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Looking for a new position to work in hasn’t been easy. I thought I might process my thoughts in writing.

I do have an engineering degree. I don’t feel that I’ve worked in role which have utilised the technical components of either what I studied OR what is in the industry. After two years in a graduate program, rotating every six months, I went into a permanent role which was project management of small electrical infrastructure projects. All distribution level, which is, suburban street sizes. And all connecting to a mature and established grid, so there was little in respects to technical suitability of the solution etc etc. I recieved a design, and worked to get it installed as designed (well, unless the design totally missed some site based difficulties…!)

From there, I went into more managerial roles. It involved a lot of odds and ends as tasks to start with. Improving performance of a group of field staff, who didn’t do project work, so weren’t in the existing systems of scheduling. Dealt with some consultation with staff on changes to their rostering and work location – which might sound like one 1 hour meeting, until you factor in a heavily unionised work force. I was also asked to look into how to condense two depots into one.

After this role, I went on to manage a small team of office workers in managing maintenance documents – they prepare the instructions for field staff. I really enjoyed this role, as there was a lot to teach the team who were new to the role, but not the business. It was also when I started being involved in an IT transformation where field staff would be issued with iPads, in an effort to streamline work. It was incredible how much I learnt about the existing software, and the limitations and challenges to move it to a mobile device which may not always have internet connections.

I have another three years of work experience to rabbit on about, but the point is… I don’t know how to articulate that this is what I like to do. It’s not an ‘engineer’ but it does require some technical knowledge, and an ability to interface with other tradespeople to understand. Ultimately, it’s a problem solving role. Googling ‘problem solver’ as a job description… not so successful (Lies… the Seek ad show 15,212 problem solver jobs!)

I do not want to work in

  • sales
  • safety/risk management. Sure it can come up, but not the focus.
  • making slideshows. You can’t make me lol!

Any nudges or hints on where you think I should put my feelers, I’m all ears

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  1. It sounds a lot like the tag of an ‘Operations Manager’ role? It’s such a varied term and can be a huge range in salaries depending on complexity.

    Which type of engineering did you specialise in? Was it strictly electrical engineering? Any chance of side-stepping into the building or mining industries? Building as in structural engineering with design comps or the operations side?

    OK! I am about to ‘test-publish’! Here goes!

    1. SO this one need approval, but all your other comments published without my intervention?

      I specialised in electrical, but I definitely think I could work in building management. Imagine managing an AIRPORT!! I have some ethical worries about mining, so probably wouldn’t seek opportunities there or in defence.

  2. Pffft. The Op Manag jobs I just looked up for fun were all low paying. Just confirming that in the past, I’ve seen a range of really quite high pay, double the ones online today! šŸ˜€

  3. Iā€™m no help. Sorry. My eldest has an engineering degree. Never worked in it casts most of his friends who got work in engineering are mainly do admin or managerial jobs. None of them are happy, according to my son.

    Data analysis? Project management?

    1. Both data analysis and project management do have some appeal.

      I am sorry to hear none of his friends like their work – that really sucks. I have mostly enjoyed my career, despite the stresses or long weekends when it was a storm. It makes a huge impact on job satisfaction to have colleagues who are competent and supportive.

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