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First – it takes 2 hours to download my past content and the NBN (the government’s National Broadband Network) isn’t stable enough that this hasn’t dropped out on any of my countless attempts. So… yeah, maybe I need Starbucks or similar? A work in progress, this blog revival!

Right, so as to the blog title: after nine years at the same electricity company (where I went as an engineering graduate), I started a new job today. My new job is within the NSW Government, but still related to electrical engineering.

Desk photo, complete with standing desk contraption


  • chose my own start and finish times. Today, it was 8:30am to 5:30pm
  • setting an alarm to wake me the same time I usually started work
  • corporate office style job, so I can wear dresses and skirts and NO ugly hi vis orange!
  • their IT support seems to be quick and responsive
  • I have a BRAND NEW iPhone which was completely unexpected (I didn’t expect a desk based role would necessitate a phone, nor such an up to date model!)
  • I was paid out my long service leave accrued in my past job, so a lump sum of savings onto my mortgage


  • the way I was hired means I don’t have annual or sick leave
  • my previous employment put 14.5% of my salary into retirement savings, this company does the legal requirement of 9.5%
  • getting home in the dark, with sore feet (as I now walk 15 mins to the station) and then trying to feed a dog in the dark and hurting my finger on the washing rack…

For consideration

  • I no longer have a team. In the past three years, I had a handful of direct reports, and indirect reports from 30 – 75! So you can imagine having no reports is VASTLY different
    day one was all about drafting responses to customers on behalf of a minister or similar, about concerns and issues with their electricity company. Writing doesn’t worry me, but it is a HUGE change
  • The ‘workflow’ is all managed through a computer system I used in my last job, but they use it to a far greater sense. The transition has been easy and made me think ‘why didn’t we use it like this, instead of endless emails?’
  • Overall, I found my work day fine. I don’t think I’ve made a crazy mistake. I do a little bit begrudge my desk position and fluro lighting, but it’s day one, who knows what will come with time! The office is lovely and close to the train station at the other end. Maybe I’ll try the ugly tread of ‘walking’ shoes for the commute. And work on doing more chores and outside tasks in the morning light, as there’s none in the evening.

There’s definitely scope for me to learn: more about the legislation. More about gas and the pipelines. Get to know people in all the electrical industries that can assist in my response writing. And of course, there’ll be other tasks for my job, it’s just the ones I was involved with today.

Any questions? Any words of wisdom?

6 Replies to “A new job”

  1. That’s exciting! Congratulations on the new job! I hope you write a little more about it when you get settled in. I’ve mulled around the idea of moving into government as well, but I’m not sure how good of a fit it would be. Were you hired as a contract worker? I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of no sick leave or vacation.

    I’m seeing lots of blog post ideas in this post. Best of luck with the blog revival! Have a good week 😀

    1. Thanks so much Cassie! I am not sure how the no holidays will go, but I do know the permanent staff get flex time, which I expect will mean they are generally in a mindset of that, and think it’ll apply for me! I have a dentist appointment soon, so I’ll see how that goes for me. Generally speaking, govt jobs are super secure so it’s worth considering?

  2. Oh wow, congrats Sarah! I’ve worked the same job since I graduated college as well so I can certainly relate. The flex hours sound lovely. Calm mornings are the best! I really hope you enjoy this new work.

  3. It’s so interesting to read this, Sarah! Very encouraging to see people who have made quite a move in different areas and to see how it pans out. Great idea to capture the initial reactions. I have a few other contacts who have made big career moves in recent weeks and it’s quite mind-blowing to see people radically change how their lives look and feel in the space of a few short weeks!

    Looking forward to hearing more!

    How great is it to have your blog back! Hmmm….might actually have to revive mine as well! 🙂

  4. So different! No team! I am working on a temporary project which is also a desk-based job with no staff. I found it bizarre for about 2 weeks but grew into it fast! What is the balance of female to male staff compared to your previous job? I work in a public library where the staff is probably 95% female but I am now sharing an office with two men. Of course they have chosen to work with women in public libraries so they are gentlemen 🙂 Indirectly, part of my new position is to think about workflow improvements.

    You will have no problem topping up your own retirement savings.

    1. My boss is male, as is my equivalent and the two ‘gas’ equivalents, but across the partition is two women, and the clerical support is a woman who I haven’t yet met. So a better balance even in that tiny snap shot!!

      It’s a change, which is why I really wanted to capture the day one ‘wow’ moments as they’ll settle soon enough.

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