Dramatism is like consumerism

Yesterday I wrote about how I still feel the twinges of desire to acquire things, but mostly I quash them.  I withstand my desire for the new and shiny things and the promise (lies!) of a perfect life.  I can be an anti consumer, or at the very less a low level consumer

However, one thing I seem to buy hook line and sinker from media is the ‘happy’ myth.  Or more precisely, the soap opera of constantly interesting story lines.

There is no soap opera in going to work every day, and sitting at a desk most of the time getting work done.

Well, there is no soap opera about engineers.  Think about that – doctors, nurses, CSI tech, lawyers, Australiam librarians, politicans – yes to all the above.  Engineers – not so much.  The Australian film “3 Dollars” he’s an engineer who loses his job.  Gloomy.

I seem to wish and want my life to have interest.  To have a good story, at any moment to tell.  That perfect tale to tell when someone asks ‘what’s been happening’ who I saw only a week ago.  Put another way, I seem to want a certain level of drama in my life.  Some complication, some struggle.  Those who know me well enough, are honest enough to tell me, my life IS like a soap opera.  Alas, I think (and hope) that’s perhaps not come across in my blog posts?

But it’s a myth, just like the right clothes will improve your self esteem or the right cupboard will solve your clutter problem.  Both those myths I know the truth about!  But the constant drama, the swings and roundabouts of life, I always want just the right sprinkling.  I do not like to be bored.

That being said, sometimes, I get to the end of the dramatic act, and I think ‘Woowa, why did I want into that scene? Why didn’t I just reject that story line?’

It only just dawned on me the other day when a friend said to me “Life isn’t like a TV show”.  He’s right.  I know advertising isn’t real life. But I need to learn that a scripted life is not real life.  For one, they never show them going to the toliet.  That always used to puzzle me as a child!

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  1. Great post, Sarah! I look at all the drama of my past relationships and I wonder if I didn't somehow invite it. I was so afraid of ending up with someone boring, that I thought someone more edgy and more flawed was more interesting. Well, it turns out that "edgy and flawed" also included unkind, disloyal, manipulative, etc. and I excused or overlooked those things because I didn't want to be with someone stodgy. Thankfully I woke up and found that not all nice, respectful and clean-living people are dull!

    Now I definitely don't invite drama into my life. I would much rather liven up my life with a new job or a vacation that with people who keep me on edge!

  2. Interesting question…I think dramatism is like consumerism in that both can be addictive. A certain amount of drama can become a baseline state. It’s hard to pull back sometimes even when you can see it’s destructive. And sometimes – like shopping – you think you can handle it or play the ball close to the line…which may or may not work.

  3. I heard an interesting comment said to someone who felt her love life was not as it should be:

    Remember romance movies are not documentaries. They are fantasy, escapist fiction, just like sci-fi and fantasy and mystery films.

    I thought that was insightful for those who compare their loves unfavourably to movies!

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