Zero Waste

Struggling with zero waste? Me too!

Here’s how I’m tracking week to week (all graphs updated monthly):


The recent spikes are due to moving house at the beginning of August. I’ve done an adjusted graph taking out the two moving weeks, but weirdly the date order is swapped?:

Or the monthly totals:

Or the cumulative total:

Here’s a summary of some cool reuses of what you think trash are: Zero waste – things I learnt today

Then I got crazy, and thought I’d track things a little closely, starting slowly, but now I’m aiming for weekly:

18 February

21 March

10 April

17 April

24 April was a linen closest audit

1 May

8 May

15 May

22 May

29 May

Zero waste & coffee cups (5 June)

Why I’m not plastic free (19 June)

Zero waste & tissues (26 June)

Zero waste & grated cheese (3 July)

Zero waste & dental floss (10 July)

17 July

24 July

31 July

7 August **moving house**

14 August

21 August

Zero Waste & Meat (28 Aug)

Zero Waste & Loose Fresh Produce (4 Sept)

Zero Waste & Band Aids? (11 Sept)

Zero Waste & Corn Chips? (18 Sept)

Zero Waste & Going Out? (25 Sept)

The topics with questions marks are things I’m still struggling with (suggestions welcomed), and the others are solutions to different products and being zero waste.

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