Creature of habits and routines

It’ll come as no surprise to those who know me that I’m a conscientious person. And with that, comes routines and habits. And even in a period of unemployment and wide open spaces of unscheduled time, I’ve still come to a routine.

I now wake much (an hour!) later – at 6:40am. This gives me time to briefly review my notifications, get dressed and walk to the gym for a 7am work out. After my 45 minutes of sweating more than I think is humanly possible, I saunter home. I then make the planned breakfast *the plan being set by F45, the gym I go to. It’s usually either a smoothie, an omlette or eggs some other way, and occasional toast with chocolate/peanut butter concoction. Depending on my inclination, I’ll either wash up then (the previous 24 hours of dishes) or I’ll head to the local cafe for my cappuccino. (Fun fact: after many years as a mocha drinker, and then trying decaf long blacks for F45 challenges in 2018, I’ve found a more moderate coffee – it’s a skim cap with honey, so still sweet but less so? maybe?)

At my local cafe, I take the newspaper and read it cover to cover. Sometimes, annoyingly, someone calls. Don’t they know they are interrupting my routine? Even to tell me about that ONE job I’ve applied for in this brief sabbatical? I jest.

Once the paper is read, I return home to wash up, if required, and then shower. After that, it becomes a wide open expanse.

As the blog title hints, I have a stack of lists. I have a list of items I want to buy (both clothing and household items). I have a list of errands and chores to do around the home, including things I’d prefer do on a ‘big screen’ of the laptop when I’m next at the library or my parent’s house. I also have a list of tasks for my upcoming European holiday. When you’re going to Greece, Hungary, Italy, Croatia for fun, and further England & Wales, Germany and France to see people you love, there’s a fair bit of logistics. I thought I had it sorted, til ferries only ran two days a week, or flights only started in the true summer season, and not the shoulder.

Some days, I have ‘coffee dates’ with former work acquaintances and colleagues. Other days, I head to the library to use their internet. Other days, I stay home, and get cabin fever!

Most afternoons I take to the bed upstairs to lie down and read. Surprisingly, with such a leisurely schedule, my need to nap has diminished, and if I do end up napping, it tends to make my night sleep more broken.

A good day is when a few more of those listed items are struck off. Most days see me also add a few more tasks though!

6 Replies to “Creature of habits and routines”

  1. I’m jealous. Love your routine. Except the coffee and the sitting in a cafe.

    (I do hate how I have to enter my details to post every time. Seems not to remember like other WordPress sites. So please excuse if sometimes I don’t comment.)

    1. I wish I knew why things like this happened! It’d annoy me too. I have so many issues with WordPress since going it alone, should never have got my own domain without ads, it just took me way out of my depth.

      Don’t be hating on cafes! The owners are like family now.

  2. That is actually my perfect, dream routine! Right down to planning the holiday, the anticipation etc.

    When I comment, it’s usually by phone on the WordPress app. I need to enter name/email each time…t then always have to hit ‘Comment’ twice. It says, ‘Duplicate comment detected, but it still posts straight to the site no issues.

    One thought: you have your settings to only display ‘excerpts’ in feed readers (including the WordPress app.) If it displayed full posts, maybe people would not have to click through to comment? Most of the blogs I can comment on directly in the WordPress app.

    Looking forward to following your journey with work and travel in coming months!

    1. I don’t love planning holidays – analysis paralysis and all that. But I tend to try to think less and just commit to good enough.

  3. Hey, your morning routine is a little like mine – workout, shower, leisurely coffee and breakfast, time to read, do yesterday’s dishes! Your upcoming trip sounds fabulous.

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