4 days to go!

The countdown is til I move back to my normal office.  It’s all very uncertain, as I’ve applied for another role (not at my normal office location, this time, south, but with a car as part of the package).  So I’m not sure if this will be a short term stop over or part of a longer ‘settling back in’.  In any case, I’m not regretting turning down the promotion ‘up north’.  I still woke today, dreading the commute.  I still cursed the sweatiness hustling to not miss my train.  And I cursed again as I got home 12 hours since I’d left, knowing I have yet more hours to work to get some time off for a funeral on Friday.

2015 Random 002
Oh I went to the zoo… this is a seal


All I can hope is this move in work will mean a more regular return to blogging! Though I note other professional women amongst my readership have slowed down blogging too, which makes me feel foolish to boast having more time!  Thanks for making me feel normal, in my irregular posting, Lucinda, Fiona and Amanda – Dar & Laura you put us all to shame, what IS your secret?

2015 Random 005
Sunday brunch view (Scarborough beach, WA)


Outside of work, I spent four days in Perth with the BF last weekend… it was totally last minute (as in, the flight disappeared from being sold online within the time I was looking at it!)  It was an expensive last minutes decision, but critical to my mental health, so I’m glad I did it.  The BF spent the remainder of the week in Perth, so I ‘stayed over’ with my empty nester parents much to their delight.  Of course, they spoilt me, with breakfast (fruit salad, yoghurt and toast) set out for me.  And waking me gently rather than an alarm.  And dropping me at the station, or picking me up from the airport during peak hour.  So I felt like a special someone for a little while, which was just what I needed.

See, we surfed!


I’ve totally forgot to share my embarrassing surfing lesson photos with you – I have to more lessons to look like a pro (and lose 10kg I’ve gained of late!)  Still, it was a fun and exhausting work out.  And the weather was far nice that the picture, but it did turn at the end, and lovely at the start 😀  A cyclone or two have delayed me from going back the past two weekends.  But I did pilates in the park, and a run, a first in a long time.  My body is screaming, let me assure you!

How are y’all?

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  1. You'll be happy to lose the commute, even if it is temporary! It's great you had a getaway to Perth and back home.

    I have slowed down from 12 posts a month to 7 or 8…I subscribe to so many blogs and they have all slowed down or taken breaks. I think the golden era of blogging is over and only the enduring folks are still here – probably fewer new people are starting up because it's not a key online moneymaker any more. At work, my younger employees only use Snapchat and Vine!

    There are a lot of surfers here in NS; they need to wear wet suits of course.

    1. I will be happier with more 'me' time – or time to commit to something other than our transport system!

      I'm pleased you told me you've slowed down, naturally, I've hardly noticed. I wonder about this golden era fading – neither of us were in it for the money thought. I don't even know what Vine is though!

  2. You have definitely put in the hard yards, Sarah. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the move back at the end of it.

    I hope the Perth trip was a good break to 'get you over the line' with the last week of commuting. I've barely survived a week trying to commute after my car died. Sadly, I am running not walking to pick up my new car later this week. Public Transport adds sooo many hours to an already long day.

    I definitely slow down on blogging during term. We mostly work 9-10 hr days on site, plus travel time. I just have no time or energy left back home to do mid-week blogging. I come to life again in school holidays, though. I have no idea what Vine is, either!

    1. First day 'back' and I have liked it – so much so, I was doing work reading on the train and at home!? I'm reviewing someone's investigation – it's so fun to pick holes, after so long feeling like everyone was picking holes in me… That being said, having felt like that, I'll need to make sure I don't make the investigator feel 'picked on'.

  3. I'm excited for you! You're much closer than 4 days to go as of my reading of this, even better! 🙂

    Vine is very popular round these parts – it's social media where you share 6 second long videos.

    I started blogging when my husband was deployed and I had tons of free time to fill. The past year or so I've been filling more of my time with exercise and cutting back on screen time. It's nice to have tired muscles when I sit down to catch up on blogs. (Not cutting back on reading books though, haha!)

    I love the surfing photo! I'm glad to hear you also found it exhausting. Makes me feel better for being worn out by my lesson 🙂

    1. Yep!

      Wow, a 6 second video – those annoy me, cause I never seem to watch noise/to watch. Even on my smart phone. Such an old lady, right?

      Oh I must READ your post on books you've read recently – the tabs open, but the focus levels have been missing of late…

  4. Good luck with the new position. I don’t think you’re rejecting the other offer will matter at all. Personal wellbeing is important. Good to be spoiled every now and then by parents. Good for you and them.

    As to blogging, I hope to be more regular now I’ve sorted my iPhone. I havenh heard of Vine. If you haven’t, what hope this oldie? The golden age is over? I feel so sad. Say it isn’t so?

    1. Thanks Lucinda – the new position doesn't start til 13 April when I return from (yet another) holiday. So for now, I'm between true jobs and just doing the stuff a boss hasn't got around to!? I plan to make the work fit the time remaining, and in a way, have a working holiday, in the sense I'll review the weeks past and plan the weeks coming

      You are not a golden oldie if you even CONSIDER blogging from your iphone – surely not?

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