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In keeping with past fancy dinners here, here and here, this year I booked with a small group to go to Momofuku in Sydney’s casino ‘The Star’. The creator is the guy behind now 21 resturants, mostly in the US, and this was the first outside the US.

It was a great night, and the photos tend to speak volumes!

This was cornbread, butter and some roe – for those aghast at proprtions, this was named a snack!
So, theatrics – we saw our marron before they were cooked and served
Long shot of the drinks matching a fish/shell course
Delicately done little seafood snack
Sweet potato slice with cucumber
Chicken salad with citrus with a jerk skin
The macthing cider looked like Fanta and smelt and tasted like dirty socks… sadly. My friend looking enthused!?
Type of risotto… Ah yes, kingfish sofrito
What’s I’d call parantha, they called roti, and the sauce came with little apples… but there was more
Then the marron, with cocnut shards
Chewy yuminess
Family style to serve the pork (the only non seafood dish) with crackling; curried onions and pumpkin with split peas

It looked like butter and salt, but it was granita with passionfruit sorbet
Little sweets – the lolly pop was slike a weiss bar – a layer of creamy and then guava sorbet; the balls had penut butter inside
Crispy fruit letter and more delicious icecrema
My special dessert – the gift made them realise it was a birthday. The merigue was coconut flavours, and inside was caramel and something super chilled (more icecream?)

The meal alone was $175, and then $105 to match all courses with alcohol – my mother and I shared that. Two friends went for ‘reduced pairing’ which resulted in half as many drinks, but standard pours. I think mum and I got more variety! Dad ordered a glass of wine, and uncommonly, the tasting resulted in him rejecting it. They were great about it, and (unsurprising to me) Dad picked the French red wine of the two replacements they offered.

Overall, it was a great.  It’s a very intimate small resturant (42 seats) with an open kitchen.  Mum preferred to other places she’s dined like this.  So that’s a recommendation.  Oh, and despite the name… it’s not Japan.

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  1. Oh food porn… The chicken salad with jerk skin and citrus had my mouth watering.

    Out of curiosity, is there a difference between marron and lobster? Or is it just regional naming differences?

    1. I googled to confirm, byt marron is freshwater and I think lobster is saltwater.

      The jerk skin was SO spicy, real kick the second after eating it!

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