A new (blogging) home

Howdy all… Do things look a little different to you?  Me too – I’ve moved house in the virtual sense too!

So the BF bought me a domain (isn’t he a romantic) and now that I live with him in captivity, we ‘moved house’ in the virtual sense too.  So instead of being livetolist.wordpress.com, I’ve dropped a pesky nine letters and a colon, and said goodbye to the free-ness of WordPress. Now I am THE www.livetolist.com  So, if like me, you love a great bookmark, I’d suggest updating it.  But rest assured, if you don’t, I’ll still magically turn up, cause I have a funky redirection in place.

I’m not sure what this means for now, but I’m assured it gives me far greater visuals on statistics, which I quite like.  Otherwise, from the back end, it looks the same but with more bells and whistles.

Anyhow, if you’re having any issues, please let me know, so I can iron out the kinks.

Now for some snapshots of my new place:

The kitchen and the open shelves
The kitchen and the open shelves
I love my blue glasses - the smokey candle, not so much!
I love my blue glasses – the smokey candle, not so much!
A bathroom ledge is so useful, loving it!
A bathroom ledge is so useful, loving it!
Wine rack - I feel like a grown up with a whole dozen in there!
Wine rack – I feel like a grown up with a whole dozen in there!


Finally a way to display my Venetian mask!
Finally a way to display my Venetian mask!

I did try to take it easy this weekend, focusing on my ‘top 3’ tasks per day – many weren’t DIY or house related, but meals out for a birthday and the church’s patron saint’s festival’s lunch. I’ve been a little stressed out, so I really did take it easier on myself with respect to the house (and the blogging). I feel much better for it too!

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  1. Happy to hear you're taking it a little easier and settling in! It's fun to see some things from your old place in their new home.

    I also bought a domain but did so through WordPress because I've been happy with them. Did you leave WordPress entirely?

    1. I haven't left wordpress, it all looks very similar at the back end, but hopefully all you don't see ads now (that might not last). I think I'll be able to adapt things a lot more now that I've broken away from the mould.

  2. How exciting – new house and new domain! The photos of your new place look lovely. That bathroom shelf is so handy and I love the look of the built-in shelves off the kitchen area.

    I have a suggestion in regard to accessing your blog – feel free to ignore. I subscribe to your blog via a feedreader (feedly). I've noticed that only the first part of your posts comes up though and I then need to click through to your site to read the whole post. Not a problem if you want to leave it that way, but most blogs I subscribe to via the feedreader I can read the whole post.

    Well done on getting the redirection working as well. I had trouble getting mine to do that!

    1. Thanks for your feedback – I get the truncated snippets of posts (yours included) on bloglovin. I thought it would work for commenting, see work won't let me comment on your blog, even if I can see the whole post 🙁

      The new shelves are a treat – I'm enjoying the additional horizontal spaces, that's for sure.

  3. It looks so light and bright – lovely! It's so important to take some time-out when you need it…hope you had a restful weekend. (Now to see if comments are working the same with the new site…testing…testing…)

    1. Opsy daisy – The commenting works, but my replies have changed! I used to reply to comments (that came via email) with a return email. Now it magically reaches your inbox. Woo… sorcery witchery funny business – I'll work it out soon enough!

  4. Loving the new home pics, very nice! Your wine rack cart looks a lot like one I have at home, only mine has two shelves instead of a wine rack on it. IKEA?

    I haven't noticed any issues on your site yet with the dropping of wordpress off the end, so hopefully it's all good now!

    1. Yep Cassie – it was a roadside find, but it is Ikea. I removed a shelf so I could stash my wine rack in there nicely.

      Good to hear you're not seeing any glitches!

    1. Oh yes, the google analytics are amazingly detailed – though I'm having to iron out the kinks in the log in process, as it currently dumps me out of my personal emails to check my blog stats. I'll be a master of it all in no time hopefully!

  5. Hi Sarahn….congratulations on both a new home AND a new blog address! Yes, there are no ads (lovely!) and it is quite minimalistic making it very easy on the eyes. And your new home also looks lovely from what I can see. May your new homes BOTH bring you peace and happiness! ~Kathy

  6. Congratulations on the move, it is much easier to retain people on a .com than WP.com. And to share your blog name. I would be too worried that someone else registers my .com while I am still on WP! not worth it for $12 a year.

    1. I wasn't worried at all about my 'name' being stolen, but the BF was, so he gifted me the domain. It's taking some adjustment (and behaviour changes) but I'll sort it all out in the end!

  7. Nice new digs! I need to move off of Blogger one of these days and get to WordPress, but the amount of work involved is unknown…seems like it might take a while?

    Congrats on the new domain!

    1. It didn't take me long at all – as for the bf (hahahaha). I think the biggest delay for me was all the media, mainly photos, and they were all huge. But I think a half day got the new site running, and a few modifications later on. I love all the google analytics I can get now – it's creepy, statistics heaven!

  8. I am glad you're feeling better! How awesome of your boyfriend to buy you a domain! I really like the shelves, and that is quite the shiny backsplash by the sink. I really like the bathroom ledge as well – unique and useful.

    1. Thanks EM – I do have an awesome BF, I did an ode to his awesomeness for his birthday, called it my 'boyfriend' review :p

      There are some great features in the new place – the ledge in the bathroom is great, cause we don't use the tops of toilets here to store stuff, Iike I see on DIY US blogs. The backsplash is lovely and matches my kitchen table, but it gets dirty looking easily!

    1. I really hope not – but I feel it's sort of inevitable! We already have so many duplicates that I need to rationalise (with permission). I'm actually surprised how our stuff filled the space so much.

  9. Love the built in shelving! Can't wait to see more.

    I didn't even notice the changes till you mentioned it on your website….I was actually too busy looking at the photos' and seeing what you've been up to!

    Glad you're feeling better and rested.

    1. I'm glad the change isn't too noticeable, means the transition should be easy! I'm looking forward to sharing more as I get the place in order. Thanks for your well wishes!

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