Last minute US trip

I may have alluded to a secret in my last post.  Not that I *know* my young brother reads this blog (I know R does, but I’m not sure about S), but I was adamant to surprise my brother, S, who moved to LA in Deceber 2015.

The BF was offered a work trip in Chicago, and some possible meetings in San Francisco. Initially I was luke warm on joining him, as I have been to both cities.  But then I thought ‘why not?’.  I have the money, and the time.  But the thing that pushed me over was the possibility of surprising my brother a week after his birthday!  So, to set it up, I made sure his girlfriend kept the weekend free, which she did, though there were many a check in, so she made sure it was OK for her to work on Saturdya morning and things like that.

The actual surprise was comedic!  So… I had his address as 236 Main Street, but in actual fact, that’s the join between a huge pet store, and a huge grocery store.  Definitely no one living in that joint compound!  Alas, he was at 235 Main St, which we confirmed by the BF asked his GF what their address was as the ‘courier was asking’.  See, something Dad ordered for S’s birthday hadn’t arrived on time for his birthday, and there’d been many an email to try and sort it out between me (who’d placed the order for Dad), Dad, and the two LA dwellers!  Alas, we found the right address, and then… The inter phone or buzzer was broken?!  It seemed to play a Mexican radio station or nothing.  Or course, my brother’s girlfriend is saying to my BF ‘just get the courier to call S’!  In the end, I stepped back and from the curb, took a gamble and hollered out my brothers name to an open window.  And he appeared!

So many things went wrong, and could have continued to!  What if that wasn’t his apartment?  But it was!

We spent the weekend together, and then flew to Chicago on Monday.  I was so pleased we got a snow storm (something the BF hadn’t experienced) and it was quite intense – snow blowing practically horizontally!  But it was just one day, so that was nice.  The hotel was selected by the BF’s company, which was the Hard Rock Hotel in the old Carbon and Carbite building, which was beautifully ornate.  The rooms were a touch quirky, and it was well located to Michigan Ave, known as the ‘Magnificent Mile’ of shopping…  More on that later, for sure

We then headed back to California on Saturday, for the far more temperate San Franscisco which I was in just over a year ago.  Due to plans being very up in the air, we ended up going for an Airbnb, cause lemme tell you SF is not a cheap city, especially on a Saturday night.  So many places were sold out too!

We leave on Thursday, so some of my posts will have to wait til I get home (and I’m yet to master a way to get photos from an iPhone to a work iPad to WordPress – it might be beyond me!  Suggestions in the comments are welcomed)

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  1. What a “comedy of errors” in locating your bro! Glad it worked out! A one day snow storm sounds like enough 🙂 I hope you will post more about Chicago (and the shopping). Did you mind giving up a week of your summer to be there in the cold?

    As for photos from an iPhone or iPad to WordPress – I only managed to select one photo at a time and post it – maybe you will have better luck (or tech skills) than me!

    1. Yeah it was a funny/tired morning! Once day of snow was a perfect amount to still love it. I will be sure to do a post on my shopping, and post on Chicago – I have Fiona on my personal Facebook page, so she’s been able to see all my prolific photographs. Must remember not everyone sees those. I loved giving up two weeks of summer for two weeks of brisk cool temps – I love it!

  2. Hi Sarah! I loooved your photos on FB (albeit, a big surprise to see you suddenly posting from the USA!) What a colourful and adventurous trip. That is such a great way to catch up with your brother. I was surprised out of the blue once by a friend when we lived in Sydney and it was the greatest thing ever. Visits from home are amazing but even more so when it’s out of the blue. I really hope your brother was thrilled by it. How was the Air BnB place?

    1. He loved it – as did his girlfriend – I felt slack we were jetlagged so much of the time.

      The air BnB place was good – given everything was super expensive and/or horrible. It was in a location a bit out of the way, but with Uber and Lyft, it didn’t impact us much and there were buses. We were only two streets from a handful of restaurants, and two laundromats! So overall, a great solution.

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