Highlights of early 2018

Easter 2018 was a family reunion.  My parents returned for two weeks from their year in Tonga.  My youngest brother came from the UK with his wonderful GF.  SO we did some fun things:

Manly beach for a brunch with my family and aunt & uncle
My brother’s GF loves make up, so I got her to do mine (and Dad took portrait shots of all us kids, to print and display in their home in Tonga)
My bro gave his GF tickets. Buying on arrival (online) was super cheap as April is serious shoulder season. Tricks for young players

Outside of Easter, I got up to some fun with my gfs from water polo.

Being kooky at a concert – the Irish band the Script
The main act

Someone suggested my first ever girls weekend away.  It was awesome! I BYO’d all my challenge meals, and we each took a meal to cater for.  They were kind enough to suggest dessert would be ‘walk to ice cream parlour’ so I could stay home if it was torture.  I didn’t stay home, but asked for high fives when I didn’t give into even a taste!

Weekend away on the cusp of the cold snap, with the girls from water polo. This is how we enjoy Saturday nights!

One of our girl posse got engaged and had AMAZING cakes/sweets.  She’s an awesome baker, but seems she has other friends who are equally amazing.  I think I actually might have left before having some…

Amazing engagement cake, for a gal who dislikes cake

But cake is no good if you don’t like it.  So another friend made her a two beautiful cookies in the initials of the bride and groom

Alternative engagement ‘cookie’ for the non cake bride to be

Casting my mind further back, when I took a month off my ‘old’ job.  I worked on getting one of my bucket list items done!  I picked apples and made a pie.

An apple farm in Bilpin, where I went to pick apples
Apple pie 1
Not settling for boring apple pies 😉

Aside from an engagement party, we also had a WEDDING! It was lovely, just the right size.  All the girls stayed at my place, and we shared ubers in and out of the Eastern Suburbs.  It’s a season of weddings, we have two more before the year is out from the photographed group below!

One of the polo girls got married, and I got a great selfie

And on a quiet weekend, my local friends suggested a flower show.  I thought it was a tour of gardens, but alas it was more of a ‘best in show’ style.  It was right up our alley, as we often walk to the Flemington markets, which sell flowers, fruit and vege!

Went to my first garden show in a neighbouring suburb. My local friends think we might enter next year. I’ll do the arranging, they do the growing!

Well, that’s made up for some lost time (or at least, some time the blog was offline).

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  1. Good times! Largest “cookie” I’ve ever seen 😉 I pick apples every Fall but have never made an apple pie – I just eat the apples – I never get tired of them!

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