Last minute upgrade

Right after arriving in Amsterdam, Qatar Airways emailed with an offer to upgrade on either return sector of my flights.  Well timed – send that email when the pain of long haul is FRESH!  So I decided to take up the offer for the 14 hour flight from Doha to Sydney.  Overall, adding this upgrade STILL made my total fare less than what I usually spend to fly to Europe (given it was May, it was cheaper than July/August or around Christmas/New Year when I’ve travelled in the past).

Army planes at Charles de Gaulle – there were a STACK of men in the terminal in uniform and clearly travelling

Doha lounge

Never been SO happy to see a shower – I woke at 5.30am in Paris and skipped a shower, knowing I could get one in the lounge in Doha

This cannot even compare to my hostel sink the night before!

Oh what a shower! Though, I couldn’t get it cold enough!

Lounge area with refelctive pool

Lounge meal – from self serve buffet

The day’s cocktail, something with honey

Lounge desserts

Date cake post tongs. I really think some one needs to let Qatar know about cake slices (the utensil)

Another section of seats in the HUGE lounge

Section of the lounge known as the ‘Grill’ for sandwiches (and OF COURSE drinks)

Now, on the plane!!

Exited selfie – double chin at no extra cost

Honestly, no one needs a screen this big on a plane

The green stickers near the bottom, MIddle Eastern modesty

Delicious biryani for dinner

A hazelnut and caramel tart with some port before sleep time

Sorry it’s blurry – this is the ‘bar’ for Business class…

Blurry selfie of me in the complimentary PJs

A pre landing sweet snack… cause… why not?

I was well and truly getting a cold, and so my sleep was restless but I can ONLY imagine how much worse I may have felt elsewhere in the plane.

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