Halloween Party

The night before we took a week’s holiday in New Caledonia, I co-hosted a Halloween party with a friend (a lovely lovely friend) who I play water polo with.  I feel absolutely horrible that I left the party at a very respectful time (not even 11pm) and didn’t at all help with clean up 🙁  Perhaps parties before morning international flights aren’t ideal.

Here’s the themes food we created:

New Cal etc 178
Ricotta cheesecake with lips and teeth
New Cal etc 177
Brownie square into spiders
New Cal etc 176
Cut pineapple ‘puking’ guacamole
New Cal etc 175
Pumpkin pie (the food that seeded the party) with leftover white choc!
New Cal etc 174
Dried fruit eye balls
New Cal etc 173
Mouths of apple, peanut butter and marshmellows
New Cal etc 172
Ghosts – strawberries and bananas
New Cal etc 180
Expertly carved pumpkin – all carvings by my friend
New Cal etc 179
Carved watermelon

I seem to have a real love for catering, and particularly themed catering! Thanks pinterest. What’s your favourite Halloween food?

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  1. Wow! I don't think I could theme-up a party like that even with the help of Pinterest! Those plates look amazing! We didn't celebrate Halloween this year so we didn't even have the usual Trick-or-Treat candy stash!

    1. I especially chose the quick and easy recipes, cause I knew I wouldn't have that much time on the afternoon of.

      Being in the inner city, we don't get a lot of trick or treaters (not that I was home this year, or the past few I've been overseas!), but we did see many adults roaming the streets in costumes! The upside (?) of a student area?

  2. Fantastic! The puking pineapple was a laugh! My favourite carving is the watermelon. That is all so impressive. Too bad you had to leave early. Not so sad about the clean-up, though 🙂

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