I’ve been hiding in the US

It feels like a long time since I blogged.

Mainly cause I’ve been exhausted.  Work takes it out of me.  I don’t like it.  And I even don’t like it when I get back from two weeks of recharging (or should that be refueling) holiday in the US.  I’ve had one day back, and I realise all too quickly everything that’s wrong with the culture due to the ongoing restructure. The pressures of work were spilling into my home too, and it’s nothing to say of the things on my BF’s mind – his work’s really ramped up too!

The city by the bay
The city by the bay

So it was nice to have two weeks away with my mother in the US.  We spent about 10 days in San Francisco and then four days in Portland, OR.  It was a lovely refreshing cool time, without much rain (but alas, SYDNEY! It’s bucketed down since I returned early on Australia Day – that walk to and from the station is less pleasurable with an umbrella!)

I ate everything that was

  • caramel flavoured
  • cinnamon flavoured
  • maple flavoured
  • cheesecake-y
  • weirdly flavoured, like honey lavendar or caramel with bacon
Voodoo donuts in Portland - maple bacon mmm
Voodoo donuts in Portland – maple bacon mmm

I’ve now rounded out to a whole number in weight, and it’s ghastly! Even more ghastly that in a handful of days I’ll be 30, and a week later, I’ll host a fabulous dinner party, complete with catering, gown, map themed decadence.  Reckon I can drop 10kg in two weeks? (I’m not serious, but I am eating healthier!)

Oh, and did I share? For Christmas, I got SURFING LESSONS – I’m sure I did.  Anyhow, I have to fit that in at some stage, I’m really looking forward to giving it a whirl once the sun is out…

I think I’ll do some grouping of my holidays photos, I’m thinking of posts

  • all the food
  • weird things about America (mainly text that one!)
  • you can buy that?
  • pretty stuff – houses mainly, but some art too
  • signs that I love, or just don’t get!
  • a selfie (almost) every day

As always, I’ve been reading y’all – I’m just useless at commenting when not on the laptop.  I’ll work on that!

12 Replies to “I’ve been hiding in the US”

  1. Welcome back and glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation 🙂 Yes, bring on the weirdness! I found aspects of California weird so I can't wait to hear what you noticed.

    1. Interestingly, I hear California and particularly sf are a lot like Sydney! Certainly seemed to be a lot of people in work out gear, a strong obsession with pets and a lot of card shops!! And a strong focus on organics too.

  2. Welcome back, Sarah! Hope you had a fantastic trip. Oh, the big 3-0! I remember that being the one 'hurdle' birthday, leaving my twenties behind. If it's any consolation, no other birthdays have really been traumatic after 3 – 0! (yet. Mum tells me 70 is scary, too.)

    I think the surfing lessons could be a fantastic antidote to work stress!

    1. Funnily enough 30 hasn't scared me as much as I thought it might. I mean, I feel pretty content in what I achieved, and whilst mum had me before 30, I'm ok with not yet being married with a baby. Otherwise, those milestones like graduating uni, buying a place and travelling have all been achieved. I think deciding to have a party (when five or six years ago I was terrified of having one) has helped me really embrace the birthday and the close friends I've invited along.

  3. Welcome back Sarah ! I'm looking forward to the holiday posts!

    I'm about to face the big 5-0 and I'm not coping too well with it!

    1. Hahaha just think 50 is better than 60! Mum turns 60 in August and is only now realising it'll happen whether she likes it or not!

      I best get onto these holiday posts – I came down with a cold on Thursday which has wiped me out. That same mother of mine is to blame, she was sick on the tall end of our trip 🙁

  4. I love cinnamon flavour. We don't do enough of it here. I think tasting all the foods is worth the weight! But I wouldn't do maple bacon, in fact nothing with bacon flavouring.

    I look forward to your travel tales.

    1. Evidently there's not enough of us cinnamon lovers in Australia to get more of things with that flavouring. A shame really, but perhaps better for both our health?

  5. I would eat all of that except the bacon stuff, too! And would like to read all of those posts! Do you think a change will come at work – it sounds like you may not want to do this permanently.

    1. A change at work is inevitable given I didn't apply for the role/location I'm acting in at the moment. Sadly the interviews were Kent to be the 28th but one of the panel was hospitalised, so things got delayed a few weeks. Grrr! Like many, we all just want the interim structure finalised which can only happen with interviews and appointments.

      Thankfully two weeks away and then holiday planning is keeping my head in a happy place instead on work.

  6. Maple bacon doughnuts?! Ew! Yuck! ; )

    Not sure if you've had your birthday yet, but if you have, happy birthday! And if you haven't, happy birthday!

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