Why so quiet?

Well partly cause I can’t recall my password for approving comments.

And work – man, work. We’ve had big storms in Sydney, and big effort for me and my team to get things back to ‘normal’. And then there’s life. Life is full and complicated.

Today was not a normal day in Sydney. I just want to make it known that I don’t harbour any hate. Every human is what they chose to be, or become, and it’s on them, not on their alliances or faith or anything else. And everyone makes wrong decisions, whether they be little slip ups or holding people hostages in a cafe. I refuse to buy into the speculation or hysteria.

So for something more mundane, a to do list
– wrap jars with maps as future votive holders for my birthday!
– put away the washing (at least the lingering socks!)

Inside the invite

– make my 30th birthday invites

Handmade envelopes
Outside invites

– write Christmas cards (that should probably be bumped higher, but it’s a mess factor and maps are everywhere…!)
– rinse out the dirty take away coffee cups the BF used
– buy foam core cardboard for a certain Christmas gift plan
– drop off two pairs of shoes to have their soles restitched on
– coordinate to drop off my hand blender to a friend
– hang up recently bought fairy lights in the hallway

I’m still reading your blogs, but that password issue is even ruining my commenting simplicity :s Sorry! Promise I read it all!

10 Replies to “Why so quiet?”

  1. Happy to hear from you. Is your birthday in December? That is a varied and complicated to-do list! If I don't hear from you in the next few weeks, enjoy the Christmas season and I hope you get some time off!

  2. Tonight's definitely a night to stay off Facebook! Mine's neatly divided into thirds: those posting #Illridewithyou, those posting Australian flags and those studiously ignoring (+ or – rants from each group.) Pretty much a guarantee of at least a small element of Facebookrage. Time to power down. I hope by morning things are close to a peaceful resolution.

    I hope the storms are settling down, though I think we have more forecast. I hope you get some time off soon, too!

    1. I most certainly did, I spent boxing day without clothing, in bed, and binge watched two TV series (The Fall and The Bridge). Very well used relaxing time!

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