utes only). Eventually, I found a tiny unsigned spot for bikes – it’s where the monorail pylons used to be. It’s a legacy parking space for motorcycles that the City of Sydney has let continue 😀

The Apple store was (predictably) packed. I enjoyed the sleek all glass stairs to the second floor, where I found the cable I needed hanging just out of reach. I got a novel out of my handbag and made it an extension of my hand, and flicked the one boxed cable I needed off it’s spindle. Success! (I was disappointed the black clad security guard has missed what was likely the most amusing thing he’d see that hour). I then found a grey clad employee, paid on their nifty phone, got an emailed reciept and popped the cable in my handbag (and wondering… if I’d skipped the first three steps and given jumping/book-arm-go-go-gadgeting hadn’t attracted the security staff, if putting it in my bag would have attracted their glance)

From there, I headed to Lululemon. Recently, I decided I shouldn’t persist with two pairs of cropped leggings I owned. One pair is getting worn thing, and I’m not sure destitute that the world needs to see my knickers nor my bare flesh. The navy pair seldom stayed hitched to hip height. Both were a cotton-y blend, and when running, don’t cut it. Why keep these two things that spark no joy, and often limited utility? To the bin/op shop. Lululemon sells the promise of perky butts and streamlined legs. And they do cool detailing in mesh. Alas, despite a cavalcade of perky ladies and pairs, I decided none offered the trifecta: cute butt, nice legs & mesh. I rejoiced that I hadn’t broken my ‘no new clothes’ pact for a second time this year with Lululemon.

With the evening ahead of me, and late night shopping, I wandered back to my sneaky scoot space via shops. I grabbed a sushi roll, and some warm caramalised cashews. Then I joined the bottleneck getting home.

There is NOTHING better than getting open road in front of you – and either side of you. Despite it being peak hour, and buses and taxis as far as the eye could see, I travelled blocks with open road. In no time, I was home.  Having planned the trip, I used the magic button to open the garage and put my scooter away, before returning our one remote to the car. Then I hung out the washing I’d put on two hours ago when I set out, and I thought, life is pretty darn awesome.

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  1. It makes me grin to think of being able to 'go with the flow' and beat Sydney traffic on the scooter – and then beat the parking issues as well. But the thought of zipping in and out, watching taxis and buses also terrifies me a little!

    It sounds like the leggings have sparked joy previously but overstayed their time. Frustrating though if you can't find a replacement before moving the old ones to retirement.

    I miss that balmy, warm Sydney air with the hint of summer! Still cold down here in Melbourne. Enjoy the lovely Sydney night!

    1. I understand the terrifying component. I tut tut at crazier motorbike riders, particularly on free ways, weaving through semis! Mine's at least all low speed.

      Definitely balmy – but I'm scared to pack away the winter gear, cause if I do, there'll for SURE be a cold snap.

  2. Love a day of beetling around. Jobs done. Money saved.

    I want a scooter like a kids one with fat wheels, not a razor on, and with an engine so I can stand upright and use the footpath.

  3. Sounds like a great day! I've been tempted by Lulu many times but haven't fallen prey yet! Haven't found anything to justify their prices, honestly. Love the description of you on your scooter! I don't have the nerve to drive one but glad to hear how quick it made your trip.

    1. Their prices are HIGH (even higher in Australia than US/Canada), but they live long – I have my first pair of leggings I bought in 2009 I think!? So, that's impressive to me at least.

      There's a LOT of nerve in a scooter/motorbike, something I can't fully explain. I freaked doing ATV riding on one holiday, but I'll scooter in my city. As I tried to explain to the boyfriend, I know the Sydney streets, and the pot holes and the crazy taxi drives. I do not know the creeks and rocks of a random track :p Is that logical?

  4. I wouldn't have the nerve to scooter around – having not been a bike rider when I was young, wheels + speed scare me (even low speed)! I have a tiny wish to try out a Segway, though!

    I haven't been to lululemon forever; I should take a look. Not that I need anything! (In real life, when I need workout wear, I go to Costco or Winners).

    1. Ah, I get the nerves!

      Lulu is great, and Canadian? I was sad I didn't find anything perfect as I was not trigger shy with the cost (which I'm sometimes more sensitive to).

  5. What a great afternoon Sarah. I once had a moped – my dad made me get rid after a bus tried to pull past me and knocked me off! I was uninjured but it was enough for him to put his foot down.

    I've never been into Lululemon – probably a good job as it might be tempting.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Laura

      My mum was forbidden from riding motorbikes with boys – justifiable, as she did break her arm on one. Never told her parents the real store of how it happened though!

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