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Here’s a post I drafted last August…

I think I want to visit the US this year.  I mean, maybe.  I’ve lately felt a little ‘over travel’ so I’m not going to make myself go.  However, there are some places I love to go, and some new places I just keep reading about.

Like Portland, Oregon.  

How pretty is Portland? via
How pretty is Portland? via

So, as this blog is my memory, I shall link up to the first inspiring post, from Young House Love:

Then there was a much more recent post, again all about food, here:

I mean I think the blogosphere is making it clear that I just MUST stop off there on my next soujourn!

I’d always swing a trip the the Big Apple, even if it’s only to do all I’ve done before – mainly just look in the shops! I could make it to the factory/make your own converse place that I missed last time?  What else?  Try and find some of the spots they filmed ‘Suits’ in – that’s the cheapest thrill ever, finding places used to film things *without* the costly tour – it works well even for lesser known shows now that the internet can help!

Yep, never seen it in real life - but now I will!
Yep, never seen it in real life – but now I will!

I’ve never been to San Francisco, so I’d like to visit (and give all Aussies seems to fly into LAX unless they are doing around the world) it should also be convenient with flights too!

The real question is how would I fill my days?  Something I always struggle with on holidays, home or abroad.  I feel like I have to make the most of the time, or the place or both, and I need a good list for that to happen.  This isn’t much of a list…  HELP!

And now back to real time.  My mother’s just been accepted to a writing course in San Francisco.  So, of course, I agreed to accompany her! Last night’s fortnightly family dinner, we burnt a hole in a credit card (of course, dutifully paid for with cash today) buying two tickets to SFO!

We’re spending two week in the US in January.  Keep in mind I head to Noumea, New Caledonia for a week at the end of this week (and after my Halloween party on Friday night), and then there’s a family Bali trip in September planned.  Gosh, I am lucky.  I keep thinking ‘if I had kids, I wouldn’t have the money to do this’ – so I’m making the most of every opportunity!

So – how should I fill my days? I’ll have most of my time in San Fran, and then we might fly to Seattle, and then drive to Portland.  It’s all a little unclear.  Mum’s got NO idea (or reason) to visit Portland, so I’m going to have to campaign hard there 😉

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  1. I have been to San Francisco twice but it was when Link was little so my activities were limited. I loved the SF MOMA but then I am rabid about modern art. I took a ferry to Alcatraz and I thought it was worth the trip. Fishermen's Wharf, Pier 39 and Ghirardelli Square are the tourist shopping areas and I trust you will have your fill of Ghirardelli chocolate! I liked walking in Golden Gate Park within view of the bridge. Have your picture taken on a cable car, go up and down Lombard Street, see the Painted Ladies. I didn't get to explore Haight Ashbury or the Castro! SF is near wine country; a side trip to wineries would be cool. I headed south on the highway to outlet shopping in Gilroy. SF is awesome; I would love to go back.

  2. How exciting!! I can't wait to read a trip report on Noumea (another place I haven't been but would love to go to.)

    Unfortunately, no suggestions for San Fran as I haven't been there…but I will look forward to seeing the lists of suggestions.

  3. Very exciting! I was only in San Fran for a few hours, but all of Dar's suggestions sound great! We hit Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square – both were lovely 🙂

  4. You know my view on travel! Sounds fantastic!

    I was in Noumea just before Halloween many, many years ago. Before Halloween was big in Sydney. It was quite exciting. Still think Sydney brachel are the best.

    1. Ah well our plane was packed on our return to Sydney, cause the French get a public holiday for Toussaint, which is Halloween by another name in my mind. People transiting through Sydney far and wide.

    1. Thanks Dar, delayed return yesterday, but back into the saddle of work today. Enough time to get bored, which my brother says is a sign I'm truly relaxed.

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