2016 Goals

What would I like to achieve in the next year?


I will get (and stay) below 70kg.  I’m currently 78.7kg.  I plan to reward myself as a help to motivate me.  I do need to ‘plan’ around all my excuses, so perhaps that’s tomorrow’ post.  I would like to have toned upper arms and a stomach I wouldn’t mind being shown to people (ie in a bikini), and minimal cellulite.

By October, I’d been as low as 75kg. I had got into more regular Barre Tone classes, and really felt more toned in my upper arms, and upper legs.

I will only drink two nights per week.  I think this will help with losing weight – I don’t ‘love’ to drink so therefore setting an arbitrary number allows calories for things I’d prefer (like sweets!)

I feel like I have generally applied this.

We will eat vego twice a month.  I think this is healthy, and if I’m smart, the BF may not notice… we’ll see.

Twice within the last 24hours! I can’t say more broadly how well I’ve done with this.  I have found myself prepping a vego meal for my lunches from time to time.


I will visit Russia, Romania and Bosnia this July/August with my younger brother.

See all the posts (posted from August through October)

Pretty Russia

Pretty Russia via

I will go canyoning and abseiling in the Blue Mountains – a Christmas gift from the BF. Done


I will develop 3 staff to be able to do duties in the office, which gives them options in a very volatile time at work.

I really feel I need a few more goals in this space, so something to ponder.


I will catch up with two (non-local) friends per quarter. I didn’t succeed at Christmas cards in the quantity I’d hoped, so I might try to be better year round.  A skype call or an email.  Something other than radio silence!

NYE in Brisbane via

NYE in Brisbane via

I will travel to Brisbane.  Perhaps also the Gold Coast, either as a tack on, or a separate trip.

I will travel to Melbourne.

I will contact both brothers at least twice EVERY week as one is in the US and one is in the UK.


Save $40,000 in the year.

Invest a further $2000.

What do you have planned for the year ahead?  Which do you think will be the hardest one for you to achieve?

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  • What an exciting list of goals! I look forward to following on. Wow – eastern Europe, that sounds especially exciting. Do you have past experience in that part of the world?

    The health goals sound great and very achievable (and very similar to mine, despite my past track record of hopelessness in health aims.)

    Yay for social goals! Yay for a possible Gold Coast trip…yay for a Melbourne trip! Visit me!!! 😀

    • I've been to Poland (which is a shame, as my brother wants to go there, but as he says, he lives nearby so he can plan it some other time). I've also been the the Czech republic too. I have friends from Romania and Bosnia, so they are of interest. Interestingly, I can't fly cheaply or directly between their two capitals. And Belgrade doesn't hold any interest for me.

      I got down to 74 something kg this year, but yeah, it's easy to let the health goals slide with work. I was in the doldrums today seeing beach bodies indulging in yummies and thinking 'why not me?'

  • ^ Sorry – I should have my better manners on for 2016! I meant 'visit me if you'd like to / are not too busy with other friends/activities etc.' Of course! You know what I meant 😀

  • I feel honoured to be mentioned twice! Now I see why you check up on us all the time, but we love it! We stay in contract now we are all in separated by oceans!

  • Love your travel plans. We won’t be going overseas until next year when we are off to Franve.

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