It was a good week!

I’m delighted to report – what an awesome week.  Well, there were less than awesome bits, but I’d rather reflect on the great! (thanks to Tiff at Raising Lemons)

Today, two lines on a work graph intercepted.  In 12 days, we’ve done radical things and seen a rapid drop in a statistic we were getting hounded on.  And it’s all thanks to me, and an incredible team!

When I take the slow train, I'm treated to views like this!
When I take the slow train, I’m treated to views like this!

I’m running out of work to give them – I used to release a week’s worth to up to 12 crews – one crew got work issued for today, and will need more again next weekend, having finished it all already! They usually get new data on Wednesdays!!

I’ve started calling meetings – and people come.  And they listen.  This still sorta shocks me, cause I rebel against meetings.  I’m not rude, and I do attend, but I often go willing I didn’t ‘have’ to!!

Today’s meeting, there were actions completed by the end of the day! At this was a post lunch meeting!

Is anyone over my !!s yet?  Hold on, there is likely to be more.

The BF went away overnight (the night he’d usually be teaching and home late).  So I went and saw ‘Wasted’ a movie about trash by Jeremy Irons.  It was run by a local council and free to attend.  They fed us (with compostable plates). AND! They gave away keep cups.  They let me customise with the ones lined up, and I got one all tricked out in blue and green, and in use this morning:

Early for my express train so I treated myself to a delicious coffee.
Early for my express train so I treated myself to a delicious coffee.

And this talk’s location, there’s a direct bus from it to my home.  Who knew.  And I caught the last service of the night home.  Talk about well timed!

Tonight, I’m on the sofa til the airport pick up, indulging in my crack cocaine – garlic bread.  It is DELICIOUS.  So is this couch.  There might even be something sugary up next.  Ok, so health’s not a focus right now, but that’s a ok!

What went well in  your week?  What did you succeed at?



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  1. Big grin – you sound like you are in a 'flow' state! And flipping the work on its head – that is great news 🙂 Hooray for good weeks.

    Enjoy your sugary treat, it sounds very well earned! Here, I am just celebrating staying on track in the countdown to end of term (end of next week in Vic…wooh!)

    Enjoy the weekend!

    1. I am (was? it comes and goes!). I wish I still had the concept of terms for chunking a working year – maybe I need to make more 'holiday' dividers at the start of the year, to make it like school/uni?

  2. Congrats on your well-deserved authority and results!

    I would say that only you would see a documentary about trash on your night off, but of course I would too as would many of your other readers 🙂

    1. You're right – I know another blogger saw it, and then I HAD to find it in my city and see the film! It was very sombre, and I'm saddened that recycling got such high billing, rather than more 'try to reject or avoid what you can.'

  3. Yay! So excited for your fabulous work week – I hope the trend continues! 🙂 I really dread post-lunch meetings too but had a surprisingly productive one earlier this week.

    I love garlic bread too! My dad made my morning when he promised to put it on the menu for our family dinner tomorrow 🙂

  4. What a champion effort at work! Will all this extra efficiency give us cheaper energy rates? Lol!

    Love your coffee mug!

    1. The aim of all these efficiencies is 'so customers pay no more than +CPI on their bills' (ie our costs only ever increase by that much). I'll see it when I see it – but YTD we're doing well, all two months in and all, in our area, so it's a start.

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