Things I achieved in 2011

*Published in 2019, but back dated to be ‘year end’ summary*

Wow, only two or so years ago at time of writing, and I’m already thinking ‘what did I do that year?’

  • I went to the US, with a side trip to Israel
  • I met close friends from Sydney in NYC for a night or two
  • I saw Cirque de Soliel in Radio City Hall
  • I did a huge road trip all over Israel with a fantastic friend I met in Paris in 2010
  • I suffered major plane delays with Delta back to the US, so moved to El Al
  • Successfully met my NYC to Chicago connection to meet a friend from studying in France in 2006
  • Shopped my heart out in Chicago (hello Banana Republic and Victoria’s Secret)
  • Met my family in NYC, having all flew into the US at different dates/times (Mum: conference in Colarado, Brothers a few days before Dad)
  • Visiting the ‘YMCA’ in Harlem where my brothers were staying!
  • Freaking out about dogs after staying with a family in Connecticut I met on the plane from NYC to LAX in 2008
  • Visited Washington DC alone, meeting up with a friend form Paris in 2010, somehow, without a mobile phone!?
  • Continued to save my pennies for a house deposit
  • Had an offer accepted on a loft opposite Mr DIY’s rental terrace, for the building society to reject my application based on the property valuation 🙁
  • Visited endless open houses!
  • Successfully bought the loft pre auction, that settled on 22/12/2011
  • Lived at home until the day my property settled
  • Pre bought furniture, such as second hand dining chairs, the tenant’s kitchen table and buffet, and crockery
  • Tried a homeopath/natropath for psorasis

Things I achieved in 2010

*Published in 2019, but back dated to be ‘year end’ summary*

I’m not sure if it’s just me – but I TOTALLY forget what happened in what year.  So I created some posts about the recent olden days, to remind myself!  Thought it might spark a conversation.

  • Travelled to  France & Greece
  • Travelled around Greece with a friend from a conference in Paris in 2008
Greek island cruise boat and crew/cruisers
Greek island cruise boat and crew/cruisers
  • Spent a week on a yacht in the Greek Isles
Fancy university accomodation
Fancy university accomodation
  • Spent 3 week in Paris of a women in engineering conference (my second time attending)
  • Skipped the above conference for a few days to spend time near Mont St Michel with French family friends from 2006
  • Stayed in the Hilton Abu Dhabi on my layover back to Sydney
  • Graduate rotation in the Project Services section, doing countless overtime and overnight shifts
  • House sat over summer at family Friend’s home in Berowra
  • Spent most of the year recovering from a holiday romance
  • Graduate rotation at Zone Development
  • Walked to work more often than not at the above position
  • Continued with my floristry certificates through a Saturday course

Wedding bouquet Cake topper

  • Played paintball with Project Services colleagues (a Christmas gift from our boss)
  • Started acupuncture in Bondi Junction for my psorasis
  • Damaged my wrists through work and spent many hours in physio
  • Did flowers for Mum’s colleague’s daughter’s wedding
  • Visited Ayres Rock, Alice Spring and Perth in Sept/Oct
Rivers of water on the rock
Rivers of water on the rock
  • Started working at florist
  • Graduate rotation at Street Lighting & Live Line Policy and Development
  • Last minute, bought tickets to Germany for a white Christmas
Collecting decorations (it's wattle under my wing)
Collecting decorations (it’s wattle under my wing)
  • Had flights to Frankfurt redirected to Munich :s
That's a Christmas morning!
That’s a Christmas morning!
  • Visited Amsterdam over the Christmas/NY break
The postcard photo
The postcard photo
The elephant like machine was de-icing the plane. Something I'd NEVER seen.
The elephant like machine was de-icing the plane. Something I’d NEVER seen.

What a year, huh?