August Summary

Church flowers – meant to look ‘flame like’ due to the patronal festival story


In the month of August, I didn’t make it to any’cultural’ events (yesterday’s post was in Septemebr). I did put two book talks into my calendar, and then got analysis paralysis.  You can purchase an annual membership and then book talks are included.  I always want to ensure I get the value for money.  Perhaps I need to ‘treat’ myself the $40 for a year – it also garner’s a discount on book purchases, but I know that’s a habit I don’t have.

I met with Mum, on her birthday, to complete two urns of flowers for the church for our ‘feast day’, St Laurence, who was burnt on a grill if I recall correctly!


After laying low one day (ie a sick day) I was starved for company and said yes to a drink nearby.  It turned into dinner and he was generous to pay for the whole event.  That being said, we were not a match.  For me, there’s one thing I’m not ‘liberal minded’ about and it’s drug use.  I’m all for them being legalised, and reducing harm.  But they aren’t for me, and they aren’t for someone I would share a life with.  So it was a lovely night out, easy conversation and no awkward follow up.

Some friends sometimes keep me ‘at home’ and we cook!


Recently spending a day with a friend with a baby, who I don’t see regularly, she said ‘you’ve not been happy in your job for a while now’, and even mentioned a year!  It was shocking to have this reflected to me.  I do admit that it’s been more challenging since Easter when there were big changes in management.  I was definitely refreshed by my three week holiday in May. I took the step of telling my boss this today – he didn’t offer much reassurance.  I actually drafted a long post about work, but figured there was nothing to be shared but it did help me process and sort my thoughts a little.


I seem to persistently have a niggling cough or sore throat.  I took 3.5 sick days, around what would have usually been a weekend I’d have worked, due to a huge wind storm.  One upside of the bed ridden time was seeing my weight down to my target weight (72kg), and it hasn’t stayed that low, but it was a small reward.

I have noticed that I often only need two meals in a day.  That helps reducing my eating out expenditure at least :p

In between the on again off again cold, I went to F45.  My three months is rapidly approaching, and so is water polo season.  I’m trying to decide if I do one or both.  I am intending to change water polo clubs to be closer to one closer to where I live.


New work out top selfie (after working out!)

I had set myself a weight loss reward, and I met it, so I went and purchased more work out gear.  I went planning to buy ‘a top’ and ended up with two tops and a sports bra.  Two were on sale.  I can’t even recall when I last bought a sports bra, so I’m hardly being reckless.

I also bought

  • two part epoxy to mend a glass bowl I store pegs in
  • Lush items – solid deodorant & shampoo & tooth powder
  • flights, a night’s accomodation and car hire to Byron Bay for a wedding at the end of September
  • hair cut and colour <- MY FIRST HAIR DYE EVER

I’m noticing other than the above, eating out and targeted savings, there’s nothing too interesting in my expenses: some fuel, public transit card top up, phone credit & insurance for my scooter.  I feel reassured that I’m not cluttering up my home with things,

Ate out

My friends drag me to the prettiest places (yes, sick weekend)

Oh so many times! It seems predominantly on the weekends, and almost all meals!  Thankful for a ‘sick’ weekend, but I still went out to savour some social contact! I tallied up as best I could, and it comes to about $500, and 5 a piece on b’fasts, lunches and dinners, and then some ‘drinks’ either coffees, alcohol, or dessert/cake.  I’m not sure the numbers are enough to see me start havign people over for meals – I just get such anxiety about their comfort, but also waste.


The hyperlinks are to Goodreads – I don’t believe in buying books remember

Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea – Barbara Derrick – incredibly well written, and given I’ve felt down on my life, it’s helped me realise how extremely comfortable and happy I am.

The Most Good You Can Do: How effective altruism is changing ideas about living ethically – Peter Singer. I didn’t finish this and couldn’t renew it as it was requested by someone else.  I did enjoy it, and it certainly further added to my analysis paralysis on career, earnings, spending and the ‘most good’.

From Sand and Ash – Amy Harmon. This was read in ONE SITTING.  This isn’t at all common for me – I was off sick, but I just loved this book.  Reading about war was interesting, especially after reading about war last month too, by Scott Turow

What was the highlight of your August?

4 Replies to “August Summary”

  1. You’ve done SO well to hit your weight loss target!!! I haven’t, but I’m re-inspired to hear a success story. A well-earned new top. The church photo is beautiful. I’m still intrigued/fascinated by dating in the smart-phone era. The book recommendations look great!

    1. You are so kind and complimentary – the weight loss has been a bit of an after thought – so it’s moving around a little, but overall less than before.

      Smart phone era is interesting – makes it seem like an endless supply of men.

  2. First ever hair colour! So what colour? The most important detail left out!!!

    I love your church. I find churches with old interiors more calming than modern light filled ones. And you are so talented with the flowers.

    As to work and happiness. I think we all, in any job, go through stages when we hate our work, are bored, restless, feeling it is pointless. That’s why we need other things in our life to sustain our passions, our brain, our drive. Not saying to not look for another job, but the need for income is a big driver, rather than this modern concept that work must be something you love. And then routine (and bills) keep you going every day. And then you can do wonderful things like travel and cultural pursuits and est out etc etc. There have been times I have wanted to quit and have hated my job, my boss, my colleagues. And then there will be moments of joy and success or people I work with who make me laugh regularly.

    But then I couldn’t be in your spot – engineers and public servants! Not the most fun filled mix. Lol.

    1. I have no idea what the colour is – lighter? Next weekend I go back and will aim for ‘darker’ as I have found this a little washed out for me. Everyone else loves it, but that’s not what I did it for! I gotta like what I look like. And a 6 week trial is enough I say!

      Thanks for loving my choice – I too, need a weighty old church. Or prefer. I just like it all – the history, the ceremony, the heft, the tradition. It’s a real source of comfort just to BE there even when it’s not a service.

      Re: work – yeah, I often counsel others that it’s not about LOVING work, and said as much to engineer friends lately. And I think I throw my ALL in, and perhaps should reserve some time and energy and brain. I won’t quit.

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