Barre Body

I’ve recently been updating my bucket list and movign things into my complete bucket list post too, and realised, I’ve done some things I’ve wanted, and taken photos and never mentioned it on my blog – that’s like it never happening right?

One is Barre BOdy.  A great friend got me a single pass in the new year, must have been early 2016.  I went once and then got hooked, and off and on have been doing in ever since – I now have a subscription (which for me is COMMITMENT, I don’t even have a phone plan)

The studio in Surry Hills

I love that my mind has to focuc entirely on the small but hard movements.  It’s mindfulness without being bored stiff :p  And it certainly helps that the studies are GORGEOUS!

City studio
CIty’s change room
And a sofa too, in the city studio!

I even have to pre book classes – talk about planning and commitment to exercising.  I sometimes cancel, but mostly, I talk myself into going with a ‘you can walk out half way and you’ll be better off then doing nothing’ – and of course, I’ve never walked out either!

It truly is a pleasure – and I window shop work out gear worn by my class mates too – which sounds a whole heap creepier than it should!


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  1. It is a beautiful studio. Hard to believe an exercise place can be so tasteful. And well done on the exercising. I need to commit to some more (again).

    1. Thanks for the unwarranted praise! Yep 2-3 times a week is good, but I’m loading on the kgs, and need to work on the eating side of the equation pronto!

  2. How stunning…though I don’t think the looks alone would be enough motivation to exercise that much. You must really enjoy it! Well done on sticking with it for such a length of time. As I’m sure you don’t need reminding…it’s not really about losing kgs but building core strength, flexibility, balance…all the things you lose as you get older. So many benefits!

    1. Aww – thanks – I’m definitely a little (good) achey after my most recent class… Twice a week seems so minor, but I’m glad it’s better than nothing.

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